Madeira's Plotnotes

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Madeira's Plotnotes

Postby Madeira Dusk on December 3rd, 2016, 7:18 pm


Wedding Bells

Madeira comes from the oldest and most important family in Alvadas. Yet just as she was starting to tap into the wealth and power that comes from that accident of birth, she was sent away. Now in Lhavit, she is half a world away from every drop of influence her name has. But unwilling to give up on all her political machinations that easily, she has come up with a simple solution to regain everything she had lost: acquire a new name.

Chiona Dusk is the beautiful and talented daughter of the most powerfully influential man in Lhavit. Ten years Madeira's senior, she's heir to the wealthiest of the three Towers and has a name that predates Lhavit itself. She is capable of solving a lot of Madeira's problems- if only she could persuade her to marry her.

The Plan

+Raise seduction XP
+Dispose Lhilie Dawn, Chiona's current girlfriend

Story Threads

The next generation is full of assholes | Chiona and Madeira meet for the first time
By Light of the Moon | Cursed by a maledicted fetish, Chiona goes temporarily mad and murders a precious Eth in cold blood. The event mentally destroys the woman, and Madeira learns some very interesting secrets about her.
The Chase Begins | A season after the murder, Chiona is still in no fit state to join a public class. Madeira becomes her tutor, and takes advantage of the privacy to deepen their friendship
Dusk to Dawn | Madeira properly meets Lhelie Dawn, and curries some favour
Kingdom of Lights | Chiona teaches Madeira to fight
Two Truths and a Lie | Under the pretense of a game, Madeira learns more about Chiona while feeding her choice facts about herself, and attempts to make use of her seduction lessons.
All I Want | Madeira tells the Dusk patriarch, Chiona's father, that she is in love with his daughter
Lavender Blue, Rosemary Green | During a lesson Madeira seizes an opportunity to hypnotize Chiona, using the unique circumstances to press the emotional response of love into her.
Strings | Enacting a carefully constructed plan using deceit, magic, drugs and a cursed fetish, Madeira successfully breaks up Chiona and her lover Lheili in a way that will never recover
Written in the Cards| Madeira convinces the fortune teller Dev'ania to fake the reading of Chiona's future, to paint herself as Chiona's destined love.
Anything for You | Madeira rescues Chiona from a dangerous situation she secretly created. She uses the opportunity to open trust and the beginnings of intimacy between them.
Love Me | Madeira confesses to Chiona during the Hearts Festival. Chiona does not yet return her feelings but agrees to dating her
Summer Wine | Madeira receives a worrying letter from her family. Her and Chiona have their first date.
Just Pretending | Madeira teaches Chiona how to act. Their relationship takes an interesting turn.
Problem Child | Madeira tells her family about the match, and they hit her with an ultimatum
I think we should get married | Madeira opens up a conversation about marriage with Chiona.
Your Blessing | Madeira asks for Aldgare's blessing to marry his daughter
Say it out loud | Chiona says yes!

Skill Threads

Under the pretense of trying to woo a woman she had fallen in love with, Madeira has hired Madame Belladonna, owner of the Red Lantern, to give her lessons in seduction. The Madame is an immensely talented, sharp tongued and self made woman who finds Madeira's primness cute and quaint. Their relationship has a dominatrix vibe that Madeira does not want or appreciate.

The Prostitutes Apprentice | Madeira hires Belladonna for the first time, and realizes quickly she's in over her head.
Cutting the Silence | Trying some of her learned techniques in the real world, Madeira attempts to pick up a pretty busker at a bar
A Lesson in Vulnerability | Belladonna shows Madeira how intimacy can be forced by opening oneself up to another person
Love Me Not | Madeira prepares for her confession while attending the Hearts Festival with Belladonna, Gwen and Autumn
Obstacles in the Way | Madeira and solidifies her intent to Marry Chiona with Belladonna
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Madeira's Plotnotes

Postby Madeira Dusk on December 3rd, 2016, 7:23 pm


In the Fall of 519 Madeira was approached by Sagallius and she was asked a question: do you enjoy games? She had attracted the gods attention by virtue of her talents in manipulation and her hunger for control, and he was intrigued enough to offer her a chance to play. To lose this game was to lose everything, but to win would mean amassing a divine power like she's never seen. She said yes, and was given the first mark of Cordas.

