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Martini Elwood

Postby Martini Elwood on June 16th, 2017, 4:32 am

Basic Information:

Full Name: Martini Belrose Elwood
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Birthday: 20th of Winter, 495AV
Birthplace: Syliras, Sylira
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140lbs
Profession: Artist
Current Housing: The Solar Winds, Lhavit

Likes: Art, Her Creative Zone
Dislikes: Artist Block, Djed

Merits: Imaginative
Flaws: Single Minded

Fluent: Common
Poor: Tukant

Model: Maia Mitchell

Martini is a somewhat tall woman with long and slender limbs. She has light caramel skin and hazelnut brown eyes. She has a roundish face, and a shapely body. She has thick lashes that and a sharp nose. Her hair, a light brown, travels just past her neck, and often she wears her hair pinned up or back to keep it from her eyes.

When out and about in Riverfall, Martini is like most Rivarians. She wears a loose hanging pale blue shirt that falls just below her waist and simple silk pants that are black in color. She chooses to wear sandals and has a leather cloak for when the weather gets cold. While painting, no matter where she is, her clothing is always similar. A short sleeve shirt, preferably of silk, and shorts or pants depending on the season. On top of that lay an apron to keep the paint from covering her clothes. Martini also puts her hair in a ponytail or bun.

Often times she is seen with heavy circles and bags around her eyes, which she will sometimes conceal with face powders and such.

Injuries :
Injury Description Received: Duration Thread Link
Bruised buttocks that make walking difficult for 5 days 1st of Summer, 517: Five Days Kuvan Test

Character Concept:


Akvin: As an artist, Martini strives for creativity and originality, with the first being one the god represents. After setting up her workplace, before she even begins drawing, she says a short prayer hoping it will boost her inspiration. Her mother was a devout worshipper, and has imparted that belief on to Martini.

Wysar: Being brought to Riverfall, Martini was acquainted with the god. While she remains neutral to him, she does understand why her fellow Rivarians worship him.

The Concept:

Martini wishes to carry the Elwood name with pride. A descendant of a long line of artists, she wishes to be the best in her craft and of the family.


The Artist:

The brunette is seemingly always finding something new to paint. Be it a person, place, or object, she will draw it if it inspires her. She is very bright and (naturally) creative. She loves to experience things first hand but mainly as a means for her muse. She zones out when drawing, focusing exclusively on the task at hand.

The Person:

Martini isn't much of a person, as an old friend called her, she is more of a machine than anything. She doesn't function well in social gatherings unless it's about art.

When people speak to her the first thing they notice is a heavy Sylrian accent. She often keeps her answers short and to the point, to the point of being curt. This causes her many problems with making friends, as s=it makes it seem she has no time for anyone.

She's not the healthiest person either. When working, often Martini forgets to sleep and eat, only getting up for bathroom breaks or if she needs to add new notes to the information sheet of the drawing. She is never negligent in her work and loves experimenting with new styles and forms of art. She values hard work and dedication.


Martini was born in Syliras, Sylira As a young girl she was Martini was introduced to the arts very early in life. Her mother, Marian, was a beautiful dancer and her father, Lenard, had mastered the art of storytelling. While they had no high expectations for Martini, they did indulge her curious habits and hobbies.

She wanted to learn how to dance? Her mother indulged her. She wanted to learn how to write? Her father taught her. She wanted to know how to read? He mother helped her. Martini had everything she could possibly want. Except one thing was missing from her life.

Her special talent. At first, she thought it was writing, because she often thought up poems or free verses that she would share with her parents for critique. When Martini began to show interest in drawing at the age of ten, Marian and Lenard combined their knowledge to put together an Artist's Toolkit.

Martini began to take Art classes at 14, when she realized that she was seriously interested in the craft. She began to live and breath drawing. She drew when she was sad, angry, happy... she drew all kinds of landscapes. She had started off doodling stick figures, but when she saw how beautiful concept art and landscapes were? That became her specialty.

Her mother and father paid for her schooling and art classes, and they lived a happy life in Syliras until the Djed storms tore everything apart.

Yes, the Djed storms of 512 were hard for the seventeen year old. The swept over the land claiming many lives outside the city, but Martini tried her best to remain strong until those storms claimed the lives of her parents.

