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Alvadas Government

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The government of Alvadas is made up of several branches forming one entity. The common theme in the government is the division of powers and responsibilities. They divide work equally, so one branch is not overworked and all branches can function to their fullest potential. Even in the most creative, free, and seemingly random and unorderly place there still must exist order and law. Perhaps the most well-known and famous branch would be that of the Triad, which Consists of three representatives of the city who oversee and direct the rest of the branches.



The Alvadas government is quite simple in makeup, and was intended to keep things orderly. A laughable concept in the city of illusion. The government is headed by the Azure Triad, who direct and oversee all the branches of the government, and followed by that are the actual branches that oversee sections of power they are given, such as law & justice, and public relations. Within some branch there are offices which serve a more defined purpose. The offices take orders from the branches and the branches take orders from the Triad. The triad uses the data from the branches to further help in making their decisions.

Really, this government runs from the shadows, and its influence is there to help Alvadas run smoother making it only a common topic when big events are announced or changes are imminent. The government seems lax, and unimportant to Alvadas, only being kept to the back of every citizens mind if not completely shut out. It is like nothing is really a big issue.

The order of power goes:

Azure Triad > Branches/Departments

That is the steady order, and many people have been known to climb this ladder only to find themselves stuck as 'Head of a Department'. Each Department has its own building within the city, and is lead by the Head and Supervisor of the respective departments. The Head outranking the Supervisor, and the Supervisor outranking everyone else in the department. The Head is allowed to choose their Supervisor, and the Supervisor becomes Head if the Head of the department is killed or otherwise disabled or found 'incompetent'.


The Azure Triad

The topmost branch of the Alvad Government, the Azure Triad is in charge of all the branches. Their input and word, collectively, is law and is considered unquestionable. They drive most of the big development projects within Alvadas, choose how funding is to be divided, and how much money each branch of the government is to receive.

The Triad will sometimes step into legal matters that cannot be solved, putting an end to the pressing legal matters quickly. Usually with one hearing to decide the fate of those who have dared to ‘disturb the peace’ within Alvadas. Their judgment on such matters is usually harsh even with the lightest issues that reach them.

The Triad is in charge of Alvadas’ guard, The Womiyu, and they take only orders handed down from the Triad itself. The guards of Alvadas supply criminals for the The Association of Judgmental Personalities Office to deal with along with keeping Alvadas generally ‘safe’.

These leaders are three in number and are chosen by the city of Alvadas, or even Ionu itself. They all have a certain quality about them that makes them unique. Sometimes that quality can remain a mystery to the people of Alvadas, only to be apparent by Ionu or the city itself. The leaders may seem random, but they are all chosen for a reason, that much is apparent.

Each leader is in a different phase of life, one is quite young, usually a teenager. Another is a grown adult, in the prime of their life. The last person is old, life’s wear apparent on them, and in the last stages of life. Each serve to bring a different perspective to the order and one is not higher than another despite age. They are equal and therefore treat each other as such. Though it is not unheard of for the Triad to bicker over a decision. However in the end they usually all come to an agreement. It is very important for them to be unified for the city, to hold it together.

The members of the Triad are also allowed to choose one ambassador who also acts as an advisor for the Triad member. The ambassador speaks for the member they are chosen to represent when the Triad is in session, or when the said member of the Triad cannot be present. The ambassador also fills the important role of taking over the duties, if only for a short while, in the event of a Triad member passing away while the city searches for a replacement. Usually though, if a member matured in age dies, the Triad member closest in age takes up the position. Each member shifts a spot, and the city searches for a new younger member. However this doesn't always happen. The will of the city and of Ionu is obscure and nearly impossible to understand or predict.

The term of service for this position is usually life, but if, for some reason, the member is found unworthy by the city or the deity of Illusion they can be evicted. There is a difference between the will of the city and the will of a group of people.

Triad Members: Alluvia Lighting, Madam Shylock

The Department of Illusion

Quite possibly the most mysterious of all the Branches that gain funding within Alvadas, the Department of Illusion is technically a subsidiary Branch of the Department of the Un-Qualitative Expansions of the Mind. Though, over the years, it has expanded to such a degree that those who know of its existence recognize it as its own, independent, department.

