Flashback Celebrating With A Pint-Or Two.

Artifex and Ly'an take time to celebrate their success at the forge.

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Celebrating With A Pint-Or Two.

Postby Artifex on February 14th, 2013, 5:41 pm

The shock was nothing compared to hearing Ly'an's words. Which hurtful as they were, were the truth. He looked at himself as if for the first time in a while. He looked at his hands and then slapped himself once or twice to shake off some of the alcohols effects. He made his way over to Ly'an, so that they could make their way, his movement still unsteady.

He knew in his heart what he had to do, he had to get through the drunkenness in order to accomplish the task still ahead of him, and he hoped through that and a few reservations of drink later on his life, he would redeem himself in Izurdin's eyes.

"I am sorry lass, you are right."

Slowly but surely they made there way, in silence, to his home. At the door Ly'an let him go, now that he was on his feet better than before. He looked at her with a saddened expression, but one that also showed a small lesson had been learned. "Lass just so ya know, my doors are always open to you, if you need a place to stay. This night however i must do some work alone, tonight i must use my gift, once i have ridden myself of the alcohol. I apologize for the foolishness i exhibited tonight, i can only be patient and pray that you forgive me in your proper time-and the same goes for Father. Goodnight lass, it was good to see you, it always is" he hugged Ly'an one last time, and waved goodbye as he closed the door.

He hoped she would forgive him, she meant too much to him, so much so that he couldn't bear to lose her.
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Celebrating With A Pint-Or Two.

Postby Ly'an Godhammer on March 6th, 2013, 9:01 pm

Once Artifex was home safely Ly’an couldn’t help but smile, “Father will be proud of you, I am sure. I do hope you can fix your inebriation prior to gifting your shield. It is a big deal, one I am sure Father will see graciously to the end.” She bowed her head and frowned, her thoughts remained blank as her lips frozen in the frown.

“I am sorry; I must decline on your offer to stay, on any night. I am sorry…” She turned abruptly and started off down the road, My lack of housing is of my own burden, no one else’s. Father will give me guidance when the time it needed for housing. With a nod of determination to herself she stopped and looked back at her comrade’s front door. I shall not bother him tonight. As he said, tonight he has bigger plans than offering his floor to a friend. Father, guide him true.

She sighed, “It is good to see you too my friend. May Father guide your hammer so it falls favorably.” Ly’an turned and slowly trudged down the street, allowing the darkness to take over her being and hid it from those that pried at her through slits in their curtains.

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Celebrating With A Pint-Or Two.

Postby Whimsy on April 3rd, 2013, 7:58 am



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Ouch, poor Artifex - shot down like that! Who knows, perhaps he can redeem himself in Ly''an's eyes? PM me if you have any questions or concerns.


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