They were rushing to shelter when her father turned back around to run into the house, he rushed them into shelter and bore the raging storm head on.

When her father didn't return, Martini realized he was more than likely dead, and she and her mother mourned for a two seasons before her mother grew ill and died from a broken heart.

She would never know what her father thought was so important he had to risk his life for it.

Before dying she made Martini swear to make her father proud, but after she too had passed martini evolved the goal into becoming the best artist so that her name would reach the heavens and her parents could smile down on her from above.

Though she didn't stay in Syliras for long afterwards, because her house brought painful and distracting memories to her mind. She packed up her stuff and moved to Riverfall a year later in 513, but didn't arrive until 515.

Once in Riverfall she immersed herself in her studies. She bought a home with the money left to her at the Kuahala estates, and enrolled in artisan classes at the school in Riverfall where she studies now even at the age of 21.

Location: The Solar Winds, [rented /simple] 400st ft

Include a canopy bed, a wooden desk, a cushioned chair, a hearth, small couch, chest, and wash basin; A few potted plants and a picture or two decorate every apartment.


On Person
Small Sheath, Leather
- Dagger
- Blank Book (Paper)
- Blank Book (Parchment)
- Quill
- Charcoal Sticks x5
- Black Ink Vial (1 oz)
- Waterskin
- Comb (Bone)
- Brush (Bone)
In Home
Bed, Average
Desk, Average
- Artists Kit
- Quill
- Blood Red Ink (1 oz) 4/5
- Ruby Red Ink (1 oz) 4/5
- Pale Red Ink (1 oz) 4/5
- Blank Book (Paper)
- Blank Book (Parchment)
- Charcoal sticks x5
x1 Chair, Average
Wash Basin, Average
Couch, Average
Hearth, Average
- Fire Tool
Table, Average
Chest, Average
1 chamber pot
- Soap
- Razor
- Toothpaste (4 oz)
- Toothbrush
- Mouth wash (8 oz)
- Skin Cream (4 oz)
- Flint & Steel
- Simple Pale Blue Shirt
- Simple Black Pants
- Simple Undergarments
- Simple Leather Cloak
- Simple Sandals
- Linen Apron
- Gloves leather
- Undergarments x10
Artist's Toolkit (25GM)

An old toolkit put together by her parents, Martini has used this toolkit since she reached double digits. This kit contains a number of items useful to those who produce art; paintings, drawings and sketches. There is a collection of various types of brushes, a number of different sized canvases, a number of small bowls and a handful of specially shaped charcoal. Every season Martini renews the supplies.
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Martini Elwood

Postby Martini Elwood on June 16th, 2017, 4:33 am


Skill Experience Total Level
Acrobatics +1 1 Novice
Cleaning +2 2 Novice
Dancing 5SP 5 Novice
Drawing 15RB, 14SP,+5,+1,+4,+5 44 Competent
Endurance +2,+1,+1 4 Novice
Intelligence +1 1 Novice
Interrogation +1,+2 3 Novice
Intimidation +1 1 Novice
Investigation +1,+1 2 Novice
Land Navigation: City +1 1 Novice
Leadership +1,+2 3 Novice
Medicine +1 1 Novice
Meditation +1,+2 3 Novice
Negotiation +1 1 Novice
Observation +2,+4,+5,+3,+2,+2,+2 20 Novice
Organization +3,+1,+3,+1 8 Novice
Painting 5SP 5 Novice
Persuasion +2,+1 3 Novice
Philosophy +1 1 Novice
Rhetoric +3,+2,+1,+1 7 Novice
Socialization +2,+2,+5,+3,+5,+2,+2,+1 22 Novice
Subterfuge +1,+1 2 Novice
Tactics +2 2 Novice
Teaching +3,+1 4 Novice
Weapon: Dagger 26SP, +2 28 Competent
Writing +2,+1 3 Novice


