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Junco Frostfawn

Postby Junco on May 26th, 2016, 10:21 pm

Junco Frostfawn

Male Vantha • Born Winter 82, 493 AV • 23 Years • Avanthal • Hunter

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 187lbs

Junco Frostfawn is a hardy adult man. He comes from a line of Vantha who adore animals, and because of that, spends much of his time in the Northern Wastes, traveling and hunting, or caring for animals back home in the Frostfawn hold. This work makes him strong, muscular and overall large. He has strong bone structure, most of which he hides with a giant, fluffy brown beard that covers the bottom half of his face. His hair, when straight down, touches the tops of his ears, though he wears it slicked back and/or tied in many small braids. His skin is a darker white, naturally tanned, his hair is a deep, dark brown and much of it covers his arms, legs, chest, and face. The hair on his head, however, has tints of a very dark blue, almost like a reflection of the twilight sky in Winter. Junco's eyes, like every other Vantha, change colors by the minute. He bears some tattoos across his body, although the most important mark is that of Morwen and her Gnosis of Ice Reaving, mark 1. This small, black snowflake rests on the inner portion of Juncos right upper arm. Junco's clothing usually consists of wool long-sleeved shirts and breeches. In colder weather he adorns a heavy wool coats along with leather boots. His usual colors are white, black and dark blue, to match his hair.

Eye Moods :
Steel Blue: Content
Light Blue: Excited
Deep Purple: Confused
Slow Yellow: Suspicious
Flaming Orange: Jealous
Mild Green: Upset
Dark Red: Loving
Violet: Worried
Yellow-Green: Embarrassed

Tattoos :
Ice Reaving
Image Received at birth, this Gnosis Mark gives Junco the ability to live comfortably in freezing cold temperatures as well as the skill of manipulating ice. Junco can specifically control the temperature of ice, melting it or freezing it in small portions.
Located on the inner portion of Junco's upper right arm.

Horned Owl
ImageRecieved on Junco's 17th birthday, this large tattoo of a Horned Owl is a memory in ink of Junco's first animal companion, Thatch. Thatch was given to Junco when he was 5, where the bird watched over him and grew up with him. He died, though, at the age of 12.
This tattoo was a birthday gift from his older brother, but drawn and inked by a second cousin in the Skyglow hold of Avanthal.
Located on the outside of Junco's lower left leg. It is a very large piece of art and covers his leg from the top of his ankle to just a few inches below his knee.

Junco lives with his entire family in an Arvinta in the Frostfawn Hold, which is made up of his Grandfather, Mother, Father, Older Brother, Sister-In-Law, and Younger Sister. Junco has a room of his own, his Grandfather, and because she is the only child, his Younger Sister as well. His Mother and Father share a room with each other because they are married, as do his Brother and Sister-In-Law. Besides these five bedrooms, there are three two others. A small kitchen which includes a cooking hearth, a large table and chairs enough for all of them and the final room with is a large open room containing many plushy cushions for seats, decorative paintings of previous animals companions on the walls and a large open fire-pit in the middle. Junco's bedroom, though, is much simpler. Is contains a small hearth to keep him warm, a small bed, and an average table and chair. He owns a large chest as well to keep his belongings in.

Grandfather :
Toweun Frostfawn
ImageRelation: Grandfather
Occupation: Retired Herder

Description: In his late seventies, Toweun Frostfawn is the oldest living member of Junco's immediate family. His spends most of his time in their Arvinta or mingling with other people his age in the Hold. He is darker skinned that Junco, but with a similar, though white, beard and hair. Sometimes a greenish tint can still be seen within the aged strands.

Relationship: Junco has a good relationship with his Grandfather. One of the best storytellers in the family Toweun was always a favorite with the children. Besides his vast stories, though, Toweun is a kind of confidant of Juncos. Junco also is leaving the fact of picking a bride up to his grandfather.

