Spirit's Plot Notes

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Spirit's Plot Notes

Postby Spirit Frostfawn on April 30th, 2013, 10:43 pm


Summer Schedule
-6th leaving Avanthal for Spires-
-12th turn back-
-18th arrive and funeral-
-21st buy dogs for breeding-
-26th they mate-
-91st: PUPPIES :D-

Skill/Item goals
-Become a MUCH better rider...^-^-
-Get Competent Medicine-

-Breed dogs... and sell them to the menagerie? Or start own stall-
-Obtain as many animals as possible :)-
-Either get PC Kelvic bonded or NPC-

-Develop Kenash a lot... :)-
-Get enough perk points (Kenash) to get... something-

Personal Notes/Details

Long Term Plans
-Become a master breeder :)-
-Once able to be a Vet, work at that in Stables for a while, then move to Icewatch? She can care for the Kelvic bears...?-
-Accidentally bond with a patient... watch what happens next :)-


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