Completed Fruits of the Wilds

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Syka is a new settlement of primarily humans on the east coast of Falyndar opposite of Riverfall on The Suvan Sea. [Syka Codex]

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Fruits of the Wilds

Postby Trevor Hightly on July 16th, 2017, 11:15 pm

15th of Summer, 517 A.V.

The sands of the beach's edge mixed and intermingled with the dirt and sediment of the forest creating a multicolored and very tropical-looking soil. The mixed soil that Trevor's boots squished into in particular was somewhat damp; the small stream that had caused this wetness of the earth could be heard bubbling calmly in the background of the rainforest's ever-present cacophony of birds, crickets, and many critters--some of which were mysterious and some which were mundane, but which almost all were at least somewhat noisy.

Trevor followed the quietly crashing waterway that the locals of Syka had told him would take him to the settlement's resident expert on all things foliage. Upon taking his first steps upstream and into Syka's jungles, it did not take long at all for Trevor to sight the hanging home of said herbalist.

A splendid mix of utility and simplicity and grace personified, the building that overhung the bubbling spring was little more than a couple of roofed, open platforms. In contrast to many of the structures that Trevor's life had led him to happening upon, this house--and most of Syka's houses--was more a part of the environment that it was a promise of an escape from the wilds; the raised, jungle house simply swung peacefully over the small river that Trevor had used as a landmark--it was almost no more of a break in the land than a bird's nest, or a deer's bedding.

Trevor took a breath a smiled shyly to himself, as he climbed up the banks of the small stream and came to the entrance that led into the proposed expert's home. The young man looked around; the house had neither door nor walls if one did not count the framing of the shelter, because of this Trevor was not sure of how he was supposed to announce his presence.

Trevor pursed his lips, wondering just what to do, short of invading another's home--he didn't see anyone within the very open shelter and there didn't appear to be any hidden sections to the home.

Trevor proposed to himself that perhaps no one was home.

"Hello," a kind voice said from behind the young man; the voice neither seemed to question Trevor's presence or to too strongly declare its owner, it had the quality of merely being a pleasantry that was truly meant to only convey pleasantry.

Trevor turned to face the woman who had come up behind him. The young man smiled at the short haired, blond female.

"Afternoon," Trevor said through a small and genuinely polite smile.

"Ugh," Trevor made the noise not out of a lack of confidence, but more endearingly.

"Sorry, I hope I didn't interrupt anything," Trevor said in a tone that indicated that Uta could politely dismiss him if she were indeed busy.

"No, I was just taking a walk," Uta replied kindly, in a manner that suggested she was not bothered by Trevor's interruption.

Trevor felt his mind settle, knowing that he wasn't being received as rude. It was then that the man's relaxing mind took in a deeper looking over of the person before him, consciously noticing for the first time that Uta was holding something in her hand--a weaved, wicker basket, from which some form of shrubbery was spilling out of.

"Picking some plants?" Trevor asked in a calm tone, inviting Uta to talk about what the young man figured would direct the conversation in a way that was favorable to his purpose for seeking out Uta and that he assumed to be something she might be excited about sharing, considering that she was rumored to be Syka's resident plant expert.

Uta's face displayed a bit of interest in Trevor's question.

"How'd you know that?" Uta inquired with an air of good-willed curiosity.

Trevor chuckled just slightly.

"Just the basket," he said. "I couldn't tell you what you've got there, but it doesn't look like vegetables."

Uta nodded.

"It's Quassia; it's a type of insect repellant," the woman explained.

Trevor's mouth formed an "O" shape in passing recognition of Uta's explanation.

"Oh, well that's lucky, with all the bugs and everything around here," Trevor said.

Uta smiled just slightly.

"The forest has all kinds of treasures in it," the woman said.

"So, were you looking for me, or?" Uta went on to inquire.

Trevor felt the faintest of blushes cross his face, knowing that he was making small talk outside someone's home.

"Ha, sorry. I didn't mean to corner you, or anything," Trevor said good-heartedly. "I was hoping you had been home. I was actually looking to talk with you. I had just gotten to your door actually."

