Location The Mithryn Gatehouse

Heavily guarded entrance to the Mithryn Outpost.

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The Mithryn Outpost is a farming community located in the midst of the Syliran Fields. It is a fortified hamlet that is home to about 200 families who work the fields every day, located just south of The Stormhold Citadel.

The Mithryn Gatehouse

Postby Radiant on April 14th, 2014, 3:00 pm

The Gatehouse


Fortified and heavily guarded, Mithryn's Gatehouse is the only point of entrance to all non-knight citizens, save for the most extreme of circumstances. Unless otherwise mandated by the leaders of the Knighthood, the gate remains open at all hours with no fewer than four knights posted on guard, with a number more remaining stationed close by.

All traffic in and out of the post heavily regulated, the mere nature of the compound lending itself to be more wary of outsiders and their purposes within, the remarkable lack of grandeur to the gatehouse itself a bleating tell that there is little of note to outsiders to be found. Even the shortest of looks by the untrained eye can tell that aesthetics were not a consideration in design and construction, with the gates otherwise solid and safe in the serving of its purpose, as it has for the last several hundred years.

Even with its age the Gatehouse remains well maintained, and although slightly weather worn, there is no visible dilapidation apparent in the outer structure. Banners bearing the symbol of the Knighthood, the Windoak, are flown from the Gatehouse towers.

NPC Gate Guards

Ser Nickola Norjak
ImageName: Nickola Norjak
Race: Human
DoB: 11 Spring, 468AV
PoB: Syliras
Rank: Knight
Skills: Weapon (Sheild): 67, Weapon (Short Sword): 75, Riding (horse): 46, Leadership: 41, Persuasion: 29, Unarmed Combat: 34, Weapon (Shortbow): 29
Gnosis: 1 Sylir

Additional Information:
Shorter in height than the average, with a face round and form stocky, Ser Nickola Norjak has been around the city a good couple dozen times over. He has just under two decades of serving the Syliran Knights under his belt, a quarter of which as a tumultuous squire, the chain of events that rocked and founded his beliefs taking him from his recruitment to his final knighthood landing him in a number of scandals before he straightened out.

He has a penchant for troubled youth, despite how many years have passed and customs have changed since his own adolescences, and is known rather widely in the Mithryn as good humored and natured, the fact that he was only stationed in the compound some number of years after being knighted aiding greatly in his positive renown.

He has been known to set his jaw locked and fists clenched at the mention of Leo Valini, the look and actions shrugged off as little more than Nickola's pride and strong morals causing a discord between he and businessmen of all kinds, Valini merely being one of those more prominent.

Sera Ida Makintyre
ImageName: Ida Makintyre
Race: Human
DoB: 47 Winter, 486
PoB: Alvadas
Rank: Knight
Skills: Weapon (Flamberge): 68, Leadership: 47, Weapon (Shield): 48; Weapon (Crossbow): 47, Weapon (broadsword): 46; Intimidation: 46, Riding (horse): 37, Brawling: 39
Gnosis: 1 Sylir

Additional Information
Standing at a hulking 6'4, Ida Makintyre is easily one of the most intimidating knights that find themselves stationed commonly at the gatehouse. She is also among those in their late second decade, and is often taken on first sight as one who would never love and never marry, with her life as a knight and duty taking the forefront in her life ? a fact that her husband and twin daughters would fiercely detest.

She is steadfast and true to her word, and exudes a rough and heavy aura, bearing no regard for gender, race, or age in her words and actions. That being said, she has no tolerance for those who display any form of intolerance or prejudice, and is not above intimidation to ensure that people fall into line and ensure that peace and equality are maintained.

One of the most uncanny things about the knight woman is her almost predatory stillness and keen gaze, and is called the "Iron Maiden" not only because she is indomitable in purpose and duty, but also because she is rumored to have withstood gruesome injuries in battle, and said to have a body scattered with scars beneath her chain and plate.

Sera Jackyn Lynn
ImageName: Jackyn Lynn
Race: Human, Mixed (Vantha, Drykas)
DoB: Summer 37, 490
PoB: Sea of Grass
Rank: Mage-Knight
Skills: Shielding: 56, Weapon (Polearm): 69, Leadership: 32, Weapon (Shield): 37, Riding (horse): 39, Longbow: 47, Flux: 52
Gnosis: 1 Sylir

Additional Information
Fine of form and average in height, Jackyn is a knight who is woman by birth, but that finds herself lost in the expressions of gender as an adult, and quite simply finds any separation between 'male' and 'female' a pointless waste of time. She has no eye for aesthetics, no ties to the material world and little care for biases and norms alike, wearing men's clothes as often as women's, and having little care for pronouns, thus causing quite the storm of confusion when people try to pinpoint her gender.

Although Jackyn herself sees no end to it, she is considerate by duty as to a civilian's identity, and will not raise her own concerns or questions when it comes to dress and appearance, the slight rolling of her eye the greatest slight she has even given, remaining tight lipped in even the most infuriating of circumstances.

She will hail any and all citizens through the gates with a casual expression and slouched posture, standing in an awkward pose as to keep the weight of her weaponry off her person, and allow the quick execution of movement and attack should she find it required.

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