Traveling Prices for Boats

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Traveling Prices for Boats

Postby Griffith on June 8th, 2010, 8:02 pm

Is there somewhere that traveling distance for a boat is mentioned with regards to price, if the boat were meant for ferrying people from one place to another? More specifically, anyone know how much it would cost to take a ferry from Riverfall to Zeltiva? It's supposed to be 16 days of travel via boat, if that helps.
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Traveling Prices for Boats

Postby Liminal on June 8th, 2010, 9:18 pm

That's a good question.

First off, there's no way it's 16 days via boat to Riverfall from Zeltiva. I know the chart you're looking at; it just hasn't been corrected to reflect proper trip time.

According to the Distance Chart, Zeltiva is 2,750 miles from Riverfall straight as the crow flies. By sea, it's easily three times that, so 8,250 miles, more or less. The best boating technology available in Mizahar is at about the level of a Columbus-era triple-mast caravel, which can't go any faster than 100 miles a day. Even given a favorable breeze, you're looking at about 80 days' worth of travel.

As for fares, there aren't any passenger routes in Mizahar, except maybe from Nyka to Mura, or Sahova to Sunberth. The only people making boats that can travel extended distances are the Zeltivans, and the only other people IC who have any are the Suvan pirates, who probably aren't doing passenger runs. The Zeltivans run purely cargo/trading routes.

Which isn't to say that they won't sell a berth or two to an intrepid traveler. Since they're making their money elsewhere, a berth would be a pittance -- maybe ten mizas. It'd be bring-your-own provisions, but a run to Riverfall would probably stop at Yahebah, Ahnatep, and Abura at the very least, so you'd have plenty of chances to re-load. It's slow, but it's probably the safest way to travel in Mizahar if you're going anywhere other than the roads that the Syliran Knights patrol. (You've reminded me that I need to finish the map of trade routes.)

Hope that helps!
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Traveling Prices for Boats

Postby Dusk on June 9th, 2010, 12:20 am

Yeah, I'm actually finishing up the Distance Chart and Travel Times as we speak (or type, or whatever) so that'll be fixed - but that's good info to have on how boat travel is handled, Sam. Also, yes to trade routes map!
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