Cordas works differently than other gnosis. It is given in pairs with the two partners given orders to outmatch the other in some way. Madeira's partner in Rothsam the Curse Eater, an independent spiritist and fellow maledictor, their rivalry stretching back to the moment she stepped into Lhavit. Their goal is to destroy the other by reputation or sabotage to become the spiritist of Lhavit.


The Plan
Cordas threads completed: 2/10

Cordas Threads
The First Move | Rotsam hides a cursed fetish in her classroom, Madeira temporarily goes mad in front of a batch of new students
Haunted pt1, pt2, pt3| Madeira falls for an elaborate and seemingly useless plan of Rotsam's. She gets the feeling there's more going on than she understands.

Important Story Beats
Welcome Home | Madeira and co arrive in Lhavit. Rothsam attacks Emma.
Less Dead Than Before | Rothsam, through inaction and by withholding information, allows Madeira to be pushed off the skybridge. Madeira survives the fall by divine intervention and comes back to put the fear of god in Rothsam.
Dance For Me | A confrontation where Rothsam reveals he knows more than he should
Everything is Falling Apart According to Plan | Madeira find out her most dangerous ghost has been selling her secrets to Rothsam
This is your resurrection | Rothsam dusts Jomi, Madeira begs him for what's left.
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Madeira's Plotnotes

