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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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[Lhavit] The Cosmos Center

Postby Eleutheria on July 28th, 2018, 7:26 pm

The new Sun

Just how high could one build a city!
Elea was told to expect a grand and mountainous look. She realized that once she loads off her boat, she'll have done best to get psyched for a lot of marching across the mountainous space.

But, in order to see what Lhavit can be, one must experience it. Nonetheless, the awe and the worry about walking too much could not last. This fair and strange, almost magical place, so much distinct from the grandeur of Ravok, yet every bit as proud, was going to be Elea's home now.

"Gather your belongings! The travel's over. Be on your way!"

Elea did not had to hear the words of the boatmaster twice. She took her backpack, containing all of her non-static wealth, bowed before the boatmaster and set sights on the city before her. Bewildering, sprawling, almost filled with woods. Behind her, seemingly never-ending body of water, that was the Western Ocean. The port was dotted in large piers and the ships of many designs that Elea never saw before. In few moments, Elea has conjured one alarming realization in her mind: She was going to get lost here, without any help.
"Hold on, sir!" - she yelled to the boatmaster. When his bald, bearded face risen up to encompass the alarmed, ginger-haired girl approaching him, he heard "You do have map of the city on you, right? How much?"
Instead of answering the question, he described how to reach a building she needed: "They will help you over here. You sure that is all?"

"Yes, I do.." - Elea answered, chuckling slightly - "..for now. But, once I set up, I'll be sure to find my way around, thank you!" - she answered jovially, waving to the boatmaster and being on her way to the building, not being sure at all whether she'll find her way around at all.

Grandiose buildings were not unfamiliar to her. She lived her whole life in Ravok, after all. But the few similarities to the Ravok architecture, yet glaring differences with the pale marble and domes of the building sent Elea's head spinning to capture the wonder of it all. After some quick walking, at least she was in the place and already figured out what that thing was: Cosmos Center. They told her that that will be the reception center for her.

Still captivated by the alien, yet familiar architecture, Elea entered and looked around her. The light of the interior was overwhelming, nothing like the more modest lighting of the Ravok monuments. It would take her some time beholding the structure, examining her surroundings, taking a look at he glass case filled with papers, before deciding to pick up one. A quick peek revealed its nature: A newspaper.

But, the nature of the room became clear enough when Elea took closer look at the desks. From what she could remember of what little information she had on the Center, Elea remembered that these would probably be the secretary desks. All that was left to do was to walk over to one and tap the crystal bell on the desk thrice. Perhaps that would suffice to pour just a little certainty, in the heart of the confused immigrant.

And certainty she was given. The secretary confirmed that everything went all right with the purchase of her home in Okomo Estates. It was a small, unassuming living place, but it was all the girl of strong will and readiness to assume a spartan lifestyle if it came down to that needed, no? Having no experience with wilderness survival and no familiarity with poverty whatsoever, she'd only be in true trouble should she fall into true squalor. Nothing quite on her to-do list. Elea felt like asking for job opportunities, but she just arrived here. This was all too foreign and alien to her, Elea needed time to breathe in the place she found herself in. Figure out the customs of it. How to live in it. How to further her quest in it. At the very least, sort out her new home. With directions on where to find a shop to get a city map and information on where is she to go, she set out of the Center. Still bewildered by the landscape around her, Elea set into the West. As in, that's where the shops she needed were at.
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[Lhavit] The Cosmos Center

Postby Tamas on August 1st, 2018, 12:39 am

15 Summer 518

Having made it up from the docks, Tamas entered the center feeling a little sore from the walking and a little faint from the sea sickness. She walked over to the the the clerk and waited for her to acknowledge her. When she looked up, Tamas smiled then said, "I am looking for a place to stay and a job. Someone suggested the Solar winds. As to work, I have some training as a paper maker and book binder." She pauses then says, "But I am willing to learn other skills too."
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[Lhavit] The Cosmos Center

Postby Jasmine Stormblood on August 6th, 2018, 2:59 am

1st of Spring 518 A.V.

The heavily pregnant woman waddled into the building and looked around before spotting the two workers at the main desk. She walked up and looked as the man spoke to her first.

"Yes, can we help you?" he asked raising one eyebrow.

