[Darren's Scrapbook] Thoughts at the end of the day

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[Darren's Scrapbook] Thoughts at the end of the day

Postby Darren on May 15th, 2011, 8:42 pm

Hey guys, just trying out this scrapbook/journal thingie. I saw in some people's cases it's to put down their feelings and problems or whatnot on paper and decided to try one myself. What really spurred on this first article was a vivid and long dream I had during camping earlier this weekend. Like most dreams I have it left me with a smile when I finally decided to wake up. For the most part most of my life isn't really all butterflies and unicorns when it comes down to it. Just the regular problem one faces growing up and me just writing about the situation in reflection. I don't find myself as one who complains too much but I do know that often I think too much in certain situations. Anyways without further adieu here are my thoughts at the end of the camping over the weekend.

So here I am at the end of the family night camping trip. I have the usual bug bites that result from camping outside from it and am hating it. We all went ahead and took every precaution to avoid such bites but still came out with at least 6 bug bites in each limb on my body. My family and five other Filipino families joined together just outside of Miami and rented cabins not farther then one hour from the big city. They basically combined a resort and a wilderness area together to form where we stayed for the two nights. For the most part it was just a very lax trip lots of catching up, barbecues, and whatever entertainment we can make for ourselves.

However I spent the most of the time there with a childhood friend of mine, walking, talking, all the stuff that young adults do to get nostalgic. She's only a year, a month, and a week older then me but she's already got her life set for her in my eyes. She's already found someone she thinks is special, she's already doing great in her job (worked for a few months and already in line for a promotion), her school life is a bit weird but I know she's doing well in either path she took and most importantly she's still herself.Talking with her, I realized that I was constantly changing ever since I moved out a few years ago from that one guy that everyone in the grade year knew to that someone that most people would have a hard time recognizing. It's not something I'm to happy of and now I find regret letting myself be like that. But this weekend showed me how I used to be and the whole time I shook with happiness so hard it was rather trying to not let tears form in my eyes from the happiness.

Yea, I'm that type of guy. But what did you expect from what you have seen? If you ever seen me in RL you'd peg me as that guy with the one track mind, lack of focus or lack of responsibility. While in truth I, no matter what others say, am the type of that guy watches over others, accepting of others, and virtuous when it matters. It took me awhile but I finally remembered how I really am when I'm at my best and I'm going to stick to those ideals whenever possible. But the realization of myself didn't happen during the trip but on the last night/morning where I had myself the longest dream that I can remember.(Sorta)

DreamComing Soon!

Thoughts at the end:

Note : These things I noticed take very long so most likely I'll just add stuff in smaller posts and finally refit it to make up a big one when I'm finally done.
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