Postby Madeira Dusk on December 3rd, 2016, 7:23 pm

in development
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NaNo Tracker

Postby Madeira Dusk on December 3rd, 2016, 7:24 pm

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Madeira's Plotnotes

Postby Madeira Dusk on November 3rd, 2017, 5:20 am

Skill Accounting

# Acrobatics 1 Novice 1XP
# Acting 43 Competent1XP 1XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 5XP 2XP 1XP 2XP1XP 3XP4XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 1XP2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP
# Agility 3 Novice2XP 1XP
# Animal Husbandry 2 Novice 2XP
# Animation 4 Novice 4XP
# Architectrix 39 Competent 2XP 1XP 5XP 5XP 5XP 3XP 3XP 5XP 3XP 2XP 4XP 1XP
# Auristics 5 Novice 3XP 2XP
# Brawling 3 Novice 1XP 1XP1XP
# Butchery 1 Novice 1XP
# Candlemaking 1 Novice1XP
# Caretaking 10 Novice 2XP 3XP 2XP 3XP
# Carving 17 Novice 2XP 1XP 1XP1XP4XP 5XP 1XP 2XP
# Cleaning 1 Novice 1XP
# Climbing 1 Novice1XP
# Cooking 3 Novice1XP 2XP
# Cosmetology 8 Novice1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP
# Cryptography 1 Novice1XP
# Dancing 9 Novice1XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 3XP
# Deduction 5 Novice 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP
# Disguise 1 Novice1XP
# Drawing 9 Novice 1XP 2XP 2XP 2XP1XP 1XP
# Embalming 13 Novice1XP 1XP 1XP 4XP 4XP 1XP 1XP
# Endurance 48 Competent 2XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 3XP 2XP3XP 4XP1XP 1XP 1XP 3XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 3XP 2XP 1XP
# Gambling 7 Novice1XP4XP 2XP
# History 4 Novice 2XP 2XP
# Hypnotism 56 Competent 2XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 4XP 4XP 3XP1XP 3XP1XP 2XP 3XP 1XP 3XP 1XP 5XP2XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 3XP 2XP 1XP 1XP
# Intimidation 41 Competent1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 3XP 2XP 2XP 2XP1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 1XP
# Intelligence 5 Novice 3XP 1XP 1XP
# Interrogation 9 Novice1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP
# Investigation 78 Master 10SP 1XP 4XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 4XP 2XP 2XP 1XP3XP 2XP3XP 1XP 3XP 2XP 5XP 5XP 2XP1XP 2XP 3XP 3XP 4XP 1XP
# Land Navigation 4 Novice1XP 1XP 2XP
# Leadership 70 Expert1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 3XP 5XP1XP 1XP2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 4XP 3XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 3XP 3XP 4XP 2XP 1XP 4XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 5XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP
# Logic 51 Expert 3XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 3XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 1XP 2XP2XP2XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 3XP 3XP 1XP 2XP 3XP
# Malediction 25 Novice2XP 4XP 3XP 2XP3XP 5XP 1XP 1XP 3XP 1XP
# Medicine 3 Novice1XP 1XP 1XP
# Meditation 26 Competent 1XP 2XP 2XP1XP 1XP 2XP4XP 2XP1XP1XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP
# Negotiation 60 Competent1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 3XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 3XP 1XP3XP 2XP 1XP 3XP 2XP 1XP1XP 3XP2XP 5XP 1XP 2XP 1XP
# Observation 100 Max2XP 5XP 4XP 1XP 1XP4XP 2XP 2XP 5XP 3XP 3XP 2XP2XP4XP3XP 3XP 5XP 4XP 1XP 5XP 3XP 4XP 2XP 2XP 5XP 4XP 2XP 1XP 4XP 3XP5XP 3XP
# Persuasion 94 Master 5SP 2XP 5XP 4XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP2XP 3XP 3XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 3XP1XP 1XP 2XP1XP 4XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 4XP 4XP 1XP 1XP2XP2XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 4XP 2XP 4XP 4XP
# Philosophy 4 Novice 1XP 1XP 2XP
# Planning 33 Competent1XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 1XP2XP 2XP 3XP 2XP1XP 2XP 2XP 4XP 4XP 1XP 3XP
# Politics 20 Novice 4XP 1XP 1XP 1XP2XP 3XP1XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 3XP
# Psychology 1 Novice 1XP
# Rhetoric 92 Expert 1XP 3XP 2XP 3XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 3XP 2XP 1XP 3XP 3XP2XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 1XP1XP 1XP2XP2XP4XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 5XP 3XP2XP 4XP 4XP 2XP 2XP 5XP 4XP 1XP 5XP
# Riding: Okomo 1 Novice 1XP
# Running 13 Novice1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 3XP 2XP 1XP 2XP
# Seduction 11 Novice 1XP 3XP 5 2XP
# Sewing 2 Novice 2XP
# Singing 18 Novice 2XP 1XP 4XP 2XP 1XP 4XP 3XP 1XP
# Socialization 100 Max 2XP 5XP 1XP 4XP 5XP 2XP 2XP 4XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 5XP 4XP 3XP 1XP 3XP 5XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 4XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 4XP 3XP 1XP 3XP 5XP 2XP 1XP 4XP 4XP2XP 1XP 1XP
# Spiritism 99 Master 15SP+15RB 4XP 2XP 4XP 1XP 3XP 5XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 4XP 1XP 4XP 3XP 4XP 3XP 1XP 2XP 3XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP
# Stealth 9 Novice 2XP 2XP 3XP 1XP 1XP
# Storytelling 6 Novice 1XP 3XP 1XP 1XP
# Subterfuge 30 Competent1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 5XP 1XP 1XP1XP2XP1XP3XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP
# Tactics 9 Novice 1XP 1XP 4XP 1XP 2XP
# Teaching 45 Novice 1XP 3XP 3XP 1XP2XP 3XP 1XP 1XP5XP 5XP 5XP 2XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 3XP 2XP 4XP
# Tracking 1 Novice 1XP
# Unarmed Combat 5 Novice1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP
# Weapon: Cane Sword 2 Novice1XP 1XP
# Weapon: Crossbow 34 Competent 20SP 1XP 1XP 4XP 1XP 1XP2XP 2XP 1XP 1XP
# Weapon: Rapier 1 Novice1XP
# Wilderness Survival 7 Novice1XP 3XP 3XP
# Writing 4 Novice 1XP 1XP 2XP
# Wrestling 1 Novice1XP


