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If you're new in Lhavit, post here to exchange currency, obtain housing, and find a job!

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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[Lhavit Location] The Cosmos Center

Postby Sahar on May 15th, 2016, 7:40 pm

Sahar was feeling incredibly out of shape as she made her way through the town of Lhavit. "I've lived at sea level my whole life- I wasn't built for this." She muttered to herself as she finally walked into her destination, shaking her head to dispel the dizziness she felt at the elevated altitudes of the city. The woman needed a place to rest, and unfortunately, the place that rented out apartments was still a distance from the beautiful gate and the winding mountain road that lead her up to the city. But as she approached it, she saw clearly that the Cosmos Center was as beautiful on the outside as everything else she had passed. Undoubtedly, she looked like the dutiful tourist with all her gawking at the wondrous structures. In the back of Sahar's mind, she noted that she wanted very much to attempt making the beautiful glass that was throughout the city- skyglass, was it? At least for the moment, she was interested in it in a way that she had never been interested in artistry in her home, and that made this feeling precious to her.

Walking in though, she was surprised at the modesty of the furnishings. A bit confused, Sahar looked around to see if someone was available. While she wasn't typical among her kind with her ability to confront problems, she would still feel a sense of impropriety if she ignored her kind's nature so completely. There was a bell, and a "Ring" sign, and Sahar took in a sigh of relief. She gently tapped the crystalline object three times, and waited only a moment, taking the time to listen to the conversations that had taken place here. She only heard a few, and they were relatively loud- they must have happened where she was standing. All asked if they might get a place to rent, and she could at least chuckle that she had something similar to ask- essentially the same. When the secretary interrupted her thoughts with a polite, "How may I help you?", Sahar smiled back kindly. The words still came, despite her foreknowledge of how it must be dreary work here.

"I'm looking for a room at the Solar Wind Apartments." She stated clearly. "I was told that this would be the place to ask for one." She was handed a bunch of sheets, and began signing and filling things out. While the secretary went through the required work, and Sahar read blandly over the paperwork, she asked about places she might find herself work. "I'm entry level...at best." She admitted, but the secretary seemed nice enough about it.

"I figure it won't be incredibly hard for a young one like yourself," the secretary stated kindly. "You are Konti, no? There will be work in divination and the like, certainly." The woman had been so nice about it that Sahar couldn't even bring herself to tell her that despite her heritage, she hadn't ever been great at the arts native to her race. Truth be told, her own gift was incredibly useless to her, and Sahar wondered absently if she'd be able to escape that ghost of what she was supposed to be here. Her stomach dropped at the thought. She had travelled to this city for its open mind, to expand her metaphorical horizons.

Still, Sahar shook herself from her thoughts, and turned back to the secretary. She handed over the papers, and smiled a bit less brightly than before. "The simple room is three Kina, correct?" She asked more out of propriety than need to know. The secretary's answer echoed the past answers around her, and Sahar took out her money, giving three of the blue stones to the other woman as the secretary explained how rent was due at the first of each month. With that, things were all set, and Sahar was given the keys to her apartment, looking at the number on them. She gripped them tightly, and made her way outside once more. However, as she remembered where the apartments were located in the city, Sahar closed her eyes and groaned. "I'm really not cut out for this!" She cried out in her home tongue, starting the trudging walk from the Cosmos Center in Sartu, all the way to her new home in Zintia, more than ready to rest!
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[Lhavit Location] The Cosmos Center

Postby Julla Orrinade on June 15th, 2016, 5:18 pm

I realize that he's been living in Lhavit for two years now, but I wanted to make sure someone had it on the records incase anyone had a question or needed confirmation.

Requests :
I'd like to request to have a simple common room (3 kina) in the Solar Wind Apartments and a job at the Scholar's Demise as a Clerk (3 gm). I know the requirements for job threads and such; I just wanted to make sure it could be confirmed. I'm still getting with Factorum over the confirmation of my character sheet, which shouldn't be too much longer.
Thank you in advance,
Julla Orrinade
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[Lhavit Location] The Cosmos Center

Postby Alair Makeviht on June 16th, 2016, 7:51 pm

Summer 05 516 AV

Alair was nervous, but she was always nervous, especially in new places. She found her way into the line of people waiting to be assisted, and stood where she was, giving those in front of her and behind her plenty of space.

