[Location] Snow-Stained Bows

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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

[Location] Snow-Stained Bows

Postby Growl on May 9th, 2011, 1:10 am

Snow-Stained Bows


Nestled into the heart of the marketplace is a small wooden building which appears very much like a cross between a log cabin and a cottage. A small, stone chimney rises out of the center of the left side of the building. Thick grey smoke may almost always be seen billowing out of the chimney, staining the sky. The chimney is situated between two rectangular, glass windows, which are approximately one foot high, and two and a half wide. The other side of the building looks much the same from the outside, except it is devoid of the chimney. Two small wooden doors lead into the building. One is on the north side of the building, the other on the south side. Each of the doors has something carved into it. The door to the north bears the name of the store; the door to the south depicts two arrows, one crossed over the other so that they form an "X." Due to the harsh weather in Avanthal, the inscriptions are somewhat worn, but the doors have never been replaced, nor have the inscriptions ever been remade.

The building houses a shop known simply as "Snow-Stained Bows," which sells a variety of custom-made bows and specialty arrows. The store is run by two younger Vantha, a set of identical twins, who always seem to be feeling the opposite of what the other is feeling. Twins who always seem to be able to know what the other is thinking, and finish their sentences for them. Twins, who in every which way, shape and form, complete each other. Twins, who together, manage to make the best bows and arrows in all of Avanthal and are willing to sell them, for a price.

Products and Prices :
Bows, (already strung):
  • Shortbow - 30gm
  • Shortbow, Composite - 75gm
  • Longbow - 75gm
  • Longbow, Composite - 100gm

  • 20 Shortbow Arrows- 1 GM
  • 20 Longbow Arrows- 1 GM
  • 20 Armor Piercing Arrows- 20 GM
  • 20 Game Arrows- 5 GM
  • 20 Barbed Arrows- 10 GM
  • 20 Fishing Arrows- 4 GM
  • 20 Broad Arrows- 15 GM
Note: Descriptions of arrow types listed in the Price List.

(NPC) Laerchel Skyglow :
Name: Laerchel Skyglow
Race: Vantha
DoB: Spring 35, 491 AV
PoB: Avanthal
Title: Fletcher/Shopowner
Skills: Longbow 20, Fletching 47, Carving 30, Organization 32
Gnosis: 1 Mark of Morwen

Laerchel is the older of the two twins by three minutes, a fact she never lets her sister forget, should Arairiel ever actually want to do something with her life. She is the more hot-headed of the two sisters, and can be prone to arguing with customers from time to time, especially when her sister tries to haggle with them, something she sees as losing them both good money for their hard work and time. Even so, Laerchel is the more gifted of the two girls when it comes to making bows and their arrows, and thus, produces most of the supplies for their store. She also works faster than her sister, which at times, causes her to become somewhat upset with her sibling. She simply cannot understand why Arairiel fails to produce something so simple in what she deems to be a reasonable amount of time. What she fails to understand is that her sister is simply not as interested in making things as she is. Instead, she is far more interested in selling the things Laerchel produces to customers who will put them to good use.

(NPC) Arairiel Skyglow :
Name: Arairiel Skyglow
Race: Vantha
DoB: Spring 35, 491 AV
PoB: Avanthal
Title: Fletcher/Shopowner
Skills: Longbow 26, Fletching 29, Carving 35, Negotiation 40
Gnosis: 2 Marks of Morwen

Arairiel is the younger of the two Skyglow twins. She is the more level-headed and may almost always be found with a smile upon her face. She speaks in a quiet voice that reminds people of the snow once it has already fallen. Her sister's voice, on the other hand, is more or less like a raging snowstorm. Arairiel takes great pride in her smile and loves to pass it on to her customers. It is for this very reason that she is willing to haggle with them, since nothing seems to make her happier than making her customers happy. This leads to a great deal of tension between her and her sister from time to time, for they don't exactly see eye to eye on this matter.

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[Location] Snow-Stained Bows

Postby Kota Cirian on June 17th, 2011, 12:37 am

After a few minutes of walking through snow and ice, he came to the bow shop. He didn't remember it being here in his childhood, but many things had changed since then, but it was mostly the same. He opened the worn door and stepped into the warm interior of the shop. It was warm compared to the frigid air outside anyway. He surveyed the shop. He wanted a longbow but he needed to be smart, the cheapest one they had here was 75gm. he only had a hundred. He walked over to the other bows and browsed them, while he wasn't an expert, he knew how to tell a good bow from bad ones, usually. He wondered if there was a discount he could get. Probably not. He didn't have time to haggle. He picked up the Pinewood longbow and strapped it onto his back on his leather armor. He walked over to the arrows. Expensive....at least for him anyway. He would have 25gm left. He did the math in his head. He got 20 regular longbow arrows for 1 gm. He would use a few of them in the archery range. He had gotten out of practice after all, and needed to warm up a little. So, for 6 gm, he could get 120 arrows, and have 19gm left over. He sighed. He needed a job, or some other means of income. Hera and him usually made money by selling the items they got off of game, monsters or bandits they killed. He walked over to the counter and got the 120 arrows he asked for. He handed the person behind the counter the gm he owed and walked out the door, back into the frigid air of the city.
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