"Sorry to disturb you, but I need a place to stay, work, and to get my mizas exchanged for your Kina?" Jasmine asked curiously.

"I see what skills do you have?" the young asked and took the girls purse exchanging everything for different colored gemstones.

"I have a little kill in many things, but my best would be animal husbandry," Jasmine stated.

"Here is you kina. Animal husbandry? You will need to go to either the Okomo Villa or to Piramba's Pet Shop, the Solar Wind apartments are fairly cheap for new comers. If you have enough you can buy a house on the Okomo estates," the man stated and went back to filling out paperwork.

"Thank you," Jasmine stated and left.
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[Lhavit] The Cosmos Center

Postby Zach Grasswind on August 11th, 2018, 4:37 pm

50 SUMMER, 518 A.V.

Zach had been in the city for all of 5 chimes, and in those 5 chimes he had barely moved an inch. Even in the thick mists it was a sight to behold, every surface glittering where the weak sunlight managed to filter through to glance off its surfaces.

The man with the funny little Okomo had told him to find the Cosmos Center before departing back down the mountain. He had gestured over to the right as he spoke, so the Drykas assumed that was where he should be looking. He squinted at the closest structure to him, a large, intricately carved building of pale marble. He had never seen anything so ornate before in all his life. His little sister would love it. Perhaps if her ever saw her again he would tell her about it.

Stepping over to the building, Zach kept his eyes peeled for any sign that it was what he was looking for. Sure enough, a little notice informed him that this was the Cosmos Center, so in he went. Immediately he was greeted by a smiling woman with a soft cloud of auburn hair. “My name is Youchi, welcome to Lhavit! How may I help you?”

Zach cleared his throat. ”The man with the Okomo told me to come in here. I guess it’s where I find a place to stay?” The woman nodded, that bright smile still stretching over her mouth. “That’s right! How long will you be staying here? And will you be looking to acquire a job?”
”I think I’ll be here for a while at least. Long enough to require a job, yes. I only really know how to hunt though.” A sharp nod from Youchi. “Right, well it sounds like you’ll probably find the Solar Wind Apartments to be the most suitable. It’s just 9 Kina per season for a room there.” Another beaming smile. “And hunters are always welcome here. I think it will be best if you speak with Varda over at the Jugged Hare about providing them with game meats. You’ll find them on the Shinyama Peak.”

Zach nodded slowly before frowning. ”Kina…?” Youchi straightened. “Ah, yes Kina is our local currency. I guess you have Mizas?” At another nod from Zach, she motioned him over to a counter. “Well we can get those exchanged for you here, and then I’ll point you over to the apartments okay?”
Slowly, ever so slowly, Zach’s life was starting to smooth itself out once more.

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[Lhavit] The Cosmos Center

Postby Var Kiris on September 2nd, 2018, 12:30 pm

1st of fall, 518 av

Lhavit was absolutely breathtaking already, and it was the middle of the night. Far from being quiet and sparsely occupied as the streets of Riverfall were at night, the city was alive. The inhabitants unique sleeping schedule afforded Var Kiris an incredible entrance to the Cosmos Centre, which had been recommended to him by the ship's first mate before he and Eyes High had arrived at the port. He'd enquired as to the possibility of doing business at such an hour, only to discover just a little more about the curious city he'd found himself in.

In all honesty, neither he nor Kiris had done a great deal of research on the city before deciding upon the move. From the vague descriptions and tales they'd heard in Riverfall, it was enough for them to say 'That's the place for me'. Most citizens only had good things to say about Lhavit. There would always be obstacles- namely, the coinage Var had brought with him- but there was also the question of lodgings, and how to maintain said lodgings with a steady income. Var could feel Kiris itching to explore, but the light brother was not one to dilly-dally; his dark brother's anticipation would have to wait until Var felt secure in their immediate future.

Var approached the desk where the pleasant secretary greeted him with a practiced smile before blinking a bit at him, then at his shoulder-dwelling companion, Eyes High. Var shooed Kiris inwardly, who wished to give the woman a wink, and gave her a nod instead.

"Good evening. I've been told that this is where I can exchange foreign coin?"

