[Faction] Golem Cult - Revised

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[Faction] Golem Cult - Revised

Postby Michael Kyber on February 7th, 2017, 3:51 pm

Article: Golem Cult
Author(s): Michael Kyber
Other development: None
Additional Info: As per a request from Languish I am taking the idea I originally proposed for a new monster, the Vitaeous Golem, and instead reworking it into revised version of the Golem Cult faction in Sahova.

Peer Review Thread: Currently None
Founder Review Thread: Currently None

Synopsis: During the Djed storm of 512 Sahova experienced a number of problems as the wild djed corrupted all kinds of magic spells and equipment, causing chaos across the island. Chief among these problems were the island's golems, who were either outright destroyed or altered by the djed influx and made nonfunctional, or worse violent.

However for a dozen of the better crafted, more intelligent golems on the island a unique phenomenon occurred. The wild djed that collided with some of the islands many Nuit was imprinted with the structure of their souls and undead existence, and when that wild djed then collided with those golems it evolved their Life Principles into genuine souls, giving them full conscience and emotions. While the Sahovan wizards were distracted by the chaos of the storm one of these golems, Aulos, capitalized on the situation by seeking out the other living golems and united them together by proclaiming itself the prophet of the new golem religion.

All the golems that obtained souls are thought to have been destroyed in the Djed storm by the majority of the wizards in Sahova, however in truth the cult is hidden away in a secret laboratory deep beneath the citadel. It is here that the members of the golem cult research forbidden magic and experiment in secret in order to find a way to reach their ultimate objective; inducing a state of apotheosis in their prophet Aulos and creating a god of golems.

1. Summary
2. History
3. Mechanics
- 3.1. Appearance
- 3.2. Design
- 3.3. Psychology
4. Members/Social Structure
- 4.1. Aulos
- 4.2. Barbiton
- 4.3. Cithara
- 4.4. Epigonion
- 4.5. Harp
- 4.6. Lyre
- 4.7. Organon
- 4.8. Pandura
- 4.9. Rhoptron
- 4.10. Salphinx
- 4.11. Psaltery
- 4.12. Trigonon
5. Strengths
6. Weaknesses
- 6.1. Senses
- 6.2. Imprints
- 6.3. Directives
7. Additional Notes

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