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The local Tavern and Inn at The Mithryn Outpost

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The Mithryn Outpost is a farming community located in the midst of the Syliran Fields. It is a fortified hamlet that is home to about 200 families who work the fields every day, located just south of The Stormhold Citadel.

The Fool's Errand

Postby Radiant on April 22nd, 2014, 1:33 pm

The Fool's Errand


Taverns and inns are far and few in the settlement of Mithryn Outpost, with The Fool's Errand being the only establishment that serves as both. Due to the nature of work of the residents at the outpost, the number of patrons that can be found within during the reign of Syna are scarce. It isn't until Leth rises that work begins to pick-up within the establishment, the empty room, although not filling to full capacity, then brimming with life and chatter as residents relieve a hard day’s work and stress with tales tall and mugs of ale.

It originally stood defiant as the settlement's barracks, housing the knights who patrolled and stood guard at the outpost, and retains a firm and sturdy structure and look, almost unfitting of the light and hearty atmosphere that takes to the place in the evening bells. Once Mithryn began to expand and the number of knights required to allow the smooth and safe running of the outpost increased to a number too great for the barracks of the time to handle, James Porter submitted a petition to have The Fool's Errand be established in the Barrack's place.

The rooms themselves are not bountiful in space and furnishings, with little more than what can be expected. Each room boasts a bed and a chest, a hearth, along with a table and chair. The only kinds of rooms offered are singles and doubles, the latter of which sporting no more furnishings, save for a bed fit for two in place of one, another chair placed at the small table, and a chest of slightly larger size.

Food that is served is almost exclusively early breakfast, late lunches and dinners, with only a handful of small appetizers offered during the daylight hours, with the preference to keep the number of staff on hand minimal when Syna is high and the patrons are few.

Price List and NPCs

Price List
  • Lodgings
    Simple Room, 1 night: 5 Silver Miza
    Double Room, 1 night: 8 Silver Miza
  • Food
    Breakfast: 2 Silver Mizas (Daily Special)
    Dinner: 3 Silver Mizas (Daily Special)
    Appetizer (Bread, oil, and salt): 1 Silver Miza
  • Drink
    Mug of Ale: 1 Silver Miza
    Gallon of Ale: 2 Silver Mizas
    Bottle of Wine: 5 Silver Mizas

Nathan Porter
ImageName: Nathan Porter
Race: Human
DoB: Summer 37, 470 A.V
PoB: Mithryn Outpost, Syliras
Skills: 31 Brewing, 49 Organization:, 59 Bartending, 43 Persuasion, 34 Weapon:Shortbow
Gnosis: None

Additional Information
The great grandson of the original owner, tending the tavern is in Nathan Porter's blood. He is a man that has well and truly entered his fourth decade, and chooses to use words over fists in all occasions, something far easier done in a city where there are knights around every turn to deal with indiscretions of any kind.

His hair is a wild mess of brunette, dark eyes setting his harsh appearance, build showing a laborer's youth, and calloused handed betraying his anti-weapon portrayal and turbulent youth.

It was not always that he wished to man the inn, in his own youth wishing instead to make a living as a hunter and joining the knights, his adventurous attitude and pragmatic personality led him to Syliras at a young age, meeting and falling infatuated with Elliana before proper thought was taken, bedding the widowed philterer's daughter with little thought for consequences. Soon enough, he returned home to Mithryn with a wife, taking to the life of a bartender and innkeeper as a means of stable income and constant support for his family to come.

Elliana Porter
ImageName: Elliana Porter
Race: Human
DoB: Summer 37, 478 A.V
PoB: Syliras
Skills: 40 Politics, 30 Leadership, 50 Cooking, 32 Seduction, 20 Brewing, 32 Unarmed Combat
Gnosis: None

Additional Information
Born and raised in Syliras as the daughter of a skilled philterer and a fallen knight, Elliana has known a life of finer things. She if vain in a countless number of ways, from taking her appearance and heritage, as well as thinking her mind sharper than the normal citizens of Mithryn.

Her marriage to Nathan was sudden, wedding the man after falling pregnant to a child that lost during the second trimester of pregnancy, the vows exchanged and life up and dumped. There is an edge of bitterness to all she says and does, from pressed and fake smiles to sideways glares as she works, to pressing her own daughter in ways that she herself was as a child.

Mila Porter
ImageName: Mila Porter
Race: Human
DoB: Summer 37, 498 A.V
PoB: Mithryn Outpost, Syliras
Skills: 34 Story telling, 24 Negotiating, 29 Unarmed Combat, 30 Bartending, 40 Painting
Gnosis: None

Additional Information
The daughter of Elliana and Nathan, and oldest of their two born children, Mila is a girl whose appearances sits at average, with a comely charm and good natured humor lends her to love and thrive in the work she is often given. She is an entertainer by nature, and knows how to deal and play and get around the drunken ramblings and requests of men and women with blood of alcohol.

She is under the constant barrage of her mother, and it is not unheard of for the young woman to up and leave in the middle of work, not returning for bells on end, or even at all. Where she goes is under heavy debate, with her mother often rolling her eyes and giving a breath of disgust, her father far more trusting in his daughter's chastity and mere desire for a change of scenery.

James Porter
ImageName: James Porter
Race: Human
DoB: Summer 37, 500 A.V
PoB: Mithryn Outpost, Syliras
Skills: 38 Weapon: Short bow, 34 Unarmed Combat, 10 Bartending, 37 Hunting, 25 Tracking, 24 Trapping
Gnosis: None

Additional Information
Named after his great grandfather, James Porter is the younger child and only son of Elliana and Nathan Porter. He is not nearly as invested in his work as his elder sister is, his eyes are abyssal dark browns and hair a messy, matted, dirty blond.

He has an infatuation for the Syliran fields and a love for hunting, taking his father's bow and arrows, then slipping out of work and any and all times possible, using his work in the tavern as a way to meet and get to know hunters and possible teachers, often shadowing a man or woman and asking for a lesson in return for a free meal or drink.

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