When it was her turn, after seeing the process of being helped, she rang the bell three times, and then moved over to one of the secretaries when they acknowledged her and bid her come closer.

She walked to them, sudden tension and nerves making her hands shake, made her jumpy.

"I would like to exchange my mizas for kina, please. I would also like to see about finding a job that is artistic in some way, and I would like to apply for housing, the three kina apartment."

Filling out the paperwork she was handed, it was a struggle for her to write. She was more used to drawing than she was writing, so even writing her name, as simple as it was, was always a new, nerve-wracking experience.

She handed the paperwork back, listened as the secretary gave her some guidelines for going about finding a job in the city, as well as local favorite places to buy food and drink.

Alair thanked the secretary, smiling gratefully at her, and then left the premises, her hands slowly relaxing from their trembling.
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[Lhavit Location] The Cosmos Center

Postby Aeod on December 16th, 2016, 12:27 pm

16th, Winter, 516AV

The Amaranthine Gate... Aeod stood and stared in wonder at the gargantuan structure, "Hmph... It really is as big as they say." After a few moments of catching his breath from the hike of stairs, he walked up to a guard. "Hey!" he blurted out cheerfully. "Where do I go to find housing and jobs in this city?" With a discerning eye the guard gave him a once over, no, twice over before huffing a bit, "The Cosmos Center will be where you'll want to head first. From there you can rent a room and see about any job openings."

Aeod thanked the gentleman before moving deeper into the city. "Cosmos Center... Where would you be?" he pondered aloud. His eyes scanned over the city as he moved slowly through it to take it all in. There was certainly plenty to learn from the inhabitants of Lhavit.

With his head swiveling like a top, he'd lost all sense of spacial awareness and walked into a large wooden sign. As he cursed and rubbed his head, he opened one eye to look at it. Almost as if the divines had played a role, he read it out, "Cosmos Cent... OH! This is the place!" And like that, he forgot about his newly acquired headache and rushed inside.

LUCK he thought to himself... There were no lines and he strolled straight to the front desk. "Welcome to the Cosmos Center, Lhavit's central hub for visitors and new citizens. What is the nature of your stay?"

"Long-term, perhaps permanent residency, and looking for work. My trade is glass, blowing and molding. Would you have anything for me? Also, whatever housing you have available for the cheapest would be best." He grinned happily before tacking on a "Thanks!"

He stood there patiently as the secretary filled out the necessary paperwork for his residency. As she was about to ask, he nodded, "Yes, the three kina room will be just fine." With a curt nod, the secretary returned to their papers to finalize everything.

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[Lhavit Location] The Cosmos Center

Postby Daffodil Bronx on February 2nd, 2017, 7:47 am


5th of Winter 516AV

Daffodil had been directed to the Cosmos Centre by passers by after she spent about 30 minutes trying to find it herself so she could avoid talking to anyone directly. After she realised she wasn't going to find it by herself she finally gave in and asked a pretty lady wearing bright colours. Daffy had only just arrived yesterday, but she was already running out of money and she needed a job to make some more. There was no one at the desk but there was a bell to ring. The place was fairly busy, which put her on edge. She told herself she would accept anything available. She had to pay for her rent somehow.

Once she had successfully made herself walk across the room to the desk, a secretary was just arriving behind the desk in front of her. For a solid twenty-two seconds she couldn't get a proper word out. "Hello I'm..." She paused and sighed in frustration at herself. She'd used Tukant to speak. Stupid. She started again, in common tongue. Her mother had made common tongue a priority to learn, so she did have quite a good grasp. "Hello, Um, I'm hoping I could enquire about getting a job. A-And an apartment too at the Solar Wind Apartments? A 3 Kina room would be good." She paused, looking flustered, then added "Thank-you"

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[Lhavit Location] The Cosmos Center

Postby Rigel Nebula on April 4th, 2018, 6:09 pm

5th Spring, 518 AV

Slightly fatigued by his journey to city of Lhavit, Rigel finally arrived at the Cosmos Centre, with the help of a very informative guard. The place was so easy to find, that he nearly felt foolish for asking for directions. Nevertheless, Rigel opened the front door and entered the building.