The Inverted: Ionu's theatre troupe
"Foxface": An atrocious player
Aenisa: Red-headed foreigner
Lady Renee Kelling: A ghost
Medicine: Checking for breathing and pulse
Towers Idol Slanderer: Can speak
Towers Idol Slanderer: Hearing everyone's insecurities
Alvadas Location: The Underground
Acting: Hiding your shame
Tracking: Following a trail of footprints
Lore: Playhouse Etiquette
■Location: Ionu's Wager
Fabel: Famous Actor of the Crooked Playhouse, but Not a Boss
Socialisation: Offering Smalltalk
Craven: A Famous Name in Alvadas
Ssanya’s accent: Annoying
Ssanya: Maledictor
Ssanya: Offered to teach Madeira malediction
Ssanya: Wants bones
Allassanachassanya: Called herself Chassa and Ssanya
Catharine: A ghost
Lester: Lied to Madeira
Hurik: New to being a ghost
Hurik: Discrespects Ionu
Hurik: Died brutally
Hurik: Potential servant
Religion: Dira (SP)
Spiritualism: How To Make Soulmist (SP)
Lore: Symptoms of the Haunting at the Crooked Playhouse
Spiritism: Making Soulmist Internally
Spiritism: Properties of Own Soulmist
Spiritism: Imbuing Soulbeads with Soulmist
Spiritism: Reading Basic Memories
Malediction: considering the intention
Malediction: how to construct a malediction circle
Lore of the difference between ivory and bone
Malediction: the importance of the raw material
Investigation: the use of deduction and reasoning
Malediction: how the source material can change the meaning of a circle
Spiritism: Using Mantras to Regain Control
Spiritism: Creating Souldarts
‡ Ghosts: Frequently thought mindless
‡ Matilda: Proprietor of Matilda's Jewels
‡ Small haunted items are easier to deal with
◾ People: Micha Netven
◾Location: the Wolf's Cave
◾Ssanya: can make soulmist
◾Spiritism: reaping memories
◾Spiritism: overriding possession
◾Lore of recognizing the signs of a Dhani shift
◾Lore of Ssanya's Dhani form
◾Lore of how to scare a ghost
◾Ssanya: broke the curse
◾Intimidation: using threats and demands
Cultural Event: Festival of Illusions
Caretaking: nursing cuts
Intelligence: information of political value
Vacielli: secret mission
Lore of bravery
Ambrosia: finding her missing sister
Jomi and Hurik: not happy to be summoned
Politics: have people on your side
Jomi: can’t trust him
Spiritism: Jomi’s graceful possession
Intimidation: threatening Hurik
Acting: pretending to be Jomi
Acrobatics: leap of faith
Spiritism: using a possessing ghost’s skill
Uncle Frode: mad trickster
Leadership: giving orders
Allister: doesn't know how the Craven's work
Allister: hope for the future
Lore of Kelvic Mirroring
Cosmetology: making oneself presentable
Madara Craven: Madeira and Allister are beneath her notice
Everard and Einar: Untrustworthy
Minerva Vigliacco-Craven: useful ally
Acting: faking sincerity
Lore of trusting Allister
Caretaking: soothing Allister's temper
Politics: underhand dealings
Allister: prefers dramatic problem solving
Politics: gaining the upper hand
Negotiation: making a better offer
lore of table manners
Madison: the woman Allister loved
Lore of recognizing a Nuit
Anthere: a Nuit
People: Arisia
‡ Jomi: Angry male ghost
Frode Varlet-Craven: Insane and a hard bargainer
Meditation: Using mantras to concentrate
Frode’s mantra: Repress, refocus, reveal!
Spiritism: Using your body as a prison
Spiritism: How to manage several ghosts in one’s body
Spiritism: Recognising Yaxley Snowsong’s soul
Spiritism: Recognising Alexander Craven’s soul
Acting: faking enthusiasm
Investigation: following a lead
Location: Avela's cottage
Persuasion: being the voice of reason
The properties of Wraithmint
Negotiation: bribing with money
Avela: uncomfortable with magic
Persuasion: creative use of belittlement
Acting: pretending to be uninterested
Persuasion: using body language
Negotiation: Offering a better deal, but at what cost?
‡ Spiritism: Treating possession as a siege
‡ Ghosts: Dangerous when possessing dogs
‡ Intimidation: Threatening a valuable
■Location: Kitrean Krafts
■Vacielli Vizerian: master smith
■Vacielli Vizerian: owner of Kitrean Krafts
■People: Terag
■Lore of dijed to res
■Terag: reimancer
■Lore of Reimancy
■Lore of Magecraft
‡ Negotiation: Soulmist bribery
‡ Negotiation: Enticing a servant
Lore: Working Under Pressure
Ghosts Can Possess Creatures, Too
Ghosts: Not many committed suicide
Investigation: Examining a dead body
◾Jomi: more malevolent than Hurik
◾Hurik: back from the dead
◾Lore of recognizing Hurik's possession
◾Jomi: a murderer
◾Hurik: a murderer
◾Persuasion: an ultimatum
◾Hurik: Madeira's servant
Investigation: Searching through letters
Lester: Claims Catharine killed herself
Soulmist: A lure for ghosts
Spriritism: Giving a Lie
Spiritism: Using soulmist on arrows
Spiritism: Resisting possession
The Crooked Playhouse Ghost: Incredibly Strong
Spiritism: Sensing a ghost
Ghosts: Soulmist displays emotions
◾Game: who can think of the more gruesome curse?
◾Caretaking: keeping a child out of trouble
◾Grim: Nessela's student
◾Grim: surprisingly upbeat for a Eiyon
◾Lore of the story of Trishanku, the Akalak knight
◾Deduction: context clues
◾Leadership: taking charge