"Of course, sir," assured Youchi after she'd regained the slightest loss of composure. "Mizas to Kina, was it?" Var nodded his confirmation, and the secretary made his job quite a bit easier by launching into a practiced spiel of available lodgings and permanent houses that he may be interested in, as a newcomer. Var was looking to buy outright and told her so, whereupon a room was secured at the Solar Winds Apartments, low and close to the street where the rooms were cheap.

Var's final task was less straightforward, and the Akalak took his leave to peruse the job advertisements posted within the glass case on the wall. It seemed that there was little available for a scribe, although copyists were of use to the city's newspaper, but Kiris didn't care much for the 'rags' as a whole. Rolling his eyes inwardly, Var continued to peruse, concluding that at this rate, they might well put their acrobatic skills to the test and busk for all the help is dark brother was going to be. It was certainly an option, but not preferable to steady, secure employment. The Akalak resolved to return again the next day when he and Eyes High had rested, clean clothes on and ready to find permanent work.

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[Lhavit] The Cosmos Center

Postby Dev'Ania on November 23rd, 2018, 4:07 am

Season of Fall, Day 73, 518 AV

Entering through the Amaranthine Gate, it closing behind her, Dev’Aria made her way to the Cosmos Center. It wasn’t difficult to find the elaborate, brightly lit building. This is where she planned to be assisted with finding a home to live in. The nightly winds flew her pale blonde hair around. Walking down the path to the building, she constantly rearranged her hair. Between strands on hair blocking her view, she admired the ornate city. A view she would never get used to.

Coming up to the building, she fully realized how large it was. In the reading of the city she had done prior to arriving, she learned that it was the largest building in the city. She walked through the Center’s door and entered a circular room.

There was no one else in the room except for Dev’Ania. She looked around the room, observing the different decorations within it. She walked over to a glass case with newspapers in it, skimming the information printed on them. She then approached a decorated desk. As she reached over to ring a bell on the desk, a woman came from a back room. “Oh, hello there! How may I help you?”

“Hello, I’m looking to purchase a residence, preferably a small apartment, and exchange these mizas for kina” Dev’Ania answered as she took out her pile of mizas, handing it to the woman. The red-haired woman took the pile of mizas and exchanged them with kina.

“Here you go.” The woman handed the coins to Dev’Ania and gave her directions to the Solar Wind Apartments.
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The Cosmos Center

Postby Davarin Zuharik on September 28th, 2020, 10:36 pm

5th of Fall, 520 AV

Davarin entered the Cosmo Center looking incredibly out of place. He hadn't seen many of his kind around, and by many he meant none. He kept his hood low and his scarf even lower however, against his instinct to cover up, knowing full well he was going to draw attention no matter what he did around here. Still, he had difficulty standing still as he waited in line, mostly because the very large human looming behind him gave the impression that he was considering wearing Davarin like a boot. When his turn came, he positively ran to the counter, only to run smack into a very cautious and appraising look that was somehow worse than hostility.

"Ah yes, I need to purchase a place to live."

"Hm. So the Solar winds then."

"Yes... Er- No! No, sorry." Part of his training had been to find a place to live surrounded by the locals and in tight quarters. "Uh the more space the better. I don't want my neighbors to feel uncomfortable."

The look on her face suggested confusion and skepticism.

"The Okomo Estates might be better." Her face hardened quickly after. "You do know it's illegal to harm the Okomo here."

Davarin sighed through his nose. It was no use explaining to her how difficult it would be for him to safely eat something that size all by himself before it went bad. Realistically, the local chicken farmers had more to fear. He merely blinked at her instead.

"That will be 500 Kina then."

"Uh." He knew that the people here used different currency. "I only have Miza..."

"Then you'll want to exchange those. Here."

She counted out his exchange, giving him a wary glance now and then. Finally she shelled out the remaining balance in Kina and a sheet of paper that appeared to be a deed.

"Take that to Milla at the Estate."

"My thanks. Uh, also I was told I should ask about employment as a healer while I was here. The guard at the gate said I should ask about Healing Hands?"

"You're a herbalist?"

"No, just a healer."

"Try over at the Catholicon then. You might have better luck."

He smiled slightly, thanked her, and made himself scarce, giving the large human a wider than necessary berth on the way by.
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