A little shopping (Solo)

Revy decides to sell her platearmor.

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Taloba, home to the Myrians, is the thriving core of Falyndar. Inhabited by a fierce and savage tribe where blood sacrifices are normal and a way of life, they are untamed and proud of it. Warlike, and with their numbers growing, the Myrians are set on reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. [Lore]

A little shopping (Solo)

Postby Revy Hiroe on February 11th, 2012, 6:09 pm

Timestamp: 23rd of winter, 511AV

It was a normal day in Taloba. Most myrians were just minding their business, except when a single human woman, carrying an armorset on her back, walked past. She was leered by most of them, partly seen with fear or even disgust. That all didn't matter to that particular person. She just minded her own business. After all she had only been there for a couple of weeks now. There was no way she would expect that the myrians would simply ignore her just yet.

Revy, the human in question, had decided that very morning that keeping her platearmor wouldn't be in her best interest. The Falyndar region was quite humid and on top of that was that moving about in that armor was quite noisy. "Geh, hate it that my armor isn't suited for this place. It saved my life a couple of times already. But if I have to go out to that jungle, I'd like to wear some form of protection that doesn't make noise as if I were in a smithy.", she thought to herself.

After she had finally arrived at the market place, the first stall she visited was the armorstall. She thought that she'd have the largest chance of selling her armor there, after all she -was- selling armor.

"What can I do for you, deyhan?", the myrian operating that particular booth. His attitude was what one could expect of a myrian towards an outsider, brusque and untrusting.

"I'm just here to buy some leather armor and sell my plate. I won't ask for more.", the human bit back. Even though she could understand, to some extent at least, why the myrians didn't trust her, that didn't mean she'd just swallow that.

The myrian glanced at the platearmor and then back at Revy. "Let me take good look. Then I decide if I buy.", he said then. Even if he distrusted the human, he was still a merchant and being able to get some metal armor was always a good thing in Taloba, seeing how they didn't have a stable income of metal nor any smiths to work with it.
Revy swung the set around from her back and lay it on the middle of the table where there was some room for it. The set was still in good condition, but it did need some form of attention. There some light dents in it and some nicks and scratches, but nothing really major that could affect the value.
"Looks in good condition. I can give you this much.", the keeper then said after having given the pieces a good look. The amount he wanted to pay for it, he showed using his hands.
It seemed fair to the human, so she nodded, showing she agreed to the price and she then looked around the booth. She still need a replacement for what she had just sold.
Spotting a leather armorset, she thought that something like that could prove to be effective enough for now. "That leatherset... Can I look at it?", she asked the myrian. She wanted to feel the quality of the work herself first, before she decided to buy anything.
The male myrian gave Revy a short glare as if he didn't like it to be mistrusted, but he couldn't know that people had tried to con the human in the past. It was all just a safety-precaution for the human.

After taking a look at the leather, but up close now, Revy decided that it was good. In fact it was much better work that she had seen in any of the human cities. Of course she had to hide that she was surprised. "What is the price?", she then simply asked.
"Four bikka.", the myrian curtly replied.
"Then I'll take it. Substract the cost from the price of the metal armor.", the human mercenary answered.

After a brief exchange of goods, Revy was on her way again. Her pouch filled with the bikka she received for her armor and the leather armor under her left arm. "Let's take a look around this place. Might come across something interesting perhaps.", she thought as she took a quick look around all the different booths.

Having looked around for about an hour, Revy suddenly spotted a booth which had a lot of wares that were definitely not native to Taloba. Even if she didn't know much about this part of Mizahar, she could tell. But what drew her attention the most, was a glaive. The blade was broad and brutal looking. The top of it had 5 rings attached to it and extended into a split point.

Quickly making her way to the exotic goods booth, though the human mercenary didn't know this, she never tore her eyes away from that weapon. Upon arriving, she immediately asked the shopkeeper: "What is the price of this weapon?" She didn't even take the time to try the weapon out, she was just drawn to it just by the looks.

Noticing that Revy was wanting to buy the weapon, probably even if the price was way higher then outside of Taloba, he replied: "Five bikka, dear customer. For seven I'll add in a scabbard and for only 10 bikka I will sell you the weapon with scabbard, rustproofing oil, a whetstone and some cloth to clean the blade with."

Giving the owner a quick glance and then looking back at the weapon, Revy toned her excitement down a little. Ten bikka was a lot of cash. But for that weapon, plus scabbard and cleaning material it was actually a good deal. So she decided that she'd buy it at that price. She didn't want to take the chance that he'd withdraw the offer by trying to haggle on the price. "Sold then. I'll take the whole set.", she said as she took her pouch, counted out ten bikka and gave it to the seller.
He in return put a vial with oil, a scabbard and one wiping cloth of 5 by 5 inch on the table and the glaive on top of it.

After taking the set, Revy walked back to Tingu's home. Feeling happy that she could get such a good looking weapon for such a low price. Little did she know that she had actually paid more then usual.

Glaive details :
Details Glaive:
The looks, though it'll still be a dull greyish color as with any other steel weapon.
Weight: 3kg or 6.6 lbs
Thickness Blade: 7.9 mm or 0.31 inch
Blade length: 38.1 cm or 15 inch
Handle Length: 164.9 cm or 65 inch
Total Length: 203 cm or 80 inch

OOCIf this isn't allowable, just shoot me a PM. Then I can change it. I just hope I did everything correctly.
Btw, I believe the worth of my platearmor would be at about 105 bikka. Then I take resale value at 90%. It's a complete set of breastplate(in pricelist) plus full set of joints.
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A little shopping (Solo)

Postby Rage on February 15th, 2012, 12:12 pm


Observation - 1xp
Negotiation - 1xp
Weaponry - 1xp

[Culture] Trade in Taloba
[Weaponry] Gauging the quality of weapons

- 105 Bikka (315gm)
- Glaive (8gm)
- Scabbard (4gm)
- Rustproofing Oil (10gm)
- Whetstone (2cm)
- Cleaning Cloth (1cm)
- Leather Armor set (10gm, bought for 4 Bikka or 12gm)

Notes :
I fixed your post a bit. The armor seller had a gender change in between your post. Also fixed the price you mentioned.

I awarded you Negotiation for the bit of trading you learned from the exotic goods merchant.

Deduct the cost of the items (14 Bikka = 42gm) from the money you received for selling the armor and and everything to your ledger. Remove the platemail set.

Note: if the leather armor set came with a skullcap, it would be of a design that does not cover the ears and eyes of the wearer. Myrians believe that all their senses should not be obstructed in any way to be effective in battle. Its quality will be far better than most leather armors you will find outside of Taloba.

Notice: I will not be available for modding in the foreseeable future until I've cleared up my backlog of Miz stuff (PC and ST-wise). Hopefully, it's a temporary thing, but we'll see. I will still grade your threads, however.
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