Storytelling - 60
Animal Husbandry - 73
Falconry - 42
Observation - 56

Parents :
Jedia Frostfawn (Skyglow)
ImageRelation: Mother
Occupation: Mount Caretaker

Description: A stern looking woman of 47, Jedia hails originally from the Skyglow Hold of Avanthal. Despite her outward attitude Jedia is a very fun loving woman and often laughs openly, sometimes at nothing. She was a fantastic mother who knew how to be excited for, sympathize for and with her children, and was always sincere, as her eyes gave away. Jedia married Juco's mother per their parents request. Jedia had no issue with this, she is very traditional. Although Juco has never explicitly asked if Jedia loved his father when they got married, he knows that even if she didn't, she does now.

Relationship: Juco's relationship with his mother is strong. She still talks daily with her son about his everyday like and often cares for him as if he was still a child. However she is very obsessed with hims marrying a girl. So obsessed in fact that Judo took the decision away from his mother so she wouldn't be able to make the wrong decision via excitement.

Carving - 24
Animal Husbandry - 67
Riding - 49
Horsemanship - 55

Leam Frostfawn
ImageRelation: Father
Occupation: Hunter

Description: A much larger and early 50's version of Junco himself, Leam is a strong willed man who spends most of his time outside the in the Wastes. He is an avid hunter and Junco takes much of his looks and personality after his father, especially his eyes. Leam seems to almost always be covered in dirt despite Jedias constant tendings, though, being a wholehearted man, Leam just laughs as she dotes. He adorns a huge black beard and extremely wild, wire like hair. When he is at home Leam tends to stay in the family room, telling stories to those who care to stop and listen.

Relationship: Junco has a very good relationship with his father. He credits his father to teaching hims almost everything he knows. Growing up Leam didn't have a care in the world and passed that precognition to his children. Often at the panic of his mother. Leam began teaching Junco hunting and the art of the bow early in his life so he could be skilled enough as an adult.

Storytelling - 43
Hunting - 93
Riding - 64
Weapon: Longbow: 87
Wilderness Survival (Forest): 54

Siblings :
Hembr Frostfawn
ImageRelation: Brother
Occupation: Trapper
Description:Hembr, aged 24, is all about the woods. Although he prefers the more observational route than what he likes to call 'brute mayhem', or stomping through the woods shooting arrows at everything that moves. Instead he listens to the woods and tracks animals as they move through their lives. He is somewhat the same at home, especially with his wife. Junco rarely sees a time when the couple talks louder than a whisper and Hembr is always looking around the scene, not on guard as if expecting danger, but almost like protection, like a mother and her cubs.

Relationship: Junco's relationship with his brother is pretty stable. They aren't very close by any means but they certainly don't dislike each other. Hembr relates more to their mother while Junco to their father. They simply have a difference in taste and interest.

Carving - 10
Tracking - 58
Trapping - 47
Riding - 35
Observation - 66

Aumber Frostfawn (Whitevine)
ImageRelation: Sister-In-Law
Occupation: Animal Doctor

Description: Married to Junco's brother, Hembr, Aumber, age 20, is also currently pregnant. Her due date in 516AV is a almost exactly a year after the pair were married, early Fall 515AV. She is just as quiet as her husband and only shows and overwhelming amount of emotion when someone else is in pain. She cares deeply for children and treats her niece extremely well, the two are best of friends. Although Junco worries that after she has her child, Aumber will somewhat abandon her niece.

Relationship: Junco and Aumber get along fine, although their relationship isn't very deep. They rarely have meaningful conversations, but Aumber assures Junco that when the baby comes everyone will have an equal part in its life.

Storytelling - 10
Medicine - 45
Animal Husbandry - 36
Cooking - 29

Danila Frostfawn
ImageRelation: Sister
Occupation: Child

Description: Danila is a bright young child, somewhat mischievous, and soon rivaling Juncos storytelling skill. She takes heavily from her grandfather in sense of humor and it a joy to the entire family. She gets along fantastic with everyone but her favorites are Junco and Aumber.

Relationship:Junco has a very good relationship with Danila. He acts as her friend, confidant, partner in crime and perfect older brother. He spends most of his time while in the Arvinta playing with his little sister. He claims he does not want to get married before Danila comes of age, so that he can continue his attention on her, and demands control over whom marries her. Although this is a few years or more away, it is a decision Junco is already thinking of.

