[Location] Hammerfell's Forge

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Headquarters to Izurdin's Hammer and the entry point into and out of Sultros City, Sultros Citadel is the farthest most outsiders will ever travel into the Isurian Kingdom. Heavily fortified and intimidating to view, the Citadel is the mirror of Isur strength, endurance and patience.

[Location] Hammerfell's Forge

Postby Gillar on December 10th, 2011, 8:27 am

Hammerfell's Forge


The sounds of a hammer striking metal can be heard emanating from one of the doorways built into the wall of the citadel. Smoke drifts up from a chimney located at the top of the citadel wall and the smell of a forge fills the nearby air. This is Hammerfell's Forge, the citadel's primary forge producing tools and implements not only for the resident isur but also for those coming to the citadel for trade. Inside, the glowing embers of the forge provide most of the dim illumination that fills the single large room of the shop. A large anvil dominates the center of the shop while the forge sits against one wall; the other walls filled with shelves and racks of containing various tools and implements. The owner, Vortas Hammerfell Sultros, spends most of the day crafting all manner of metal implement for use by the inhabitants of the citadel while keeping a healthy supply available for trade.


Hammer - 5 sm
Iron Pot - 5 cm
Pitchfork - 1 gm
Shovel - 2 gm
Piton - 1 sm
Nails (20) - 5 sm
Stonecutting Axe - 90 gm

Simple metal objects - 1 sm - 5 gm
Complex metal objects (more than a single piece of metal involved) - 1-25 gm

Custom-made-to-order metal items (cost depends on size and complexity of project as well as material requested; available materials include iron, steel, copper, silver, gold and isurian steel).

Izentor Items: Vortas is able to produce metal tools and implements baring the first mark of Izentor, Izurdin's Gnosis. Such items are of the highest quality and possess Izurdin's symbol somewhere upon them. These items are 10x the listed cost and take 1 week to complete per item requested. This cost is on top of any special materials used.


Name: Vortas Hammerfell Sultros
Race/Gender: Sultros Isur/Male
Skills of Note: Blacksmithing 61, Metalsmithing 35, Carpentry 27
Description: Vortas is a quiet man, devoted to his work and not prone to engaging in extended conversations. His attention to detail has won him the prestige of being the primary smith of the citadel; an honor he does not take lightly. He prides himself in providing the best tools and implements around and gladly accepts requests for custom work as it allows him the opportunity to challenge himself and thus hone his skills.
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[Location] Hammerfell's Forge

Postby Vinrir Stoneheart Sultros on August 22nd, 2012, 1:08 pm

60th Summer 512 A.V.

Vinrir had been here a few times in his life, with friends and family, and had always admired the blacksmith, Vortas. He was a top crafter, an Isur of excellent skill who took the greatest pride in his work, rivaling even some of the Terras members in their skill. He was the closest thing to a hero Vinrir had. He desired to be as good at the forge as this man was, the desire for it only rivaled by his desire to lead and to restore the Lost Clans and to unite the Isur in a way never known.

This time he walked alone, stepping through the door with his shoulders squared and sure of his purpose. He could see Vortas at the anvil, hammering away are a heated piece of iron, watching as it was flattened and stretched out on the face of the anvil. Vinrir waited until he was addressed before speaking.
"Master Vortas. I wish to study under you. You are an Isur of excellent skill who crafts what I seek to craft. I can craft my own tools and do basic work. Will you take me on to learn under you?"
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