Location The Fleeting Comet

An expensive and elaborate restaurant.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

The Fleeting Comet

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The Fleeting Comet is a famous restaurant situated in the main Plaza on Zintia Peak. Sometimes this establishment is missed, for it is located on the second level of a tall tower topped with a glittering golden dome. The first floor is a shop opened to the public, and the entrance to the Fleeting Comet is toward the right, up a flight of stairs until one approaches a curtain of rose-colored velvet. Upon pushing this aside, a stand on the immediate left awaits a host to seat the patron. The most notable aspect of the restaurant are the enormous windows overlooking the rest of the city and the sky overhead. At night, the glow of the stars illuminates the skyglass chairs, tables, and window panes.

The Fleeting Comet became famous for it's delicious food and drink. It serves food all day and night although most patrons come at night to enjoy the scenery in a different light. The meals are packed with traditional Lhavit flavor; a variety of either spicy, sweet or savory sauces, a little bit of meat and a lot of vegetables. Meat-based meals come with a serving of whatever meat is being served that day, with a side of potatoes and some fried vegetables. Vegetarian meals come with a serving of eggs (cooked in the style of the customer's preference), a side of potatoes, and a heaping of fried vegetables. There are a variety of flavors to experience here, and it is not limited to only food. The establishment is famous for having the best Lhavitian wine along with a few bottles from around Kalea.

The owner of the Fleeting Comet, Yarena Pachia, values customers as any merchant would, but she knows when to draw the line if there is unruly behavior. Customers should arrive with proper, formal attire and be on their best manners, lest the Fleeting Comet suffer in reputation and the individual be escorted out. Because The Fleeting Comet's eloquent reputation is so vast, issue almost never arises.

Location credit: Kelpie

Yarena Pachia
Name: Yarena Pachia
Race: Human
Birthdate: 473 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Owner, manager, and cook at the Fleeting Comet
Skills: Cooking - 90, Herbalism - 60, Leadership - 75, Organization - 35, Socialization - 40, Vinting - 55
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Yarena is a strict older woman with ambitions in mind and a clear sense of what tastes good and what doesn't. A daughter in a line of chefs, cooking runs in her veins, and she can sometimes be described as "having her eye on the prize". She is proud of her establishment and even more so for her team of waiters and chefs that have helped her build this once miniature restaurant to what it is today. Yarena is also said to have an iron fist when it comes to unruly behavior, and is not above kicking customers out herself. But despite her reputation, a saucy joke or a playful smile is not far away from her regular and favored customers.


Bread and cheese: 1 TKi, 2 JKi
Common meal (Meat): 8 TKi
Common meal (Vegetarian): 5 TKi
Good meal (Meat): 2 Ki, 3 TKi
Good meal (Vegetarian): 2 Ki

Each meal has the option of being served savoury, spicy, or sweet.


Coffee (Black): 2 Ki/mug
Coffee (Milk & sugar): 2 Ki, 5 TKi/mug
Green Tea: 4 JKi/mug or 2 TKi/pot (~6 mugs)
Herbal Tea (Ginger, lemongrass, or mint): 5 JKi/mug or 3 TKi/pot (~6 mugs)
Wine (Red or white): 2 Ki/glass or 10 Ki/bottle (~5 glasses)

Red wine is recommended to pair with meals including meat, while white wine is recommended to pair with vegetarian meals.

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