Lesserage's Mercantile Journal

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Lesserage's Mercantile Journal

Postby Lesserage on April 4th, 2011, 4:27 pm

1st Spring, 511 AV

Finally returned to Avanthal after a long time away with a trade caravan running from Novallas to Karjin. Unforeseen circumstances have suddenly sequestered both cities, forcing me home. Ah well. It is good to be back amongst the Vantha. Skyglow Hold is, as ever, brilliant, and Morwen is as glorious as ever.

I need a new trade route, or I'll be driven into bankruptcy soon. They say there is profit to be had in transporting fine Avanthalian wares to Syliras, where they are in reasonably high demand. Perhaps I shall attempt the journey. It will be hazardous, though, and no caravans are foolhardy enough to strike out so early in spring, when the cold is still harsh around Taldera. Perhaps I will form my own caravan this time around. Wait till late spring perhaps? Or even till summer. There will be danger, so I cannot afford to go alone. Hm.

I have some coin to spend after my journeys, but it is not enough to hire competent guards for the journey. Perhaps I shall make it an open caravan, and let those who are willing and able tag along, to fortify our strength the easy way. That would work. My goods alone would still need personal protection though. Perhaps one trusted mercenary, after all. Or two. First, I must gather more coin to fund the expedition, and also gather willing folk to form the caravan. I took on some stock in Skyglow Hold. Some raw holy symbols, of wood. Rather plain. Bought them at the regular price of a gold miza each. I shall work on each one, and set my carving skills to use. Their value will increase then. Perhaps five gold mizas each? We shall see. I will stake what is left of my funds on this little venture. See if it takes off.

If they sell well, I might buy and carve more, until I have gathered enough funds to purchase a wagon, some trade stock, and hire a man or two.

~ Lesserage Skyglow
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