Flashback By the Length of a Goat Hair [Loken]

A Hunt Goes Awry

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Canyons and teetering formations of redstone serve as old witnesses of once deep rivers and catastrophic geysers. Now a dry beautiful place, it holds hardy creatures on its cliffs and in its caves.

By the Length of a Goat Hair [Loken]

Postby Kinoche on November 18th, 2013, 4:20 pm


Summer 20th Day Year 510

The sun was high in the sky, far above the machinations of the life that lived under it's grace. It was power without aim, that heat which brought life and death in equal measure, this was the price of harmony with nature and it was a price gladly paid by the Kalanue, the Chaktawe tribe of the Redstone cliffs. On this range of ember shaded stone, Kinoche a young member of the tribe lived within that harmonious cycle, looking down upon the barren waste of scrub and sand as the sun looked down upon him, beating upon his red skin.

Kinoche found it easier to blend with his surroundings while watching the goat people when he wore no shirt, his skin tone matching the cliffs well enough so he could look upon them in stillness. Down in the valley two men watched their goats, which were many in number and seemed quite content not to move off too far. This had made the goat people complacent it seemed and as such one was nearly asleep in the sparse shade of a bush while the other seemed content to move his stick about in the sand creating crude shapes of some kind, stopping intermittently before scrubbing out his previous movements and starting anew.

Noting both men quite distracted, Kinoche began to crawl away from the edge of the cliff and once out of sight arose and began to walk down the valley side obscured from the goat mens vision. This proved highly unnecessary as the Chaktawe found as he looked out upon the plain that now both men were asleep, one lolling under a bush, the other leaning upon his stick. Looking across the herd of red goats Kinoche looked as his father had taught him, always for the weakest yet the biggest. On this day he was to bring home a goat all his own, no longer with other men of the tribe, he was meant to prove himself worthy as a hunter to his people. As he looked out he saw two possibilities, one fat and thus slow, the other thinner, but with a noticeable limp in it's stride.

Kinoche was going to go for the fatter specimen, when he began to realize something, the way the creature moved, the way the other goats protected it. Something was different about it and so as he could not hesitate with this opportunity, the Chaktawe sprang forth, his webbed feet keeping him aloft of the sand, heading straight for the thinner limping goat. Instantly upon sighting the hunter the others goats began to scatter, some a few feet before returning to their grazing, other more excitable goats rushing off into the hills, not stopping at all. As Kinoche dug his heels into the sand each push off requiring more effort as the soft sand took his energy, the Chaktawe merely breathed all the harder and kept on as his decided prey began to run from him.

As the goat had a slight lead, Kinoche watched his stride, first a limping gait, then suddenly a full gallop. Clearly the wound was not so much that the goat could not ignore it for a time, Kinoche noted his ill luck, but pressed on too far now to simply quit. The goat began to bleet loudly and Kinoche noted the man on his stick began to stir out of the corner of his eye, it was then that he realized how far he had gone into the valley. Looking he noted the man was now rushing him stick raised, but still the Chaktawe pressed on, drawing his Kriss dagger from a pouch in his waist wrap. Slowly the goat slowed and Kinoche tackled it cutting it's throat swiftly. As he tried to lift it he was hit by the mans stick harshly, the raps coming again and again. He was so close, but now other goat men were coming with things more harsh than sticks, so Kinoche ran once more, his lungs filled with the harsh hot air of the desert, back into the redstone formations.

As he ran up the hill the others followed him, noting he could not outrun them, the Chaktawe remembered a small cave he could hide, running there and ducking out of sight, the desert dweller entered the dark cave, hiding in it's opaque embrace, obscured from all site for a time. As he waited his breath slowed and he listened to the shouts outside, waiting for them to dim, thinking how he might get that goat still.

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