The Department of Illusion deals with unravelling the nature of illusion, along with the further understanding and application of the power of Illusion. Though this is what it is officially claimed by the other Branches of Alvadas’ government, rumor in the streets would have you believe that this department doesn’t exist at all. Those same rumors say that ‘The Department’ is just official covering for less well funded, and less savory, endeavors. There are many vicious rumors about this department, but they cannot be either proved or disproved, in keeping with the mysterious nature of the department. Serving only to deepen the mystery, the higher ups have nothing to say to dispel those rumors. In fact they love to hear new things that go around about the department. It seems to be a running joke to those who actually know that the branch actually exists.

If the Department of Illusion, which may or may not exist, has any employees at all, they are highly secretive and whatever they may have discovered is unknown to all but a handful outside of the department itself. Nothing in this department is considered for the public eye and all documentation of the happenings here are highly secure, going well beyond top secret.

Head: Cornelius Flint

Supervisor: Vena/Varla Swivle

The Department of the Succors of the Indeviant Body

The Succors of the Indeviant Body are the health department of the city of Alvadas. They are a government run, government operated facility to keep track of public health, as well as any illness that may be in the city. Most importantly they offer their services as healers, some better than others, giving the sick treatment, and making sure the city is ‘well’. The overall health of the city is tracked and it is this department’s job to keep a certain level of overall health.

Their operations are kept neat and tidy, this branch working closely with the Bureau to further both causes, within the department’s main building. They operate and offer all of their services there, but it is not unheard of for them to send healers and doctors out to those who cannot travel to them. Some are even stationed at places that are known for higher risk of injury, such as the Akeldama Colossuem.

Although the department seems focused on the physical health of Alvadas they are not allowed to forget about the mental state of the city as well. Their job is to keep the city healthy both mentally and physically. However they are known to lack in this subject because what is mental health in the city of illusion? Usually the mental state of the person in question is noted and nothing is done about it unless they are a danger to others in the city.

Head: Silva Mist

Supervisor: Gregor Blogress

Playing as a Government Official

Being employed by the government is an easy thing for anyone with enough interest. The players should at least have some skills in which are liable and useful for the type of work they will be doing for each department. Within each category listed below you will find the basic requirements for joining the said department, and a little more information on what they do.

Payment of members is based on their Ranking inside their chosen department as shown in the pay scale below. A player may climb the ranks by having the necessary skill requirements for the job. Not only do higher ranking members get paid more but they also get more access to the departments resources and unlock more benefits from being in the department of their choice. A player may only belong to one department and cannot have a second job if one is working for the Alvadas Government.

To join a department a player must have one (or more) of the several skills listed by the respective rank in each department. As they climb to higher ranks the skill requirements get steeper and steeper. Not only that but more skills get added onto the list. To raise in rank the player must have the skills at the required level.

General Pay Scale

Title Pay/Day
The Triad 100gm
Head of the Department 35gm
Supervisor of the Department 23gm
Rank 4 Officers 15gm
Rank 3 Officers 8gm
Rank 2 Officers 4gm
Rank 1 Officers 2gm

The Department of Illusion

The Department of Illusion's main focus is on the study and understanding of Illusion in such a way the city can make use and even manipulate it. They do so primarily by the powers of observation. Each and every agent is trained to first OBSERVE the illusion in question and take accurate notes based on the observations. After they have collected all the info they can on a specific location using their powers of observation they then try to interact with the location to get more accurate details about the place. All of this is recorded and reported to the Department of Illusions. The agents do a number of tests on illusions such as assessing for level of threat or danger this particular location presents and how it differs from all the other illusions in Alvadas. It is said not a single illusion goes undocumented by the department and that, for the most part, is true.

This department basically acts as 'keepers' of Alvadas' Illusions. So to say. They are not just trained to observe though, they are also trained to work with the illusions to change the location in general. This requires an innate understanding of the place and what makes it tick. The Department of Illusions also spearheads the discovery of 'new' locations within Alvadas. These locations however tend to be in the ever dangerous and ever changing, unpredictable Underground. The Underground, why it exists and is so unstable is the biggest mystery the Department has yet to solve.