Storytelling - 15
Falconry - 4

Bastian :
ImageBreed: Falivan Elk Dog

Animal Husbandry 15SP 3XP 18 Novice
Chivalry 4XP 4 Novice
Flirting 3XP 3 Novice
Hunting 15SP 3SXP 3XP 21 Novice
Improvisation 1XP 1 Novice
Investigation 3XP 3 Novice
Leadership 5XP 5 Novice
Logic 5XP 5 Novice
Observation 14XP 14 Novice
Riding (Horse) 10SP 7XP 17 Novice
Socialization 10XP 10 Novice
Storytelling 10RB 1XP 11 Novice
Tactics 3XP 3 Novice
Tracking 2XP 2 Novice
Unarmed Combat 1XP 1 Novice
Weapon: Shortbow 10SP 2XP 12 Novice
Wilderness Survival 3XP 3 Novice
Wrestling 2XP 2 Novice

Experience Point Details :
Animal Husbandry: +2 +1
Chivalry: +4
Flirting: +3
Hunting: +3
Improvisation: +1
Investigation: +1 +2
Leadership: +5
Logic: +5
Observation: +3 +3 +5 +3
Riding: +5 +2
Socialization: +3 +5 +2
Storytelling: +1
Tactics: +2 +1
Tracking: +1 +1
Unarmed Combat: +1
Weapon: Shortbow: +2
Wilderness Survival: +3
Wrestling: +2


Common Fur Lined Black Wool Cloak
Grey Llama Wool Scarf
Black Leather Gloves
Heavy Blue Wool Coat SP
Black Wool Breeches SP
Undergarments SP
White Wool Long-Sleeved Shirt SP
High Black Leather Boots SP
Archery Glove
Archer's Arm Guard
Falivan Elk Dog (Heirloom)
Average Wooden Bed w/ Pillow & Blue Wool Blanket SP
Large Wooden Chest SP
Average Wooden Chair SP
Average Wooden Table SP
Inartian Shortbow
Arrows x19
Broken Arrow
Leather Backpack SP
Leather Waterskin SP
Flint and Steel SP
Glass Comb SP
Glass Brush SP
Eating Knife SP
Metal Straight-Edge Razor SP

Notable Possessions
Inartian Shortbow
Made of dark rosewood, the upper and lower limbs for the bow join together in the middle riser. At the top (or bottom) of each limb near the nock the wood is wrapped in thin but sturdy blue and purple string, threading halfway down the elastic limbs towards the middle. The rest of the wood arch is engraved masterfully with natural pictures of vines, spirals, thorns and leafs. The bowstring, held fast to each nock, is made of high end processed animal intestine, or sinew, proved to hold tight to the bow itself.

Usage :
5 Summer 516AV: Sold Shortbow
8 Summer 516AV: Broken Arrow

100gm Starting Package
-30gm Shortbow
-1gm 20 Arrows
69gm Total
-5gm Cloak
-1gm Scarf
-1gm Gloves
-1gm Archery Glove
-1gm Archer's Arm Guard
60gm Total
-1sm Tip
-59gm Inartian Shortbow
+30gm Sold Shortbow
-8sm Pair of Rented Skates
30gm Total
+455gm Summer Wages
-135gm Summer Expenses
350gm Total

5 Summer, 516AV: Need Anything From the Market? - Completed
7 Summer, 516AV: Predator in the Snow - Graded
8 Summer, 516AV: Glowstone Games - Completed
10 Summer, 516AV: The Vantha Dressed In Black - Graded
13 Summer, 516AV: The Coolwater Hunt - Ongoing
19 Summer, 516AV: Tales from the Northern Wastes - Ongoing
31 Summer, 516AV: Hay is for the Frostfawn - Ongoing
47 Summer, 516AV: Prey for the People - Ongoing
51-55 Summer, 516AV: Close Quarters - Graded
61 Summer, 516AV: Nightmare in Red - Ongoing
75 Summer, 516AV: Afternoon Iceskating - Ongoing
81 Summer, 516AV: The Wooly Migration - Graded

Nullified Threads :
61 Summer, 516AV: Nightmare in Red
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