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Vest comes across a strange sighting

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Just Another Day

Postby Vest on September 16th, 2022, 5:32 pm

Fall 16th, 522AV

Just another day, that all the Vest told herself as she slowly laced up her boots while sitting on the side of her bed. Just another day, that what she mumbled while she fixed her hair in the dirty mirror on her wall and bopped the stuffed deer head next to it. Just another day. But it wasn’t as repetitive as Vest was expecting as she caught glimpse of a dark figure lurking behind her from the mirror. She immediately whipped around, a dagger at the ready, looking directly at the area in which she seen the figure. Only now, it wasn’t there, it was gone, and Vest narrowed her eyes and began walking towards the area. No evidence of a person was present in the area, but Vest found that it was slightly cooler than the rest of the corner. Not something that another person would notice, but she lived here, so it was odd.

Vest, still not satisfied, began to search her small cabin until she was sure there was no one else. Once she finished, she walked back over to the mirror and returned the dagger back into its wall mounted sheath before making her way out of the house. The search for this mysterious being has caused her to be late to work, and she was booking it down the road. Her mentor was going to scold her for her tardiness and most likely make her carry twice as much luggage as she did before. Not a problem, but it was always a little tedious to be held up on a hunting trip while carrying such many items. By the time Vest made it to their normal meeting spot, she froze in place when her eyes fell upon the same black figure that was in her home. She glared in annoyance as she approached her mentor, only to receive a thump on the head and a scowl back. Dumir Unter was a decent mentor, one that Vest tried to get to know but was always stopped in her tracks. He prioritized the work over creating a bond and wouldn’t allow Vest to get distracted by such small whims.

“What are you glaring at? You’re that one that is late, I should be glaring at you. Better yet, I should’ve left without you for making me waste time here.” The rough voice of Damir pulled her eyes away from the figure as she responded.

“Well, I am sorry I was let, but I didn’t expect you to send some stranger into my home. I didn’t find it funny and had to search my entire house before I left because they disappeared.” At this she received a brief look of confusion from him before he scoffed and shoved a heavy bag into her arms. Vest stumbled back a bit, and when she got her balance, she began to put the bag on.

“I don’t know what you mean by that, but whatever happened in your home needs to be handled before you come to work. I won’t wait for you again.” With that, he turned and started walking away, effectively causing a lot of confusing to wash over Vest as she had just seen the shadow being standing next to Dumir. It didn’t lessen either, as when she looked back where it was, it had disappeared again. What in the world was this weird thing? It kept popping up, and it had the ability to disappear in the blink of an eye. Furrowing her brow, she cautiously moved passed the area where it once stood before trotting to keep up with her mentor into the tree line. Once inside the forest, they started winding their way in and out of the foliage and through trees until Vest spoke up and stopped her teacher.

“Right up here is where I spotted a herd moving through.” She spoke low and crouched down, running off her knowledge from past scouting’s. This area wasn’t one she had taken note of in the past, but since the cost of this animal was on the rise, she brought it up to her teacher. “If you perch yourself into that tree, they will walk right by you and not even acknowledge your presence. They will probably be stopping here to snack on those bushes or—” Vest stopped talking as a chill came over her. She furrowed her brow, as the weather wasn’t at all chilly or cold in any way. She turned to look over her shoulder and immediately shouted in surprise when a black face with a grinning set of white teeth hovered over her shoulder.

“What?! What?!” Damir shouted, having drawn a knife in anticipation to a fight. Vest scooted back and pointed to the shadowy figure that was now righting itself, still with that wild grin. She was barely able to stammer out a ‘Right there’ when Dumir started looking around before turning to her confused. “Where? I don’t see anything. Was it an animal?” But Vest just froze, as now Dumir was basically standing inside of the grinning figure, with half his body looking like it was being swallowed by an unnatural shadow.

’He can’t see me little one, or hear me, or even touch me.’ The thing spoke! Vest was stunned to silence, it spoke, and it was understandable despite its raspy overtone. With no words able to come out of her mouth, she just looked up at Dumir and blinked a few times, getting a response of absolute annoyance before he sheathed his dagger.

“I’m going to go perch myself in that tree, please try to keep yourself quiet. Better yet, why don’t you go set up camp far away from here. I don’t need you scaring away the targets.” Vest’mun flinched a bit at the last part, as Dumir loaded it with how much he was annoyed with her. Any chance of watching him hunt today, or maybe even tomorrow, was now off the table and she was back to doing just hard labor.


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