A City Abuzz

There's an odd humming in the air

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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.

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A City Abuzz

Postby Ambrosia Alar on August 24th, 2017, 2:16 am

A City Abuzz

89th of Summer, 517 AV

Ambrosia didn’t like it. Ever since she had left her house, the air had been alive with some foreign hum that she had never heard before. So subtle that it lay just in one’s notice but never identifiable, the hum seemed to permeate everything while coming from nowhere. Or everywhere. Ambrosia couldn’t tell which, and that made it all the more disconcerting. The sound was so disembodied and so omnipresent that Ambrosia wasn’t certain if it was coming from somewhere else at all or if it was coming from somewhere within her. She didn’t like it, but the noise wasn’t the worst part.

The worst, most terrifying thing about it, the part that made it most ominous, was the fact that the streets were empty. Ever since she stepped through the front door of her home, the air had been void of all the usual noises- the bustle of activity, the chatter of people, the creak of carts in the streets. There was nothing subtle about the silence, the absence of almost everything. The nothingness was pervasive. All encompassing.

Ambrosia wanted company. She wanted someone to break this eerie monotony. Anyone would do. She was actually on her way to the Stallion’s Rear for work, but the streets weren’t being kind. Usually they led her wherever she needed to go with little detouring. Usually. Ionu or Alvadas or whoever, whatever, was in charge was in a funny mood. If she got to where she was heading, she could shake this haunting feeling of- She wasn’t sure what of. It was difficult to put into words. Of what? Of…


Ambrosia hadn’t realized how much she needed people until she didn’t have them. The oddest part was that they didn’t even have to be interacting with her. All she needed from them was their presence. What she wouldn’t have given for a friend right then.

A different buzz began, and this one had a direction. It was somewhere off to her left, but when she turned, it was to her left again. Three more times, she searched for the source of the new noise and found herself facing in the same direction and with no more answers than she had started with. Calming her fraying nerves, she waited for the buzz to come again. Once more, the new hum came, but this time, her pocket vibrated when it did.

Reaching into her pocket, she felt the prickling sensation of insect legs crawling on to her finger. When she pulled out the hand, she saw a familiar black and yellow body. “You cheeky, little-”

Holding the small creature close up to her face, she was certain it was the one she had saved several times from drowning in a cup of wine nearly half the season ago. His drunken stumble was familiar enough and said he was still nursing a little something from last night.

“How long have you been getting drunk for free?”

The little bee buzzed his wings contentedly, took one step forward, and fell on to his side, tumbling down into her palm.
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