Closed [Moonlight Escape] The Day the Heart Rages (Alori)

Iosha and Alori find out how dangerous the Unforgiving can be.

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[Moonlight Escape] The Day the Heart Rages (Alori)

Postby Iosha on November 4th, 2013, 1:53 am


Unsheathing her long sword, Iosha saw everything seemed to happen all at once when the Isur's crossbow burst into flames. However, the konti wasn't expecting the human to take out her longbow and fire two consecutive shots at the Isur. The first show hit the stocky man deep in the left shoulder, and the second shot completely missed and few into the forest. The Isur took throwing hatchet from his belt and threw it at Alori's chest than he took out his hand axe and charged Iosha. Holding the long sword with both hands, Iosha held it out in front of her pointing the tip of the sword at the Isur's head. The konti noticed the Isur had a tough time holding his ax since his hands were badly burnt, but she knew that he was still threatened Alori and herself with bodily harm, so she would have to kill him. It wasn't something that she was trying to wanted to do, but when he threw the axe at Alori. She knew that she would have to defend herself with lethal force. The Isur sprung forward, lifted his axe, and swung down trying to split her head in two. Iosha lifted her sword horizontally above her head to intercept the axe blade with her own sword blade. A might ring of metal echoed through the forest, and Iosha pushed up with her legs to push him away from her. When he jumped back, Iosha jumped back again, and they started to circle each other in a deadly dance.

Staring at her opponent, Iosha tried to show him no fear as she watched the man as they started to circle each other. Holding her sword hilt, so the blade is over her left shoulder. The konti decided it was her turn to strike. The platinum blonde woman quickly closed the distance between her opponent and herself. The konti quickly slashed down and across the chest of the Isur. Still being a novice in this type of situation, the Isur jumped backwards out of the way of her longsword. The Isur countered her missed long sword slash with a horizontal strike with his hand axe across the her body. The konti lift her sword above her head and pointed the tip of the long sword at the ground on the right side, so the long sword blade was in the way of axe and her side. The metal of the hand axe blade hit her long sword blade, but the the force of the axe blow knocked the small white skinned woman from her feet to the ground. Noticing her sword was out of her hands a feet feet away from her, Iosha tried to scramble to get it, but the Isur was to quick and kicked her sword farther away from her. Suddenly the stocky man kicked her in the stomach and said harshly, “Where do you think you are going wizard? When I get done with your friend, I am going to cut out your tongue and hang you by your entrails alive!” Suddenly, she felt the second harder blow from the toe of his boot crash into her abdomen, and she went into the fetal position holding her stomach trying to catch her breath. The Isur turned his attention to Alori and charged the small red haired woman with his axe raised over his head and murderous intent in his eyes.
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[Moonlight Escape] The Day the Heart Rages (Alori)

Postby Alori Sai on February 13th, 2014, 7:07 pm


Hazel brown eyes widen as the hatchet flew towards her, and the teen had to literally throw herself backwards to try and avoid it. Alori tossed her head, back arching as her legs swung from beneath her tiny frame. The hatchet missed cutting her up, but the back of the hammer smacked hard against her chest before it rolled off her shoulder. Alori hit the ground with a hard thump, her limbs trembling as she lost her bow during the crash.

Rolling onto her side, the little huntress stared as she watched the Konti take on the stranger in battle. She was surprised at the woman's skills. She had gotten much better since the last time that they had fought each other. Alori pushed herself, and scrambled to get her bow again. She was in a hurry, and it took her a few tries to properly notch her arrow into her bow. Once it was centered and in line, she raised the bow and aimed at the stranger.

Iosha continued to fight with the man, and it was too hard to get a clear shot with them both so close to each other. "Come on Iosha, you can beat him." Alori was focused and held the bow firmly in her hands as she watched the fight go on. Still, there were no openings, until the man knocked Iosha onto the ground. At first she thought the man would try and finish the Konti off, but he didn't and instead he raced towards her.

Alori had a sorted past, but the teen had never killed anyone before, not a person anyway. She wasn't sure that she had it in her, but she had to act. Aiming her bow, she released the arrow and the projectile soared quickly and made it's home right in the man's thigh as he stamped into the ground. He stumbled forward with a loud grunt, finally dropping to one knee in front of her. Alori took two steps forward and slammed her boot into the side of the man's head knocking him onto his back. "Iosha! Get up and come help me!"

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[Moonlight Escape] The Day the Heart Rages (Alori)

Postby Ablation on April 7th, 2014, 8:08 am


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