Spiritism: Ingredients for soulmist also work when cooked
-Paris Craven: Easily-embarrassed, stuttering cousin
-Paris Craven: Master tailor
-Having a cloak made from a Kelvic pelt
-Rhetoric: Attempting to lie to avoid questions
-Sewing: Measurements can't be vague
-Measure twice (or six times), cut once
-Paris' stutter disappears when he's in his element
Lore of graceful possession
-Tailoring: Drilling a hole in a claw for a fastener
-Tailoring: Be careful with soft, brittle materials
-Spiritism: High quality mist can be permanently imbued into objects
-Raj: A ghost-warding, tiger-fur cloak ready for malediction
Possession: Using music to overcome it
Malediction Circles: A way to pass the time
Drawing: Malediction Circles
Location: the Tattered Thread
Penny: fashionable woman
Penny: boundless charisma
Negotiation: incentive for service
Penny Noor: a friend
Subterfuge: a convincing lie
Negotiation: compensation for making a scene
Ssanya's Malediction circle: Snake, Scythe, Loyalty, Eternity
Faith and truth: Often at each others throats.
Persuading someone not to become a ghost
Rhetoric: Asking leading questions
Rhetoric: Using examples to help one's argument
Helping someone die with dignity
Renee: Frode Varlet-Craven's servant
Possession: Different ghosts feel different
Possession: Falling unconscious after fighting back
Possession: Using feelings to overcome it
Possession: Knowing why it's your body
Spiritism: Preparing for a possession
Negotiation: a gift in return for a game
Lore of stacking hypnotism and spiritism
Hypnotism: using true emotions
Emma: scared of Everard
Persuasion: wheedling
Spiritism: bolstering the Lie with hypnotism
Maro: A spiritist
Djamila: The Eypharian tailor's ghost
Dex: missing for half a year
Lore of possesion afer effects
Persuasuion: gentle insistance
Investigation: using deduction
■Location: Craven basement
■Persuasion: weedling answers
■Lore of the theory of Shielding
Maro: An Eiyon
Eiyon: Can view a death
Maro: A Kelvic jackal
Spiritism: Smearing teeth with soulmist
Allister: Smells of blood and leather
Allister: Feels like home
Allister: Often injured in some way
Allister: Careless with his body in many ways
Allister: Reacts to Madeira on many levels
Allister: A true performer
Allister: Worships his bondmate with respect
Allister: A willing distraction
Emma: A first, graceful possession
Endurance: Getting a tattoo
Intimidation: A way to speak
Leadership: Lecturing
Logic: Using immediate and past experiences to make connections
Madeira: Maddened by normalities
Madeira: Hates Riverfall
Madeira: Healthier away from Alvadas
Madeira: Comforted by the presence of another who doesn’t belong
Madeira: Wanted a tattoo to remind her that Home was never far
Madeira: Can absorb Emma in a blink without issue
Madeira: Proper enough to be embarrassed by exposing herself in public
Madeira: Wants her tattoo to reflect Allister’s strange humor
Madeira: Took a pill to numb the pain of a tattoo
Madeira: Takes charge
Madeira: Master of social interchanges
Rhetoric: Describing a hyena to someone who had never seen one
Rhetoric: Directing a conversation to fill a space of time with useful information
Riverfall: Perfect in Spring
Spiritism: The slow, patient work to bend a ghost to her will
Storytelling: The story of kelvic bonding
Taurina: Diamond clan, Stormblood pavilion
Taurina: Has a very unique tattoo called a Windmark
Taurina: Skilled artist
Taurina: Has a bondmade
Taurina: Misses her home
Teaching: Indifference as a lesson

