[Nyka location] The Wizard's Thumb

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Known as the Celestial Seat, Nyka is a religious city in Northern Sylira. Ruled by four demigods and traversed by a large crevice, the monk-city is both mystical and dangerous. [Lore]

[Nyka location] The Wizard's Thumb

Postby Liar on December 22nd, 2011, 7:42 pm

The Wizard's Thumb
504 Anvil Way

ImageWhen the tower was first erected and purposed, it was named by the then-Archmage as the Center for Worldly Magic Studies. However, most Nykans thought that a mouthful, and their eccentricities renamed the tower the Wizard's Thumb, or in short, the Thumb.

The Thumb stands in the western quarter of Nyka, adjacent to the Xannos monk monastery. It was named the Thumb because it resembles the fifth digit to the four outstretched fingers of the headquarters' towers. The Thumb holds and safeguards the Western quarter, as a mother holds a child's hand. It is silent and protective, a multifaceted mark of intelligence, as the city's primary source of magical defense and research.

The building itself stands as an effigy to the height of learning and the desire to reach out to touch the knowledge and omnipotence of the Celestials. It is made of the same light red stone that comes from the quarries around it, and stands as most sturdy of the five towers of Xannos, though not as tall as its brothers. The studies begin below the ground, as the library and laboratories for the dangerous art of summoning, whose misuse can often cause accidents best left with the extra protection provided underground. The next floor up contains the entrance hall and main lobby, where hopeful mages come for quiet to study.

From then on every floor contains a different study of World Magic, each with its own library, study hall, and laboratory or practice hall. The rooms are is overseen by a council of Acolytes chosen by the Archmage, but they may not always be present during training. Nonetheless, the practice of these magics are strictly managed, but even still there are sometimes accidents. The walls are built thickly to resist explosions, and the monks are always on their guard in case anything summoned or created should go awry and need a quick putting down. At the very top of the tower lies the meeting hall for the supervising monks and the office of the Archmage.

Most Nykans when conversing about the tower will be hesitant and wary in the details. Though the Thumb's libraries and research centers are open for all, it is rare to see one who is not a monk enter the tower. Whispered words speak rumors of the practices that happen there, particularly in the Malediction floor, where the smell of roses are scattered around to mingle bitter-sweetly with the stench of their morbid tools. Many Nykans will purposely go out of their way to avoid nearing the tower, where at any moment they believe some monstrosity gone wrong will burst through the silent doors and out into their beloved streets.

Outline of Levels :
Basement: Summoning
    Reinforced walls, wide open spaces with a flat floor that can be drawn on with chalk, bookshelves behind protective glass.
1st Floor: Lobby
    A front desk with a informative clerk always behind it, large chairs for comfort while studying, a large fireplace and plenty of light.
2nd: Malediction
    Practitioners are required to create an offset to the stench of decay which is usually scattering rose petals about their work. Large chests are stocked with ice to preserve materials, stacks of books away from the practicing areas to keep them clean.
3rd: Spiritism
    Plenty of materials stocked for Soulmist crafting, wide spaces for out of control spirits, chairs for comfort while concentrating on the craft, bookshelves neatly organized along the walls.
4th: Alchemy
    Metal rings that are glyphed and D-wired fixed to the floor across the workspace for Doorways, labeled chests for raw materials, founts, filters and chargers and the like, a ready supply of quills and paper
5th: Glyphing
    Far more books and scrolls than the other floors, different crafting materials such as ink and quill, clay, rock with hammer and chisel, or brush with paint, plenty of room for a wizard's creativity
6th: Magecraft
    Arranged pedestals that are glyphed for protection that can be adjusted for the size of the item being enchanted, hammer and tongs kept near the pedestals, a font of charged water attached to the base, supervised storages of various types of catalysts, stacks of books in front of the workplace.
    •NOTE: Any item enchanted with tools provided by the tower, belongs to the tower.
7th: Archmage quarters and council meeting hall
    Archmage quarters: A large, circular chamber with a bed in the center and chests, drawers, and containers around it, a window that overlooks the city, and whatever decorations the current archmage decides to put in.
    Council meeting hall: A large room with a sturdy table in the center with chairs arranged around it, the most elaborate chair sits at the head of the table and is reserved for the archmage.

    •NOTE: All materials in the Thumb are provided by the city and are collected and restocked weekly. At the end of the week one might not be able to find all that they need, and will have to wait. All materials not provided the mage must bring themselves.

ImageName: Azura Ilune
Age: 49
Race: Human (Syliran)
Personality: Azura is eccentric and spontaneous, wild and often unpredictable. Prone to fits of laughter at sometimes inappropriate topics, she nonetheless commands an air of authority about her, and is one of the more powerful wizards in Nyka. While she has her own (often unorthodox) way of doing things, she demands respect when doing them. She gauges the wisdom of those she converses with and will even blatantly cut off a person if she deems them unworthy of her time, speaking often but rarely giving advice. She is infinitely proud of her work and rank, and is not afraid to show it; at the same time, she is not afraid to give her time and respect to those who are truly worthy of it. In her free time Azura often enjoys working with clay to craft extravagant sculptures that she sometimes animates for normally mundane purposes, playing the flute, and engaging in philosophical debate with her fellow mages.
History: As a monk, Azura managed to rise quickly through the hierarchy, having had close friends in the Order before she even joined. Although not originally born to Nyka, Azura has always been generally well liked by those within the ranks of Xannos's monks. She found a penchant for magic at a young age, particularly the art of magecrafting, and so it was to no one's surprise when she was promoted to the priors that she was elected Archmage when the old one passed away.
Skills: 70 Magecrafting 55 Animation 48 Leadership 32 Glyphing 25 Sculpting 19 Metal working 14 Carpentry 12 Philosophy 10 Flute 10 Masonry
Gnosis: Hapchance (four marks left: small sapphires atop her collarbone)

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