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This northernmost city is the home of Morwen, The Goddess of Winter, and her followers who dwell year round in a land of frozen wonder. [Lore]

The Coolwater Hunt

Postby Alekxandra Winterflame on September 11th, 2016, 3:59 pm

OOCSorry for the filler post :p

Everything seemed to happen at once.

Arrows met their mark and the cries of the seals filled the air. Dogs emerged from their posts next to their masters to try and tackle the beasts and keep them on the ice. Swordsmen charged forward to finish the job the arrows had begun and Alek found it hard to not be impressed.

But it was only a small part of her capable of processing such talent and timing. As the arrows hit and the dogs tore into the seals her mind began to fog over. Blood splashed across the snow and her nose twitched at the smell. The coil of muscles beneath her fur screamed at her to move. Eyes locked on the seals even as the swordsmen stabbed and hacked at the creatures–or rather at the one that was still left cleaning intact.

Despite the creature being well beyond her size for hunting, Alek felt the desire to chase the creature, to taste the blood for herself. Her lips lifted slightly as she let out a growl, between frustration and desire.

”Alek.” Her ears twitched backwards, towards Cerves and the sound of his voice saying her name. Her name wasn’t a question, perhaps more of a warning. His hand met the ruffle of fur across the back of her shoulders. It was a gentle touch, but more than enough to settle the instincts running through her mind.

She couldn’t help. Not with this.

Gritting her teeth she let out a rough breath, long and winded. She was not here to hunt–she was here to assist Cerves in the aftermath. Perhaps it wasn’t as exciting, but it was just as important as the hunt itself. If the hunters managed to bring down both of these animals it would take both of them to make sure that most of the seals were butchered before the cold ruined any of the meat.

With that thought she let the tension in her limbs release. Heavily she let her backside flop into the snow and Alek shook out her fur in frustration. Cerves patted her back before standing.

”Let’s go back to the cart. We can start to get everything ready and it’ll get you away from this.” Alek let out a growl, more like a grumble really, and twisted around to follow Cerves from the mound of snow. The sounds the dying seals made still filled her ears and she had to press her ears down further against her skull to try and drown out the noise.

As they reached the cart Alek hopped back up into it, letting Cerves assist her by pulling her clothing back out of her pack. She rushed quickly to redress before sorting through her pack to find the hunting knife loaned to her for this little excursion.

”Ever skin a seal?” Cerves asked and Alek shook her head. Usually meat was already skinned for her when it arrived at the commons.

”Nothing I can’t learn though. I could use the distraction after all. This is harder than on me than I thought.” She groused. She was going to need to drag Liam out hunting after all this was done with to get all the remaining tension out of her system that would undoubtedly plague her even after the hunt was finished.

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The Coolwater Hunt

Postby Junco on September 16th, 2016, 2:43 pm

OOCGuys, seriously, I'm the worst, you should have skipped me!!

Junco only had time to loose one arrow on the seals. But that was enough, his hunter companions would take care of the rest. He watched in proud awe as his dog ripped into the tough leather of the blubbery animals. But then sight was all but lost in the chaos of the next few moments. The melee hunters rushed through to the animals and quickly silenced their already muffled and dying cries. It was an extremely easy and quick hunt. The reward was small, when looking at the big picture, but a reward all the same.

Junco rushed up with the rest of his ranged group, looking to retrieve their arrows before the animals were hauled to the carts. Junco searched his target for his blue striped arrow. He found it, thankfully, meaning his was not one of the ones that fell off mark. It was embedded in the side of the animal, straight into a blubbery mass. It would have hurt the animal but not wounded it very much. He was disappointed it had not pierced somewhere more crucial but at least he had hit his target. He grabbed at the projectile and tugged swiftly, but careful to not snap it. The arrow came out and he cleaned it in the snow and re-quivered it.

"Good hunt men!" Antler announced in pride. "Small, but a hunt nonetheless! Now, carry the animals back and then we'll stop for some grub and rest."

Junco sighed, rest would be nice. His thighs were hurting from being on that damn horse for so many bells. Now he could walk around, stretch and get some warm food in his belly. But first he would need to help drag/carry the kills back to the carts, which were slowly making their way to the front of the group.

With a small group he bent down to the still and bloody thing. He showed his strong arms underneath it side and heaved. The fur and flesh was still warm, though it was clear the cold of the wind would soon be penetrating its hide with death. The group managed to lift the animal and with enough panting and cursing they stumbled to the now closer cart and dropped the animal heavily in the back. The horses drawing the cart neighed in protest at the added weight. The group with the second was close behind.
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