Joining the Department of Illuison is one of the hardest things to do in Alvadas. They are highly secretive about their work and anyone who finds out about the department use swear an oath to never reveal its existence to anyone.They have a number of Protocol and Rules which they abide by, and the first and foremost rule is: What happens and what is found out in the Department stays in the Department. For those who are more promising that find out about the Department, deemed so by the either the Head, are offered either Protocol 202E or Protocol 45A. 202E is hardly ever invoked and can only be done so by the Head of the Department himself. It is essentially an invitation to join the Department of Illusion, but such invites are few and far between. More commonly 45A is invoked which includes a team of Department trained hypnotists wipe or lock away all memory of the Department from the persons mind, frequently revisiting the subject several times a year to make patches to their work and be sure the memories never resurface.

Rank 1: Surveyor- Observation, Investigation, Intelligence, and Auristics. Must have one listed skill at least at Competent level to join.

This rank is the first rank after joining the Department of Illusions. It is a simple, low danger rank that involves mostly observation, study and maintenance of the Illusions within the city of Alvadas. The illusions observed are only those found in the upper part of Alvadas, the Illusions that have already been discovered and are simply under observation. From time to time one of this rank may also be sent to inspect newly discovered Illusions within the city, but this is often under the supervision of one of the higher ranks. They regularly revisit already 'documented/recorded' locations to check for abnormalities and changes within the illusions.

Rank 2: Analyst- Drawing, Writing, or Organization. Must have chosen Rank 1 skill at 45 points and chosen Rank 2 skill at 15 points to get promoted.

This rank is gifted with more responsibility, often those of this rank will lead small teams to inspect certain Illusions (usually newly discovered or ones of interest) within the city. They will often be given a greater number of assignments as well, and they even gain access to the library within the Department of Illusions where they may find books and even teachers that can be used to train to expert skill levels. Rank 2 cannot access Underground missions yet unless accompanied and assigned the task by a Rank 3 or higher.

Rank 3: Coordinator- Leadership, or Combat Skill of Users Choice (Includes offensive magic). Must have chosen Rank 1 skill at 60 points, Rank 2 skill at 30 points, and Rank 3 skill at 15 points to get promoted.

Those of this rank are made to swear stricter oaths of secrecy to the department. Failure to flow their oaths will lead to swift action by the departments Special Divisions who will wipe all knowledge learned while in the Department of Illusions from their minds. At this rank the danger levels are often high, and most of their work being within the Alvadas underground. They are gifted with the responsibility of leading teams of Rank 2 and below from time to time and they also have access to deeper parts of the library and building.

Rank 4: Overseer- Specialized skill assigned by the moderator. Must have Rank 1 skill at 75 points, Rank 2 skill at 45 points, Rank 3 skill at 30 points, and Rank 4 skill at 15 points to get promoted.

The final rank of the department, and a position not easily obtained. To achieve this rank one must first gain recommendations from at least 2 officials of at least rank 4. They must also pass an interview with both the department supervisor and the Head. If this rank is obtained many of the secrets of Alvadas are revealed to the individual, and often they will work closely with the Head and Supervisor of the department. Once more their duties lie within the underground, as well as other top secret locations known only to a few.

Head of the Department 35gm
Supervisor of the Department 23gm
Rank 4 Officers: Overseer 15gm
Rank 3 Officers: Coordinator 8gm
Rank 2 Officers: Analyst 4gm
Rank 1 Officers: Surveyor 2gm

The Department of the Succors of the Indeviant Body

The Department of the Succors of the Indeviant Body primary mission is to see after both the physical and mental well being of Alvadas' citizens. With this in mind, the department is set up in such a way as to maximize its employees training so that they can handle any and all situations that might come between their doors. Many have extensive knowledge of medicine, while others decided to focus on the philosophical and counseling aspect of the department. It is a difficult thing to see to the injuries of such a city as this, and more often than not a patients true disease is their own interpretations of what the city has shown them.

This is a department of healers, people who specialize in keeping the heart of Alvadas, its people, whole and well, and as such each and every employee is trained in the finer arts of mental and physical health, with extra emphasis on the mental aspect. It is true that the department can mend bones and sew gashes, however, they pride themselves on their abilities to heal the mind as well. The department offers consoling sessions for those patients who need it, and many of the mid level ranks put emphasis on doctor/patient interactions. To the Department of the Succors of the Indeviant Body, a patient will never leave with a mended body and a fractured mind, or vice versa.

