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A Begger

Postby Oak on May 10th, 2023, 8:09 pm

Oak has just woken up from his nap in his tent for one. He knew this would be like any other day of begging for food.
He was so tired of living like this but what else he could do!
He just wanted a nice home, nice foods and live like what 'rich' has which in his idea, that was just having an normal life.
He gets up from his small bed and looked at his clothes.
He gave a tired sigh and said to himself


He spoke very quietly.
He felt his stomach grumble from hunger.
He sighed and said to himself with a very tired tone, it was as if he was speaking to his own stomach.

"I know!! i know, look im trying alright"

Oak softly place his hand on his stomach and groaned.
He clearly wasnt in the best mental state, this could be seen from his messy hair and dirty clothes.
He just had his tent and his mom's necklece.
He held on to the necklece thinking

'i even forgot her voice, her looks...I wonder what was her hair colour'

He turned to look at his long hair that havent been cared in a long time, no trim. Obviously no wash.
It was dirty and tagled.
He couldnt even remember last time he took care of his looks.
It was probably his mom brushing his hair when he was a small child.
He began to walk streets lost in thought.
He knew it was dangerous.
Not beaware of your surroundings in Sunberth streets but he couldnt help to think that he didnt rememeber his parents, their voices.
He couldnt remember the feeling of being safe, someone return to.
His life...didnt have a meaning more then begging couple of miza ; some food ; valuable information to sell.

"Your pathetic Oak..."

He sat at a corner begining to beg to people who were passing the street.
He look depressed.
He felt depressed.
He had to get out of here!!, he thought then said to himself outloud.

"Or at least this dammed lifestyle, this cant be all there life has to offer to me...sitting damn corner waiting for someone to be generous enough to feed me...pathetic"

He look like a maniac while speaking to himself loudly. He said to himself with pure annoyance in his tone.

"How can a damn man envy a live that he never got to see..."

Oak knew well he was calling him a damn man because, he was jealous of the lives, lives who were comfortable. Lives who he looked 'that could have been me...' He threw those people an angry, an enving gaze.
He wanted to be them so bad.
He would give anything to give a life of roof and food. Oak looked at passing people, his expression was in glaring mode.
He didnt realize this but it was.
He soon took a deep breath before anyone beat him up and broke his bones.
He said to himself in his mind;

'Calm dowm Oak...'

Oak leans back to the wall and wait for people to give him something.
Oak knew it he could go home empty handed.
He didnt care.
He havent eaten anything in 3 days anyways, he could go on for another 3 days.
He began humming an soft song to keep himself entertained.
He looked at the sky and softly smiles, he seen the beauty of it.
Sky was free, so was he, why didnt he look so beautiful as the sky.
He chuckles thinking silly things by himself.
He looked like a mad man from anyone who cross street. Oak began to look at street then up, then back at the street and back up again.
He looked back up and gave a soft nod. He rather look up to the sky then to look at the street. Again, he was aware it was dangerous to not be aware of whats around you but eh; street wasnt much of a view to look at 24/7.
Oak rather look at sky and imagine, a beautiful life. A Life where he didnt had to beg for food and money. He had a stupid smile on his face, as if a beautiful is in front of him but weird part his eyes were closed.
He must be imagining something good to be smiling at sky dumbly while eyes closed. He giggles time to time.
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