Closed Viper in the Sand (Ronin, Singh)

Shanapar guides Ronin and Singh through the desert to find a murderer.

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The massive stretch of desert that overwhelms Eyktol. Here, a man's water is worth more than his life, and the burying sands are the unfortunate's mute undertaker.

Viper in the Sand (Ronin, Singh)

Postby Ronin Invictus on March 26th, 2013, 6:12 pm

Ronin sighed then, shouldering his pack as he started to follow the Chaktawe through the desert. This would be his second time traveling through the desert now, the first time had been with Bethsyliss. With spring upon them, it will most definitely make traveling through the desert even harder. At least they would be traveling by night, although Ronin wasn't able to see well in the dark, the Cheetah kelvic preferred the day mostly, as his most valuable sense was sight.

As they the trio continued on through the desert, the sun dipping farther below the horizon, and plunging the desert into a dim light, they were silent, nothing but the sound of sand being shifted under their feet to fill the silence, along with the occasional cold night breeze. The kelvic was contempt with this silence though, as he followed the group, his head bowed and his hands hanging onto the straps of his backpack near his shoulders. He followed the footsteps of Shanapar in front of him, along with the sound of the footsteps. As Ronin felt that they were just starting to climb another dune, the Chaktawe's voice rang out in the silence. Ronin did not answer right away although, the group continuing another twenty paces before he replied. "I prefer my animal form over my human form." Ronin truly did miss being in his animal form, in recent times he did not have many chances to be in animal form, with all this traveling. He was considering just abandoing all these blasted items he had to carry around and stay in his animal form.

As they crested yet another dune Ronin sighed, "It would sure make traveling easier," he mused, more to himself than to his companions.
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