Obtaining a position within the department is relatively simple. One simply needs to inquire after the availability of a position either from one within the department or the sanity center, and then proceed to a short interview process that will determine if said person is fit to join the ranks of the healers. The department, however, is not overly selective. You see, it is a well known fact that many of the first ranks do not last more than a season or two before they become overwhelmed by the daunting task presented to them. Many of the upper ranks suffer from this as well, cracking under pressure as they realize more and more that they hold these people's lives in their hands. Suicides are not unheard of within the department, for if one is trying to influence a patients mental state it is very possible that their own can get to you.

Rank 1: Internist- Herbalism, Organization, Piltering, or Medicine. Must have one listed skill at least at Competent level to join.

The lowest position within the department, and the first rank one obtains when they first join. Those of this rank have little to no patient care outside of the basics such as changing bed-sheets, helping patients walk to different wards and aiding in patients day to day goings. Internists are often assigned to a Mentor, usually of Rank 2 or higher, who will help to guide them through their training. More often than not an Internist will be seen scurrying from one ward to another, carrying messages and supplies back and forth for their mentors and the other higher ups in their department. It is under the watchful eye of their Mentors that these Internists will begin learning the finer arts of medicine.

Rank 2: Healer- Leadership, Medicine (if it was not chosen at Rank 1), Negotiations or Massage. Must have chosen Rank 1 skill at 45 points and chosen Rank 2 skill at 15 points to get promoted.

Their primary objective within the department is first and foremost patient care. They are to see to those who are within their wards, keeping their wounds dressed, their bodies washed as well as maintaining a friendly and welcoming environment within their area. It is the Healers who set the bones, repair the gashes and see people are stitched up after some grievous injury. The upkeep of physical health is their first concern, and if a patient is found to posses some form of mental disorder as well they are often handed over to a Specialist within their department. Healers who have shown superior leadership may also be given an assistant to aid them in their day to day duties, and thus they must hold themselves to a very high standard. This rank is, in a word, the face of the department, and much responsibility is placed upon them to uphold the conduct that would be expected of a professional.

Rank 3: Specialist- Investigation, Philosophy, Interrogation, or Leadership (If it was not chosen at Rank 2). Must have chosen Rank 1 skill at 60 points, Rank 2 skill at 30 points, and Rank 3 skill at 15 points to get promoted.

With Rank 3 there also comes in increased responsibility. Not only must they oversee the Healers below them, but now they must also see to the mental health of these patients as well. Often those of this rank choose to "specialize" in a very particular field of medicine, some choosing a mental aspect, others a particular physical ailment. They may also be given a team of 2-3 Rank 2s and their respected assistance whom they can use as a diagnostics team that take on special cases, but this is a rare opportunity given to select few. The cases are often highly complex and can arise for physical disorders, mental disabilities or even both. A Specialist is required to have an extensive knowledge of medicine, as well as many mental disorders that may occur within the city of Alvadas. As such, Specialists and above have access to Silva’s personal notes, as well as the knowledge kept within the medical records in the departments main headquarters.

Rank 4: Wardman- Politics, Writing/Copying (Both are recommended), and Intellegence. Must have Rank 1 skill at 75 points, Rank 2 skill at 45 points, Rank 3 skill at 30 points, and Rank 4 skill at 15 points to get promoted.

While it is still possible for those of this rank to provide one on one patient care, it is quite a rarity. This is because those of this rank are now made responsible of an entire ward within the department. Under their command is every Specialist and below, and as such the Wardmen have quite a responsibility, as they must keep things running smoothly. They also report directly to Silva and her supervisor, and it would not be unusual for those of this rank to receive unexpected visits from one of these 2 to check up on their wards condition. Much falls upon their shoulders, and as such they must be certain that nothing goes wrong. Some Wardmen have been known to take over quadrants of the city itself, overseeing who is sent where to provide treatment to those in need. Wardman is, in one sense, a desk job and requires ample amounts of patience’s, leadership and compassion. There are very few Wardmen within the department, and even fewer who could handle such a position.

Head of the Department 65gm
Supervisor of the Department 42gm
Rank 4 Officers 15gm
Rank 3 Officers 12gm
Rank 2 Officers 8gm
Rank 1 Officers 4gm