Brahmsburg Castle [Location]

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Brahmsburg Castle [Location]

Postby Konrad Venger on January 22nd, 2017, 9:57 pm

Article: Brahmsburg Castle (Location, Syliras)
Author(s): Konrad Venger
Other development: N/A
Additional Info: Existing information on the Syliras Wildlands here

Peer Review Thread: N/A
Founder Review Thread: N/A

Synopsis: Brahmsburg Castle is a decrepit, deserted and enigmatic fortress deep in the Wildlands. Zith call it home, but so do other, nameless things. The powers of the region either ignore or have forgotten it, but rumors are rife about treasure and terrors within.

Outline: Pretty simple idea I had for an additional Wildlands location, only I never got around to putting it up for review. Well, today is the day. No NPC information required, and the place has been abandoned for centuries so I kept it pretty short. It's isolated location would make it difficult to travel to anyway, but I thought it'd be nice to have a somewhat stable bolthole for fugitives, explorers, merchants, questing Knights, wandering mercenaries, etc., etc.

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