Jackals: Have 42 teeth
Maro's bell calms spirits
Djamila's death
Lore of spotting a foreigner in Alvadas
Roland: dislikes strangers
Spiritism: trapping a possessing ghost
People: Daniel the sailor
Hypnotism: using presence
Intimidation: using hypnotism
Lore of repairing friendships
Subterfuge: concealment
Roland: from Sunberth
Lore of Kelvic markers
People: Phira
Lore of prayer to Dira
Spiritism: useless against anything corporeal
Phira: a leopard
Phira: world traveler
Lore of prayer to Ionu
Persuasion: the use of flattery
Asterope and Roland: an unusual couple
Roland: an acrobat
Asterope: needs her help
Asterope: embroiled in a muder?!
Intimidation: demanding cooperation
Eth: sensitive creatures
Lore of the effects of dehydration
Emma: “Raj sleeps too”
Emma: won’t acknowledge Raj is dead
Cooking: making Emma’s “special soulmist”
Lore of taking over Einar’s responsibilities
40th of Winter: Raj’s birthday
Lore of signs of an upset ghost
People: Vesta the ghost
Spiritism: removing a ghost from a scene
Acting: pretending to forget
People: Avela Sallis
Land Navigation: how to read a map
Location: burnt clearing in the Unforgiven
Leadership: prioritizing obedience over prowess
Persuasion: reassurance
Negotiation: bartering with Emma
Interrogation: pressing for answers
Cryptography: looking for anagrams
Hypnotism: fostering underhanded trust
Persuasion: convincing others to take a risk
Lore of knights with no chivalry!
Location: cursed cave of the Unforgiven
Politics: being seen at the right places
Penny: fears water
Monster: Yukmen
Crossbow: rearming on the fly
Negotiation: offering alternatives
Lore of murder in the Garden of No Return
Leadership: giving orders
Alvadas: has it's own motives
Lore of teaching to use a crossbow
Intimidation: silent threats
Ionu: a prayer for safe travel
Roland: a mage
◾Ssanya: refreshingly rude
Ssanya: Malediction teacher
Malediction: human remains are difficult to handle
Malediction: making your intentions clear
Malediction: giving a circle meaning
Malediction: activate using dijed
Malediction: carving a circle
Lore of learning through observation
Malediction: testing a Fetish
People: "Dandilion
Lore of Voiding
Lore of the basics of Flux
Wilderness Survival: Building a fire
Captain Barsala: Captain of the Golden Hand
Madeira: Used as the Craven lackey
Riverfall to Alvadas: Less than a season of travel
Raj: The tiger skin
Lore of overgiving
Local Legend: Verlyna the Hypnotist
Location: Emerald Pond
Emma: The ghost haunting the Golden Hand
Raj: A skinned Kelvic
Raj: Emma's bondmate
Skinning a Kelvic for its pelt
Maro: Good and kind and empathic
Alvadas Location: The Crooked Playhouse
The Crooked Playhouse: Backstage
Magic: A taboo in Alvadas
Malediction: A good soul gives a positive talisman
Using a bracer crossbow
‡ Negotiation: Overdoing it can backfire
‡ Cabochon: An oddly shaped Pycon
People: Blossom the wine clerk
Blossom: shameless gossip
Rumour: Godric Craven is seen with a married woman
Dhani hate the cold!
Ssanya: unearthy beauty
Ssanya: first kiss
Ssanys: love confession
Ssanys's Promise: "I'm yours"
‡ Pycons: Clay Eaters
◾Riverfall Festival: Sweetday
◾Endurance: suffering through discomfort
◾Sweetday: Emma's favorite holiday
◾Leadership: herding a group
◾Interrogation: demanding answers
◾Allister: capable of leadership
◾Leadership: issuing commands
◾Tactics: organizing defense in a crisis

