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Come here for all the latest news for the Spring of 513!

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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[Lhavit] Stars in a Bottle

Postby Phoenix on December 1st, 2012, 8:11 am



Welcome Stargazers!

Below is the most important information and going-ons in the lovely city of Lhavit. Rather than posting this information in the OOC thread where it could easily get lost or skipped over, it will be posted here. Make sure to Subscribe to this thread (found at the very bottom- keep scrolling!) so that you don't miss out on the latest announcements! This includes new developments, reminders, quest announcements and updates, IC and OOC information, and any other changes or mysterious occurrences that should happen! This thread will be changed seasonally, with links to the previous news threads provided below!

Lhavit News: Prior Winter 512.

But first, some important things that every visiter and resident of the city should know!

1. READ THE LORE. This is doubly important now that Lhavit is changing. If you think you know Lhavit, then you are probably wrong – you know the old Lhavit. To be able to post here, you need to understand what this area is about.

2. Please remember that Lhavit has no surrounding towns or villages! There are farms at its base (the ground floor) but that is it. So your PC would not have stopped off at a town on the way here, nor would they have met any persons along the way unless they were travelers. There are a lot of nasty things in the area around Lhavit, just remember that.

3. Lhavit is no longer primarily a night-time city, so don’t feel you have to restrict your threads to the nights anymore! It is now just as active during the day. Bear in mind though that different activities will be taking place at different times. Daytime is for more relaxing activities, and night-time is for the more upbeat times. An in-depth explanation can be found here.

4. Like any city, Lhavit does have its share of crime and unruliness. If you are planning on causing any mischief, be aware that the Shinya are always around, and are always watching. Players who have Zith, Dhani and Symnestra PCs should also note that the Shinya will imprison and potentially kill these races. Please scroll down to section 10 for more detail.

5. The currency in Lhavit is different to that of most other cities. Lhavit uses Kina and not Mizas. You can only trade your currency if you are currently in, or started in Lhavit. Any PC’s arriving in the city can exchange at the Cosmos Center if they wish, otherwise you can assume it is done and list it in your ledger as such.

Miza Equivalents
1 Gold Miza = 1 Kina (ki)
1 Silver Miza = 1 Topaz Kina (tk)
1 Copper Miza = 1 Jade Kina (jk)

6. If you would like your PC to have a job while in the city, you must PM Phoenix or Elysium about it. Please do not just post in the Cosmos Center, because we may not have the job you are asking for. If you have been hired, you must play out two threads relating to your work per season in order to earn wages. When you have done this, please PM me a note linking the threads and I can award you seasonal pay. Note that we will not provide jobs or moderation for anyone without a confirmed character sheet.

7. Your PC must have a place to stay. They cannot sleep on the streets because the Shinya will not tolerate it. PC’s coming into the city can find a room through the Cosmos Center, or they can stay at one of the inns.

8. When posting, post properly and be respectful to other players. This means no “netspeak” and you must not hijack other threads. If someone has a thread listed as closed, then you do not post in it. If they have an open thread, go right ahead, but try and stick to the original poster’s plan.

9. On the same note, do not control NPCs you don’t have permission for. No, the Shinya will not randomly pick on you and no, you will not suddenly get mugged in the street. If you are unsure about what you can and cannot do regarding NPC self-modding, PM a storyteller and ask.

10. Zith are expressly not allowed within the city unless they are also Ethaefal. If this is the case, please PM Elysium or Phoenix for special permission. The same thing goes for Dhani and Symenestra. If you have a PC that is any of the three races mentioned above, you must PM a storyteller first asking for express permission before entering the city.
Enjoy, lovelies!
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