Rigel was quite surprised by the simplistic nature of the furnishing. By the looks of the building from the outside, he had expected something over-the-top like gold walls. However, he just wrote off the use of simplistic furnishings as a means of slowly easing newcomers into the grandness of the city.

As he made his way to one of the white desks, he noticed the stark contrast between his black cloak and the white material. He definitely stood out here and surely enough, before Rigel could even tap the tiny crystal bell to call one of the secretaries, he saw a woman walking towards him. Her shoulder-length red hair bobbed gayly as she walked, her smile speaking of genuine kindness.

"I take it that you're the secretary here?", Rigel enquired, as the alleged secretary moved around the other side of the desk and readied an ink pot, quill and parchment.

"That's right", she said, sitting down and scribbling a couple notes on the parchment in front of her. "So, what's your name?"

"Rigel Nebula", Rigel responded, watching her scribble his name into a neatly drawn table.

"And what's the nature of your visit to Lhavit?", she asked, holding her quill ready and offering Rigel an encouraging smile.

"I plan to find some work as a musician, whilst continuing my magical studies", he responded and she began to fill in more of the parchment. This city was open to magic, after all. He might as well be open about it as well.

"Excellent", she said finally. "Is there anything else I might help you with?"

"Yes. I'd like to rent a simple room at The Solar Wind Apartments."

"I'll make the necessary arrangements", the secretary said without looking up from her parchment. "Anything else?"

"That's all. Thank you."

"Perfect", she said, making a final note on the parchment and clapping her hands together with another of her ever-present smiles. "I hope you enjoy your stay in Lhavit. If you ever need information, or any other help, The Cosmos Centre will always be right here, where you last found it."

"Thank you", Rigel said with a smile, noticing the little quip referring to Alvadas.

With that, Rigel left the Cosmos Centre in search of The Solar Wind Apartments. He was tired and in need of sleep.
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[Lhavit Location] The Cosmos Center

Postby Narifa on June 10th, 2018, 7:39 pm


5th Summer 518 AV
The morning was only just coming to an end, the pale shifting sunlight fast approaching midday. The fog was thick enough that time seemed irrelevant. An afterthought, recorded solely for the benefit of remembering mealtimes. Perhaps it was because the smog was so dense that the building in front of her was glowing. Lit up as if it was nighttime, Lhavit's Cosmos Center held true to its name.

Narifa entered the building with a light heart and a bounce in her step. Her eyes took in the sparse furnishings, the small clusters of plants, and the stale air that implied a government office was at work, before she made a beeline to an empty reception desk. No one was around for her to call. Saddened at the prospect of waiting even more to enter the city, Narifa slumped and considered where to make herself comfortable. Only then did she notice the crystal bell off to the right, a plain white sign beneath it to instruct those who were unfamiliar with its function. Narifa's hand darted out to tap it, three times as per the sign, and suddenly, a woman seemed to materialize from the dark corners of the hall.

"Welcome to Lhavit's Cosmos Center, how may I help you?" A kind voice, with a small but genuine smile, rang out. Narifa smiled right back.

"Hello. I was wondering if you could recommend me a place to stay. It's my first time here, and I'll be around for quite some time..." The secretary nodded and pulled out a roll of parchment.

"Could I ask for your personal information? Name, age, occupation, and nature of visit should suffice." The traveler responded to all of her inquiries. This was the last hurdle to jump before she could truly begin her journey, and her heart beat a rapid tattoo in her throat at the though. When the commonalities were out of the way, the secretary put down her quill.

"What you're looking for are the Solar Wind Apartments," She started, "with a seasonal rent starting at 9 Kina for a simple room. If you would like, I can make the arrangements here." Narifa nodded vigorously. 9 Kina for the season was perfect. It was only going to serve as a place to sleep anyway.

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