Trevor put his arm behind his head, in an effort to convey that he realized that his presence could have been taken as odd.

"But I guess a stranger waiting outside your home might seem a little odd," Trevor said.

Uta laughed at Trevor's explanation and apology.

"Do you want to come in?" the woman said, gesturing to her door and seemingly saying that she was not worried by Trevor's presence and that she accepted based on his tone and overall demeanor that he came with good intentions.

"Sure," Trevor replied happily; meanwhile, he also sighing internally in relief at Uta's acceptance.

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Fruits of the Wilds

Postby Trevor Hightly on July 17th, 2017, 12:08 am

15th of Summer, 517 A.V.

Trevor allowed Uta to slip past him and into her jungle house, before following her into her abode. The sturdy, but relatively light boards of the suspended house's floor creaked under Trevor's weight; knowing that there was nothing but a piece of wood between him and a fall to the ground, and because he could easily see outside of Uta's house as it was completely devoid of any windows, Trevor felt himself feeling a sense of freedom and airiness permeating the mood of Uta's abode--it was a nice and open feeling that the young man approved of readily enough; although, if Uta hadn't of already told him of her insect repelling haul, then Trevor would have questioned the practicality of her housing in the humid, insect-filled jungle.

"It feels really free and open in here; it's nice," Trevor commented and complimented Uta in a meaningfully pleasant and politely reserved tone.

Uta sat her wicker basket of plants down on a table, before turning herself about to face her guest and leaning her own rear up against the same table she had sat her haul down upon.

"Thank you, ha, but I still haven't gotten your name?" Uta replied.

Trevor's face expressed that he found Uta's request completely reasonable.

"Yea, I'm sorry; I should have introduced myself a minute ago. I'm Trevor," the man said. "The people in town told me about you when I asked about who I might be able to learn something the plant life here from. I'm guessing your Uta?"

"I am," Uta replied; the woman's visage expressed a bit of flattery and interest. "Are you a herbalist or a botanist? You look a bit young to be a healer?"

"Well, I'm a would-be-healer," Trevor replied.

The man smiled and dropped his head a bit in humility.

"But I guess you're not wrong; Jason and Kalum have taken me under their wing at the Panacea, though, but I have a lot to learn," Trevor said.

Uta's face registered a bit of recognition.

"Oh, so you're the new settler," Uta said.

"Small settlement. I guess word travels fast," Trevor commented.

"I'd heard about the twins taking on a new assistant; I'd been meaning to meet you sooner or later," Uta explained. "But, like you said it's a small community and I figured that'd just happen on its own."

"Ha, well, I guess so, and it looks like you weren't really wrong," Trevor agreed. "I'm glad you're friendly, though; meeting cranky folks is never fun, purposeful or not."

Uta blushed slightly.

"So you wanted to learn about plants?" Uta inquired, after a moment's reprieve to let Trevor's compliment hang.

Trevor's body shifted to display a bit of excitement nonverbally.

"I was hoping I could learn a bit about what might be helpful in healing out in the jungle," Trevor said.

Uta took in Trevor's words.

"I can tell you what plants do what and what they're used for, where they grow, and what they can help with," Uta said. "I'm not a doctor though, so it's mostly just theory for me."

Trevor listened to Uta. Trevor wondered if the woman was saying that she was more of a scientist than a healer.

"I don't want to impose myself, or anything," Trevor explained. "But I want to help the community; if you're willing to show me whatever you do know, then I'd be very grateful, but don't feel obliged if you don't have the time, I mean it. Ha, I'm not trying to be rude here, you know?"

Uta chuckled at Trevor's extreme politeness.

"I don't mind taking anyone out into the forest," Uta said. "And if you really want to help everyone in Syka then I'd love to help you. If you stick around, I might need your help one day, after all."

Trevor felt a bit of happiness well up inside himself at the prospect of learning whatever Uta might be able to teach him; when he had first come out to the botanist's home, he had hoped to convince the woman to teach him, but now it was becoming an actual reality that his hopes might be realized.

