Sitai's Scents

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Sitai's Scents

Postby Jed Sitai on August 5th, 2013, 6:40 pm

Sitai's Scents

Business Type: Goods and Services

Base income:
4 gm/day as a Perfumer

Skills bonus:
2 gm/day for Competent Perfumery

Sales bonus:

1.5 gm/day (Common living expense): 1 slave for labour (clerk) (Sitai owned)

Total income:
4.5 gm/day

Goods Offered:
Perfumes and Related Items
Item Price
Perfume, common 1 sm-1 gm/oz.
Perfume, unusual 2-10 gm/oz.
Perfume, rare 11-25 gm/oz.
Perfume, exotic 26-50+ gm/oz.

Item Price
Soap 5 sm/lb
Cotton Balls 2 sm/10

Products :
Item Main Plant(s) Type
Refresh Mint, Iris Common
Chocolate Love Cacao, Jasmine, Vanilla Common
Vivacious Vanilla, Cinnamon, Plum Common
Kovalier Jasmine Tob, Rose Unusual
Temptation Deep Passion Tob, Saffron, Raspberry Unusual
Rose soap Roses -
Lavender soap Lavender -

More products added as Jed improves his skills

Poisons and Related Items
Item Size Price Notes
Bloodroot 4-dose tiny vial 50 gm Mild confusion, physical weakness (3h)
Brawnpinch 4-dose tiny vial 125 gm Moderate loss to physical strength (12h)
Close Call 4-dose tiny jar 75 gm Loss of motor skills, balance and agility (1h)
Lost Tongue 4-dose tiny vial 15 gm Thicken tongue (muteness), inert at cooler temperatures (2h)
Colorclear treats 2 vials 100 gm Powder form clears coloured liquids
Acid - 5 gm/vial -
Bloodroot Antitoxin - 50 gm -
Brawnpinch Antitoxin - 50 gm -
Lost Tongue Antitoxin - 50 gm -

Services Offered:
Item Price
Custom perfume Varies
Treating Poisons 45-100 gm

Item Price
Shop, simple and Philtering lab, simple (600 gm + (700 gm + 25%)) - 25% = 1106.25 gm
Fine desk x1 12 gm
Fine shelf set x5 20 gm
Fine chair 5 gm
Fine wardrobe 10 gm
Flower pots, large x10 10 sm
Plant seeds, uncommon x5 5 gm
Plant seeds, rare x5 25 gm
Toolkit, Herbalist/Botanist 20 gm
Quill 5 cm
Vial of ink 1 gm
Blank book 3 gm
Lockbox*For money from goods and services. This is nailed to the wall and the only key is with Jed. 1 gm
Bottle, 3.5 oz x 20 3.5 gm
Bottle, 2 oz x 20 2 gm
Bottle, 1 oz x 20 1 gm

Goods: 520.7 gm
Assets: 1215.8 gm

Debt: 1736.5 gm Owed to the Sitai Family (Kenash).
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Sitai's Scents

Postby Gillar on August 25th, 2013, 8:12 am


Approved with the following notations:

As far as type/quality/availability of perfumes (as for all cosmetics), use this as a guideline for business development...

Common - These are cosmetics made from simple, easily found ingredients. Various waxes, paints and dyes made from commonly found plants, animals and minerals make up these items. When I think of these kinds of things I think of waxes and animal fats mixed with simple pigments made from flowers, powdered sea-shells, charcoal or even blood. Pigments are simple and not all that flashy. They are likely dull in color but serve their purpose to some degree.

Unusual - These would be the brighter, more flashy colors or stark contrasts. They would be made from plants and flowers that are a bit harder to come by and would require a bit more work to blend the right pigments in order to get the most pizazz. These would be the type of cosmetics that add more to one's looks than the common ones and help one stand out.

Rare - These would be very hard to come by and you would likely only have a very limited selection on hand. These are the items made from extremely hard to find flowers, animals and minerals. They may be dangerous to procure or are found in isolated places in small quantities. They would also be the type of cosmetics that have the most unique coloring and when worn would make one stand out in a crowd.

Exotic - These cosmetics would be on par with rare ones in quality however their availability is even rarer than rare. These would be the cosmetics crafted from plants, animals and minerals far removed from the location in which they are offered. For example, someone located in Lhavit selling cosmetics made from a flower that only grows on the shores of Lake Ravok would be selling an exotic cosmetic. Their availability is rarer than rare due to the fact that getting more is a VERY time consuming, dangerous, almost not worth it task.
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