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Trevor Hightly

Postby Trevor Hightly on July 15th, 2017, 6:41 pm

Trevor Hightly


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Birthday: 2nd, Winter, 497
Birthplace: Riverfall


Trevor is of about average height for a Mizaharian human, so about 5' foot 7' inches in total, and is possessed of a thin and unimpressively average build; although, in practicality, the young man is more than likely to be seen as slightly more thin and lithe than is commonplace in the world.

Besides being unimposing physically and striking a slender silhouette, Trevor's face is shaped in such a way that it is almost as angular, and lacking of any bold and in your face qualities, as his body is. Trevor's nose is noticeably narrow and his ears are very plain in appearance; these traits, along with his eyebrows sitting somewhere between thin and averagely thick and with his lips being gently soft, give Trevor a distinct somewhat-feminine look.

Trevor's saving grace in terms of looking masculine lies in the fact that his face is somewhat naturally square and strong, contrasting to an extent the natural angled softness of his features, with his jaw line being rather sharp and chiseled due to his small size and lack of any body fat padding his bones; of course, despite being chiseled, Trevor's sharp jaw is still somewhat angular, giving him more of a cultured and hawkish appearance, rather than a dashing and heroic bearing.

Overall, with a small and thin build, blue eyes, chestnut hair, and aristocratically-hawkish features, Trevor would be considered more "pretty" than handsome, but would still be markedly attractive to someone who prefers men with more scholarly and angled features. Anyone who is drawn to powerfully built individuals, however, would likely find Trevor too lacking in any rugged or imposing qualities for their tastes, at least superficially and on the surface.

Over Trevor's heart, there sits a dull and lusterless, silver Lacun mark, that is in the shape of a swallow. Swallows were Trevor's wife's favorite bird and the subject of the first conversation that the two had together upon meeting, a conversation that Trevor has reflected on many times since his wife's passing.

Character Concept

Trevor is a light hearted, but not highly whimsical, seeker of knowledge and contentment. He is somewhat quiet and shy, but not antisocial or a hermit by any means -- he is very well balanced mentally and is naturally respectful, sympathetic, and empathetic towards other beings, which often leads him to be somewhat sparing when it comes to how much he will talk, or boast, or rant to most acquaintances.

Trevor is at home with almost any type of person, as he enjoys learning and hearing about anything and everything that he himself hasn't experienced or done, and talking about the things that he has. He could be described as a quiet social butterfly -- in the sense that he loves people, and that with his innate empathy, he is often able to detect the passions of others and steer conversations with his kind and subtle voice and demeanor towards drawing the passions and best traits out of people.

That said, it could be easy to misread Trevor due to his propensity towards staying quiet and living in the intellectual world. He is not the active, talkative person that everyone knows and that is cheered upon entering a social gather; rather, Trevor is the quiet voice in the background that calmly enjoys the company of others for as long, or as briefly as said others would like to talk with him. Trevor is very much concerned with seeing the best in others, and isn't quite that skilled in talking himself up or in making himself look particularly impressive; in saying that, some could very well see Trevor as boring or as too reserved, or simply bland and uninteresting.

At his core, Trevor is an adventurer, a seeker of interesting hobbies, people, stories, places, and things; anything that can get his brain working and thinking in abstract or visceral ways is to Trevor's mind and mood as ambrosia is to the palette.

In Trevor's ideal world, he'd be able to employ himself as a scholar, or a jack of all trades. Of course, there are jobs that Trevor would likely never seek out; for example, while he would likely be interested in the practical and skillful qualities of the martial arts, and would very much like to see himself as someone who could protect those who needed it, Trevor just isn't the kind to be able to hurt others without a backlash of much moral contemplation following his doing so -- as such, while it's not entirely a given that he wouldn't find himself as becoming a warrior or guardian of others it would be a situation that only happened under a few select circumstances.

Now, violence, in general, is something Trevor is simply not wired to jump into. The young man will always be more at home talking his way out of an altercation, rather than leaping to anger and verbal -- or even physical -- altercation with another. Of course, obnoxiousness, anger, loudness, and violence do have a tendency to offend and anger Trevor and just like anyone else he is prone to snapping when tired, stressed, or exposed to too much of what he dislikes, but he will always feel truly upset at having done so -- even if his own pride will keep him from admitting it.

Trevor's morality is very much something that values freedom, expression, individuality, and above all else life and living it; he doesn't really care what anyone does with their life as long as it doesn't negatively affect another person -- two good examples of this is that he doesn't mind drugs, although he would be a bit scared to partake in them, and he doesn't really care how others choose to romantically engage with other people.

Trevor's greatest strengths are his analytical, hungry mind, and his ability to try and come at relating to different people from many different angles. Along with these other strengths, Trevor's great love of life, despite also having felt great anguish during the time he's been alive, has allowed him to have a generally very kind and balanced mind.

