The Secrets Begin

Somehow, Vet unintendedly acquired a job

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The Secrets Begin

Postby Vest on November 1st, 2023, 2:33 pm

Fall 28th, 523AV

She was living in the streets with just the clothes on her back, a little pet bird on her shoulder, and whatever miscellaneous outdoor supplies needed to survive. Those supplies included a one person tent and a bed roll. Lately, she had been barely surviving the streets with only the knowledge of how to use a bow and the bare minimum of hunting experience. She did consider buying a dagger, but instead used the brunt of her bow as a weapon when she was being attacked. But things were about to change for Vest as she wandered along the river. She came across a murder of crows down by the waters edge. Her eyes lit up as she grinned and walked over carefully, kneeling just a few feet away before extending out her hand that held a scrap of bread in it.

The birds took a moment to realize what was going on, but when they did, they swarmed Vest and took every crumb of bread from her. Not only that, they also took off with the slice of bread she had in her pocket as well. Vest gasped and chased the birds to a large tower where they disappeared inside. Vest cursed to the sky and gave a few paces back and forth, debating on if she should continue the chase or giving up. The birds probably already ate the bread slice and this only made her groan and polo down on her arse. She felt a bit of despair from losing the last bit of bread she had today and was about to flop back when a shadow fell upon her.

Looking up, Vest saw a grumpy looking woman looming over her with her arms crossed. If they were on hardwood, she could've heard her tapping her toe. She gave the woman only a second of her time before she spun and bolted upwards. The lady didn't seem phased, only studied Vest for a bit before clicking her tongue and rubbing her chin. Her eyes began to examine the girl's body as she slowly walked around her. Meanwhile, Vest kept her eyes on the lady as well and her guard up. She had her bow on her back, but if the lady attacked, she wouldn’t have time to take it off.

Luckily, none of that played out and the lady spoke with an offer of employment. She wanted to know what skills the little lass had and how long she had been in Sunberth. Vest didn’t answer at first, and was very hesitant as to why this stranger was asking such questions. After a moment, the woman repeated that she was interested in hiring her to run messages and questioned if Vest was wanting to improve her state of living or not. At that, the answers to the lady's questions came easily. She introduced herself as Svantia and she was the owner of the tower that Vest had chased the birds to. The place they were at was called The Rookery, a hub per fey for people who want to get messages out across Sunberth.

“What exactly will I be doing then? You said I would be running messages? What kind of messages and to where? Or would it just be anywhere in Sunberth?” As Vest spoke, her pet bird landed on her shoulder and began fluffing up its feathers. She smiled and gently rubbed the birds head with her finger. At that, Svantia spoke up to answer the girls question.

“The messages are of varying importance, but you will learn about that when you begin work. However, treat all messages like they are holding valuable secrets and information. If you do that, then you will have no issue with where the messages go. As for what you will be doing, do you get along with birds?” Vest nodded and Svantia rubbed her chin in thought. “In that case, you’ll be mainly delivering messages. However, I just got a new group of pigeons roosting in my tower that need tended to and trained up. I will pay you 4 gold a day if you also add that to your tasks as well.”

Vest was floored by the large amount of payment just for delivering messages and tending to the birds. Though she knew bird keeping was a task in and of itself, she didn't expect delivering messages to also be high paying. Vest accepted without much hesitation and Svantia smirked before nodding.

“I suggest you brush up on close combat training. That bow won't do you any good if someone gets the jump on you who is trying to get the messages intercepted.” And that is why the pay was high, Vest nodded and could only imagine the dangers of delivering a message on foot. That is probably why Svantia had a whole tower of birds.

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