[Location] Citadel Stables

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Headquarters to Izurdin's Hammer and the entry point into and out of Sultros City, Sultros Citadel is the farthest most outsiders will ever travel into the Isurian Kingdom. Heavily fortified and intimidating to view, the Citadel is the mirror of Isur strength, endurance and patience.

[Location] Citadel Stables

Postby Gillar on December 12th, 2011, 1:50 pm

Citadel Stables


Located on the edge of the courtyard near the main gates, the citadel stables serves outsiders as well as isur and Izurdin's Hammer. The stables are not overly large yet it is one of the larger facilities open for use by outsiders. Divided into three distinct sections branching off of a main arena, the stables caters mainly to equine mounts however they do have facilities for more unique animals.

As one approaches the main entrance, they will find an administration office where records are kept, customers are addressed and the art of trade is engaged. It is here where all visitors must check in and state the nature of their business. Members of Izurdin's Hammer requisition their mounts, boarders check in and customers work out the details of their potential purchases with the attendant.

From the administration office, one may enter the central arena where equine mounts are exercised, classes are taught and training may be attained. One may also make their way to the left or right of the administration office. To the left, mounts that are for sale are stabled in spacious stalls complete with their own water and food. To the right, visitors and non-Izurdin's Hammer residents may find boarding for their mounts with facilities matching those in the customer section. Following a railed walkway into and around the arena toward the back, one will enter the restricted section of the stables. This area is restricted to Izurdin's Hammer members or to customers and boarders (accompanied by an attendant) who board non-equine mounts. It is here that one may go down another area to the right or left. To the right is were the Izurdin's Hammer keep their own mounts and the left is for the non-equine mounts.

The stables are filled with attendants who perform a number of tasks from cleaning stalls, feeding, watering, brushing and cleaning mounts to maintaining the facility itself and enforcing security. Trainers are also on staff as well as healers devoted solely to the animals inside. The Chief Attendant is an isur woman by the name of Trilvania. Her office is located just off the administration office out front. While the stables are capable of servicing all manner of mount, the animals most often found in the stables are Mountain Ponies; the mount of choice for the isur.

Mounts For Sale: Izurdin's Hammer maintains their own collection of stallions. Those they do not keep are gelded with some of those geldings offered for sale in the stables. Thus, stallions are never offered for sale and young animals are sold on a case by case basis only.

Mountain Pony (Gelding) - 50 gm
Mountain Pony (Mare) - 50 gm

Mount Related Gear:

Barding, Padded - 20 gm
Barding, Leather - 40 gm
Barding, Studded Leather - 100 gm
Barding, Hide - 60 gm
Bit And Bridle - 2 gm
Blanket And Hood, Horse, Large - 8 gm
Blanket And Hood, Horse, Medium - 4 gm
Branding Iron - 6 gm
Cart (3 person) - 150 gm
Cart harness - 2 gm
Feed, 10lbs - 5 cm
Halter - 1 sm
Saddle, Pack - 5 gm
Saddle, Riding - 10 gm
Saddlebags, Small - 4 gm
Saddlebags, Large - 8 gm
Wagon - 35 gm
Yoke, horse - 7 gm

Services: Boarding mounts at the stables includes full service; feed, water and clean stalls. Non-equine mounts may require more attention and thus a higher cost.

Stabling (Per Day) (Equine) - 5 sm
Stabling (Per Day) (Non-Equine) - 2 gm (may vary depending on nature of mount)
Basic Class: Riding - 10 gm or Free with mount purchase
Basic Class: Animal Husbandry - 15 gm or Free with mount purchase

Chief Attendant
Chief Attendant

Name: Trilvania Mountainmane Sultros
Race/Gender: Sultros Isur/Female
Skills of Note: Animal Husbandry 65, Riding 45, Leadership 33
Description: Trilvania, known as Tril for short, is a young woman with a passion for horses. Her family has raised mountain ponies for decades and has managed the stables for at least that long. Tril carries herself very formally with exotic, masterfully tailored skirts and simple yet elegant jewelry. She sometimes comes off as being cold around others but when it comes to working with the ponies, she is as gentle and caring as one can get.

Name: Varies
Race/Gender: Varies
Skills of Note: Animal Husbandry 35, Riding 30
Description: There are a couple dozen attendants working in the stables at any one time. Their gender and age varies although their skill level is more or less similar. They tend to all of the expected duties such as caring for the animals; feeding, watering, cleaning, etc. They maintain the facility itself and share the workload of training and teaching others. All of the attendants are trained in basic combat and weapon skills for times when such skills are needed. Some are also trained in various skills such as carpentry, masonry and similar skills for maintenance purposes.
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