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Castle Commons Marketplace

Postby Anomaly on July 24th, 2022, 10:25 pm

Castle Common's Marketplace

Extending along the river in one of the few truly neutral places within Sunberth, the Castle Commons Market place is a major source of commerce within the city. Its where tradesmen, merchants, and private entrepreneurs come together in order to try to make enough mizas to live comfortably and not much else as there isn’t a lot of room for luxuries in a city like this. Here is also where one will find some of the oldest buildings in the city, and the largest as well, some like the temple of the unknown towering over everything else.

The ruins of the old heart of the city overshadow everything going on in the market although the natives seldom notice any of it other than when it comes time to rebuild their homes around these old bones. It gives the buildings in this quarter a distinct feel in comparison to the rest of the Sunberth as mortared stone work features rather regularly in the construction of the buildings here which makes the Commons easy to find for residents and visitors alike.

The market caters to almost any desire, from slaves to food, most of it locally sourced with visiting merchants making up for any lack in the market. Because of Sunberth’s unique position along the coast near Zeltiva, they get quite a few visiting merchants from that direction and these Zeltivan traders often make a stop on their way back to their city to drop off odds and ends they’ve gather on their long trading voyages. Sunberth does not have a trading fleet of its own so it relies rather heavily on these foreign traders to supply specialty goods that are hard to come by in this market which is why the storage houses are so well guarded by Sunberthers and merchant’s men alike. Sunberth’s primary export has been and will always be slaves of all sort, which they house by the water for that purpose. Occasionally they export lumber, and drugs as well which are the primarily sources of enriching oneself with foreign parties with little else of value being made in Sunberth by professionals.

Special note on Goods & Services:


Sunberth sources nearly all of its available food from Agremmon fields and as such the Sunberthian diet is for the most part controlled by that market. Products like eggs, cheese, pork, mutton, beef, potatoes, and bread are all common staples along with the fish they catch out of the river and sea. However as another year passed without winter, the strain on the availability of these products had been felt by all as the farmers struggle to keep their fields from failing. Combined with the fact that there seems to be a lot more mouths to feed and naturally the price of food has risen by 1.5 x the listed cost, and is expected to rise even further by the end of the year, leading more people to rely on fish for subsistence as those prices have remained relatively constant. Times are getting so lean that people have taken to catching rats and other animals more so than usual.

Most of the fruit that is available is dried, and marked up 2x over the regular price.

Clothing in the Commons:

Clothing in Sunberth typically consists of the cheapest materials available with a handful of people wearing ‘good’ outerwear that has likely be re-purposed several times. This is because the natives of Sunberth are loathe to let a good garment go to waste, and unless the wearer was sick with some malady before they passed on, its likely that garment will get used again.

Footwear in Sunberth typically consists of some sort of sandal, or in colder times, shoes made out of a single piece of untanned hide and held together with a leather thong wrapped over the top. Anything more than that requires the expertise of a shop, and is significantly more expensive which is why most of Sunberth makes do with what their local cobbler can fashion for them.

- Cloth: There are no physical stores for the sale of cloth. All the work is done by weavers in their homes and then brought to market for sale leading to a wide range of quality available and prices. The vast majority of cloth available for purchase from the general public is middling to poor quality as the good stuff tends to get snatched up by the merchants before it even goes on display. The cloth types generally available in Sunberth are as follows:

- Linen
- Wool, Coarse and medium
- Burlap
- Sackcloth
- Canvas


Glassware in Sunberth is significantly rare as it is brought in sparingly by the Inarta whom arrive via their Wind Eagle mounts. As such, the glassware that is available in Sunberth costs x2 over the listed price, and is only able to be purchased during special events I.E. when the Inarta Merchants arrive in Sunberth. (If someone wishes to purchase used glassware, they will need to roll for it in chat. They will need to roll above 70 in order to find someone selling it in one of Sunberth’s markets.


Basket weavers tend to work from home and bring their product to market, much like weavers do. Because business is steady for such containers, the costs of such products are consistent with those found on the price list, and are of generally good quality.


Good medicine is as hard to find as a good doctor in Sunberth, and when it is found it’ll usually cost 2x more than on the price list. Drugs and alcohol on the other hand are very cheap, so it isn’t uncommon to see people self medicating with these substances, often to excess.


Leather/hide armors are typical for this market with all other armors being a rarity, only sold through specialist smiths. Please pm Anomaly to ask how to acquire a piece of armor if it does not fall into the leather or hide category.


All weapons sold in the Castle Commons Marketplace are used, and generally in poor condition. To acquire fresh steel, with require

oocPlease note that this list is by no means everything that is available in the marketplace. Given its nature, and the fact that merchants fluctuate, other goods might be available. However, if it is a region specific good you will have to roll to see if it is available, and know that simply some goods will never be available in this marketplace (I.e. talon swords/katanas)
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