"Well, I'd hope you'd be alright, but I'd be inclined to help anyone and everyone," Trevor said through a smiling mouth.

"So, when do the twins let you off for the day?" Uta inquired.

"It depends, but the afternoons if everything's going alright--usually anyway," Trevor replied.

Uta gave Trevor a polite smile.

"Well," Uta turned around and dug in the basket of quassia that she had previously sat down and withdrew a single specimen of the plant, "like I said, this is a quassia branch."

The quassia branch was small and covered in bark; Trevor looked upon the plant, remembering that Uta had said it was good as a bug repellant.

"You said it was insect repellant, right?" Trevor asked.

Uta confirmed Trevor's question.

"Right," Uta said. "You can strip the bark off and let the chips from that soak overnight in cold water and then boil it; after that, if you strain it, you'll have a juice that can kill head lice, or to keep bugs off of your garden plants--but just make sure you dilute it with a lot of water, about ten times more than whatever amount of juice that you've made, because it's pretty potent stuff."

Trevor took in everything that Uta was saying.

"Wow, that's kinda amazing," Trevor said.

Uta offered the quassia branch to Trevor. The young man reached out and took the useful wood.

"Why don't you try it with that and then come back tomorrow?" Uta offered. "I can see if you did it right and then I can show you where it grows and how to harvest it?"

Trevor looked at the branch that Uta had given him.

"I really appreciate this; if there's anything I can do for you in return you can let me know now or later," Trevor promised.

Uta smiled in reply.

"Just help everyone else with what I teach you?" Uta requested.

Trevor chuckled.

"Of course," the man said. "Thank you again, really; I'm amazed at how everyone wants to help each other, here in Syka."

"People can be good," Uta said in a hopeful voice.

Trevor nodded.

"I guess we can," he replied.

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Fruits of the Wilds

Postby Trevor Hightly on July 17th, 2017, 3:29 pm

15th of Summer, 517 A.V.

The branch of quassia that Uta had so kindly given Trevor sat off the side of the young man, waiting for the use that Trevor would put it to.

Trevor grasped a cooking knife in his hand, a thick and reasonably sharp utensil that would be sufficient for the young man's task at hand. Meanwhile, a cooking pot filled to the brim with water sat in his lap.

After shuffling his self a bit and getting situated, Trevor relaxed his rear into the soil and reached for the thin branch of quassia wood that sat near to his side. The would-be-doctor held the branch over the pot of cold water that sat squarely in his lap; with his right hand, Trevor brought the blade of his cooking knife down to rest against the flesh of the quassia branch that he held in his left.

Trevor hesitated to cut into the quassia branch for a moment, before taking a small breath and pushing his knife through the branch's striped layers of brown bark. The quassia wood bled clear juice as it was wounded and shredded. Trevor continued cutting the wood, causing the wood's sticky and almost-matte-feeling sap to spill out over his hand; feeling the branch's life-blood drip and slide across his flesh, Trevor was still excited to be learning about all the plant's amazing properties, and he wasn't necessarily sad, but he couldn't help but feel the need to mentally thank the wood for its sacrifice and to feel a sort of respectful appreciation for the wood's death.

Trevor shredded the Quassia bark for some time, allowing the sounds of the nearby jungle to float around him and to dance into his open ears. With no one talking to him and only the sound of his knife cutting into the quassia filling the air, Trevor began to relax into the almost meditative peace that monotonous work that is also valuable can bring a person.

The young man would strip the bark off of the medicinal plant and he would allow the strips to sit overnight in the pot that he'd filled with water. In the morning, he'd start a small cooking fire and boil the soaked Quassia, just as Uta had instructed.

For now, however, Trevor's mind relaxed into his work under the warm, afternoon, jungle sky, surrounded and enveloped by the sounds of the living world--the sounds of life. It seemed that the wilds had offered up its bounty to Trevor, both in giving him the chance to learn the properties of quassia and in serenading and warming him with the sun's filling and comforting rays.

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