‡ Giving a Pycon a crisis
‡ Negotiation: Losing tactics
Socialization: pleasantries
People: Abagail the maid
People: master painter Bottiroli
Spiritism: signs of a possession
Investigation: using leading question
People: Daniel the young sailor
Daniel: has a crush on Madeira
Socialization: the use of flattery
Acting: faking sadness
Embalming: preserving hair
Malediction: considering intent
Malediction: carving circles into bone
Malediction: activating a fetish
Investigation: finding clues
Leadership: delegation
Persuasion: appealing to vanity
‡ Alvadas: Eye searing fashion
◾Allister - Being useful brings him joy
◾Allister - Member of the Cult of Madeira
◾Allister & Madeira - Two are stronger then one.
◾Kelvic - The strength of bonds
‡ Rhetoric: Reassuring a Pycon
‡ Cabochon: A native alvad
‡ Cabochon: Currently unemployed
Singing: ‘Little Bunny Floo’
Lore: Singing on Stage is an Odd Experience
Rings: Sign of loyalty after Cheva mark
What a dead body looks like
Flirting: Smiling and batting one's lashes
Location: Craven Manor basement
People: Godric Craven
Spiritism: the process of dusting
Godric Craven: a strange expression?
■Coren Snowsong: Vantha ghost child
■Spiritism: Pain of a ghost-touched soul
■Observation: Detecting individual sounds
■Alvadas: The neglected ghost town
■Useless/Allister: Striped hair, tattoos, and metal teeth
■Useless/Allister: A terrified, unhealthy individual
■Acrobatics: Extending hands for balance
■Slavery in Alvadas: Not common, but still likely
Craven Family: a measure of worth
Meditation: counting to focus the mind
Minerva Craven: powerful head of house
Lore of the shame of cat exorcism
Acting: faking affability
Persuasion: using force
Leadership: delegation
Peter: the cat in blue pyjamas
Everard: most hated cousin
Jomi: cares about Madeira
Madeira: worthless in Everard’s eyes
Lore of humiliation
■The thrill and amazement of power
■Crossbow: Swift draw
■Madeira & Allister: A new bond & the telling of a secret
■Useless/Allister: Kelvic and full of emotion
■Observation: Noticing the small things
■Useless’ arrival in Alvadas
■Useless: A cruel name to replace Allister
■Allister: Has a certain kind of magic
Impawsable Pets: Alvadas pet store
■ Impawsable Pets: Sell birds, spiders, goats, geese, chickens, dogs and cats
■ Venric "Vinny" Jayovali: Impawsable Pets clerk
■ Vinny: Thinks she looks like Stara Alophenne
■ Stara Alophenne: Performed in The Ascending Of Ivak
■ Spooks: Madeira's new cat
◾Sea Shanty: Lowlands Low
◾Lore of the monotony of life on a ship
◾Spiritism: Jomi's unwieldy possession
◾Spiritism: keeping motor functions away from a possessing ghost
◾Rhetoric: challenging an insult
◾Lore of the relative ease of dancing with a ghost
◾Spiritism: reading a ghost's body language
◾Jomi: easily manipulated
◾Lore of soothing an agitated ghost
◾Allister: recognizing his presence