Riverfall: Layout
Drawing: Line of Action
Obtained Kuvan Status
Riverfall: Men Stare at Women
Tactics: Always Have to Be Ready
Endurance: Refusing to Give Up the Fight
Tactics: Don’t Worry About Opponent’s Safety
It’s Not Over Until It’s Over
Location: Kendoka Sasaran
Kuvan Tattoo: Mark of Riverfall citizenship
Negotiation: Setting the terms of a commission
Organization: Keeping a record of clients & commissions
Interrogation: Challenging conflicting information
Color matching
Drawing: The line of action is the motion & flow of the pose
Drawing: The line of action aids dynamism, foreshortening & proportions
Kayli: A true & faithful friend
Kayli: Terrified of snakes
Drawing: Set folded paper under the hand to stop smudging
Meditation: Letting your imagination inspire you
Riverfall location: The Courier Express
Endurance: Working through the night
Intelligence: Reading facial expressions
Leadership: Setting deadlines with clients
Organization: By color darkest to lightest
Drawing: Shading in color
Quills are inefficient tools for shading
Drawing: Blending colors together
Kayli Evers: Closest Friend
Location: Lapis Park
Investigation: Tattoos Make People Recognizable
Grim Ravenwood: Strange Bluish Arm
Grim Ravenwood: Dressed in Black, With a Raven
Grim Ravenwood: Half-Isur
Grim Ravenwood: Mysterious Scythe Tattoo
Medicine: All Nighters Cause Health Problems
Dusk: Skull Crow and Grim’s Companion
An Unsettling Encounter With a Troubled Man
Location: The Valkalah Academy
Meditation: controlled breathing
Socialization: tolerating rude people
Socialization: introducing yourself
Location: Valkalah Library
People: Alice Lewis
Lore of Alice's rules for her students
Drawing technique: reference study
Drawing: how to give life study's definition
Artistry: inspiration dulls over time
Persuasion: explaining yourself... poorly
Leadership: enacting a plan
Socialization: introducing oneself
People: Robinson
Lore of prayers to Akvin
Drawing: drawing eyes
Drawing: ink will bleed through stacked paper
Drawing: the Line of Action
Teaching: getting around technical jargon
Socialization: giving an apology
Riverfall: A beautiful city full of art
Observation: The rich scents of a garden
Lapis Park, Riverfall: A stunning garden
Teaching: Giving art tips and hints to a novice
Drawing: Drawing from sight versus imagination
Priskill: Goddess of radiance, hope & vigilance
Investigation: Asking questions to learn more
Martini: Prefers the comfort of her apartment
Riverfall location: Knirin Gardens
Socialization: Comforting someone who is upset
Painting: Any surface may be painted
Martinit: Still grieves for her parents
Martini: Not a good actress
It is easier to forget the past than to confront it
Creativity and inspiration cannot be forced
Riverfall location: Knirin Gardens
Martini: Wishing for a small house with a garden
Drawing: Beginning with geometrical shapes
Drawing: Embellish details over simple outlines
Subterfuge: Evading confrontation by changing the subject
Drawing: View a piece as a whole when looking for corrections
Martini: Djed dreams
Endurance: Overworking to avoid sleep
Drawing: Inking over charcoal to add depth
Martini: Haunted by nightmares
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Martini Elwood

Postby Martini Elwood on June 16th, 2017, 4:35 am


Item(s) Credit Debit Total
Rollover - - 464GM 2SM 46CM
LE: Summer 528 - -135gm 329GM 2SM 46CM
Item(s) Credit Debit Total
Rollover - - 329GM 2SM 46CM
Sold Furniture for Movebookcase (4gm)chair, average (3sm 5cm)dresser, average (1gm)Cupboard, Average (1gm) 6GM 3SM 5CM - 355GM 5SM 51CM
Exchange and Map Purchase - 353GM 5SM 51CM +253KI 5TK 51JK 253KI 5TK 51JK
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Martini Elwood
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Martini Elwood

Postby Martini Elwood on June 16th, 2017, 4:35 am


Thread Date Status
Reasons 1st of Summer Graded
Fight or Flight 3rd of Summer abandoned
Lessons 7th of Summer completed
Of things Lost 32nd of Summer abandoned
Settling In 7-9th of Autumn in progress
Con to Artist 30th of Autumn in progress
Thread Date Status
Kuvan Test 1st of Summer Graded
Student Once More 40th - 42nd of Summer Graded
A Favor In Ink 2nd - 7th of Summer Graded
Good Friends, Bad Requests 24th of Summer Graded
Part of the Scenery 31st of Summer Graded
Shape, Color, Light 14th of Summer Graded
A Splatter of Emotion 66th of Summer Graded
Thread Date Status
- -
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Martini Elwood
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