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Hush money

Postby Ssenalcorvest on July 12th, 2022, 8:25 pm

2nd of Summer, 522 AV

Why was everyone always so afraid of the dark? The dark was the best place to hide. Especially on a night like this. Here there were plenty of unfamiliar faces about. They were the best kind of stranger. Drunk, confused, and stumbling their way into that dark night. He just had to wait till he could get one of them alone. It had been a few days since his last good meal and he was ravenous. This festival atmosphere was the perfect sort of environment to catch his prey.

He didn’t know what they were celebrating. Didn’t much care to. All that he cared about is that they seemed sufficiently distracted from their carousing for him to make a play. He just had to wait for the right moment. He licked his lips in anticipation. They may not have smelled good now, but meat was meat, and all felt the same when it was in his belly.

He was lurking in an alley between two buildings. Dressed simply in a shirt and pants. He’d left his shoes and undergarments at home. Not only did he want to dress comfortably, he wanted to be able to undress quickly and lessen the amount of clothes he would be taking off to wash later. This business of the night had a tendency to get messy. Really messy if he was lucky. He almost shifted then and there. In fact he felt his body tingle as if it was going to but he suppressed the change with a thought. He had to be patient. There would be plenty of time for that later. First he needed a target.

He took a lungful of the night air. It was warm, and moist from the rain that wet the ground earlier. The rain had been brief, piddling and could scarcely be called a shower if he was honest. He didn’t mind though. It made the ground slick, almost treacherous. That in turn made the humans favor the other side of the street where the ground was drier because the houses over there had roofs there were just a shade longer than his side of the street. Happy accidents. Then again, that was why he had picked this spot after all. Just down the lane from slavers row where he might catch a sailor stumbling drunk back to his ship. Maybe if he caught someone they would just think they fell into the river. It wasn’t like they would find a body. When he was done, all that would be left was a pile of bones. He smiled, took a deep breath, and waited. It was only a matter of time.

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