Severus the Serpent: Possessed by a Vantha
Madara's Presence: A Big Deal
Tactics: Baiting a ghost out of a body
Spiritism: Using a Vantha lie
Home: Where the deity is
Finding gods through Ukalas and rebirth
Madeira: Surrounded by bees
■ Ambrosia: Barmaid at the Stallion’s Rear
Spiritism: possession fatigue
Location: The Unnayme
Drug: Overture
Drug: Sirencestine
People: Khayal
■ Velindor: A Symenestra
■ Stallion’s Rear: Illusion of constellations in the wine
■ Stallion’s Rear: Exiting to enter again
■ Azuridae: An Ethaefal
■ Ambrosia: Know about Spiritism
■ Velindor: Knows little about Ionu
■ Emma: Useful help
Roger: House is warded from ghosts
■ Roger: Sneaking around despite warnings
■ Olivia: The ghostly wife of Roger
■ Spiritism: Using soul darts
■ Penny: An unlucky bystander
■ Penny: An artist who sketches plants
■ Land Navigation: Using plants to find the way through the Garden of No Return
■ Foraging: Peaches from the Garden of No Return are tasty
■ Observation: The smell of civilisation
◾Allister: the seed of hope
◾Allister: making Madeira a more complete person
◾Lore of possessiveness
◾Lore of the haunting of the Crooked Playhouse
◾Endurance: fending off exhaustion
◾Leadership: demanding cooperation
◾Asterope: herbalist from the Ionu's Mercy
◾Subterfuge: using flattery to open people up
◾Persuasion: pleading with body language
Ambrosia: regular of Unnayme
Subterfuge: half truths
Lore of Ambrosia’s missing sister
Drug: Blinders
Persuasion: plaintive pleading
Ambrosia: once a daring child
Eli: regular at the Stallion’s Rear
Subterfuge: gaining entry
Acting: using flattering language
Politics: sabotage
Acting: using body language
People: Tessa Alar
Ambrosia Alar: manipulative
Lore of carving with inferior tools
Carving: slipping against the grain
Lore of preserving Emma’s delusion
Hypnotism: emotional suggestion
Hypnotism: combing hypnotism and singing
Caretaking: soothing
Lore of overgiving
Lore of the mysterious old man
The Old Man: loves his daughter
Lore of the Old Man’s betrayal
Lydia: sadistic ghosts
Medicine: recognizing head wounds
Endurance: suffering through a choke holdIcewatch bears: Morwen's children
◾Riverfall: enjoys nature too much
◾Investigation: questioning witnesses
◾Lore of the kindness of Priskl followers
◾Lore of a traditional Priskl blessing
◾Emma: too delicate for an exorcism
◾Jomi: too unruly for an exorsism
◾Hurik: braver than Emma, more loyal than Jomi
◾Subterfuge: manipulating regret
◾Negotiation: offering soulmist for service
◾Persuasion: the strategic use of honesty
◾Intimidation: useless threats
◾Lore of a self pep-talk
◾Meditation: finding calm through breathing

Spiritism: Using ghost beads
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