Trevor's greatest weakness is that he has focused himself very much towards being a balanced person and thus he has yet to achieve anything truly great for himself in the world. For too long, Trevor had allowed himself to be defined and consumed by his interactions, first with others and then with his late wife.

Perhaps both his best and worst trait is his personality. Trevor's personality is very temperate. If others' personalities are like fire, passionate and wiry -- or like earth, strong-willed and focused -- then Trevor's is like water, adaptable and intellectual but also always looking for a container/context to define its shape. Essentially, Trevor is looking for his purpose, either a singular one or many that add up to a greater whole.

Character History

Trevor is the first son of a human woman named Eliza and a human man whom he was named after. Both of Trevor's parents are alive and well in Riverfall, where his father is a well-liked merchant who has achieved Kuvan status among the blue men of the city.

Trevor grew up as a relatively happy child, one who was reserved, careful, and who quickly picked up on the social workings of his peers.

Growing up in Riverfall, one might expect the young man to also have learned some sort of martial skill or trade, Trevor took the latter path, rather than the former. Being the son of a social merchant, Trevor inherited a lot of his father's knack for talking to others, and his father taught him a good bit about running a business.

Trevor never had to go out and search for an apprenticeship, as he had practically been granted one by birth under a skilled merchant, thanks to his father's business savvy. Trevor worked with his father for a long while, learning how to talk to customers and people in general, and how to make money through exchanging goods.

Thanks to his family and upbringing, Trevor didn't really want for much; he had food, shelter, and a small circle of friends. Trevor even found love, despite the fiercely competitive nature of Riverfall when it comes to acquiring a spouse.

Elana Merill, a woman a good bit older than Trevor, a free spirit, and a somewhat accomplished wizardess that had made her way to Riverfall in search of a life was the woman that would become Trevor's wife. The two clicked very quickly, each enjoying the love of life that the other held tight in their heart.

Trevor was always amazed at his ability to make a woman such as Elana fall for him, amazed and thankful. Trevor and Elana spent a lot of time with each other, each seeking to make the other's life better; Trevor shared his personality and life's stories and Elana did the same in kind, but also went so far as to even instruct her friend and partner in the use of djed.

Trevor was truly happy with Elana, but the young lovers would not stay together for long before fate would change everything. One day, Elana simply never came back home to Trevor. The man searched, and he searched, and he searched, but he never found his wife; and one day, the Cheva mark on his neck faded, and was replaced with a Lacun mark over his heart.

Trevor searched for the truth behind what happened to Elana for some time, but he never found his wife, he never discovered what her fate had been. The man mourned, surrounded by family and friends, and then he left Riverfall, no longer wishing to be surrounded by the familiar places and memories of the past.

Now, Trevor seeks to establish himself in Syka; the man hopes the new settlement will help him to build a new life. Trevor's life has left him an understanding of other's pains and joys and has made him a man that very much feels closely tied to the kinship that all beings feel in their shared experience of walking the land of Mizahar.

As a young man, who has nonetheless already experienced great loss and great love in equal measure, Trevor is out to discover himself, to delve into his soul and the nature of the world, and to understand the why behind the beating of the hearts of man and beast alike.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Tukant
Poor Language: Ancient Tongue


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Socialization 26 SP 26 Competent
Leadership 13 SP 13 Novice
Morphing 15 RB, 11 SP 26 Competent


Lore: Cheva and Lacun Marks
Lore: Akalak Culture


1 Set of Clothing
- Simple White Shirt
- Simple Brown Pants
- Simple Undergarments
- Simple Grey Coat
- Simple Brown Boots
- 1 large tent (4 person)
- 1 large tarp
- 100 ft of rope
- Flint & steel
- Lantern
- 2 torches
- Bedroll
- Blanket
- Fishing tackle & hooks
- Compass
- 1 Leopardbred Horse
- 1 full set of tack, and a large set of saddlebags
- 1 Waterskin

1 Backpack which contains:
- Comb (Wood)
- Brush (Wood)
- Soap
- Razor
- Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
- 1 eating knife
- Flint & Steel
- 2 Quart Cooking Pot
- Jar, 32 OZ
- Cup, 6 OZ
- Knife & Cuttlery Box
- Journal
- 1 OZ, Black Ink
- Quil

Heirloom: A small brooch in the shape of a swallow. It used to belong to Trevor's wife and is the only thing the man keeps of her's.


Location: Syka

House: Tent, Syka


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
2 Quart Cooking Pot -2 SM 99.8 GM
32 oz Jar -2 SM 99.6 GM
Cup, 6 oz - 2 CM 99.58 GM
Knife & Cuttlery Box - 2 GM 97.58 GM
Book, Blank - 3 GM 94.58 GM
Quil - 5 CM 97.53 GM
Ink, Black - 1 GM 96.58 GM

Character Apperances

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