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Madeira Craven

Postby Madeira Dusk on October 29th, 2016, 8:04 pm


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Spring 14, 498 AV
Age: 22
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 104lb

Profession: Spiritism Professor
Birthplace: Alvadas
Location: Lhavit
Housing: Infinity Manor

Eiyon, marked
Cordas, marked

Fluent: Common
Madeira Craven

Physical Appearance:
Madeira has pale blue eyes behind black cat-eyed glasses she doesn't need, and frigidly pale skin behind outlandish clothes she can barely afford. The dichotomy of an Avalad and a Eiyon is on full display in the Spiritist as she somehow marries the bight ostentatiousness of the former and the grim determination of the latter. Dressed rather bizarrely in full-skirted dresses and dripping in jewelry, she still somehow cuts a dignified figure. Trained from birth, her posture is painfully straight, her speaking voice pleasant and carrying and her etiquette proper. She has mastered the art of conversation and is confident in any social situation, always ready with a observant eye and a practiced smile. In everything she endeavours to exude the kind unshakable control she is striving for.

Yet beneath the diamonds and fancy clothes Madeira is less than perfect, no matter how much she pretends otherwise. Under long sleeves her arms are completely thatched with self inflicted scars from extracting the blood needed for her various magics. A significant portion of her otherwise pure, snowy skin is scrawled with colourful tattoos depicting animals and bones. And while motherhood has finally given her the more womanly shape puberty failed to, she is still small and unmistakably frail. Stripped bare of pretensions and finery she would be an underwhelming little woman barely out of girlhood.

Her hands in particular are ugly, ruined things she keeps well hidden. The right is missing all five fingernails and has the ropy, candlewax like texture of a severe burn scar. Buried in the center of the molted red and white of her palm is the black scythe of an Eiyon gnosis. The left has a three centimeter glossy white puncture scar straight through her palm to the back of her hand that leaves her unable to bend three fingers. On odd days of the season the entire inside of the same hand is transformed into a black stone-like mark that those with auristics would recognize as magical in origin. As such she is rarely if ever seen without her long silvery gloves to keep them out of sight. On top of which her fingers are always spiked with half a dozen strange rings, all of which have secret magical properties.

Markings :
Eiyon Gnosis Dira's black scythe is branded beneath the scar tissue on the palm of her right hand.
Cordas Gnosis Sagallius' brand is different between all the marked. Madeira's manifests as a blue penrose triangle on the bed of her tongue.
Back Tattoo The entirely of her back is dominated by an abstract, black and white representation of a laughing hyena
Chest Tattoo The flat plane of her upper chest is tattooed with a colourful depiction of a tiger skull. The lapis ink used in its creation makes it glow dimly in the dark.
Left Leg Tattoo The upper thigh of her left leg is wrapped with a tattoo of a black and gold snake with long fangs and a red forked tongue.
Shoulder Tattoo Her right shoulder is tattooed with the skull of a badger with flowering purple rosemary growing through the eyes. The lapis ink used in its creation makes it glow dimly in the dark.
Left Hip Tattoo Over the curve of her hip is a running white fox with a silver crown
Right Hip Tattoo A pair of curling pastel Okomo horns are splayed across her right hip
Right Leg Tattoo Across most of her thigh is a representation of a sandcastle with turrets topped with red leaves for flags.
Right Hand Scar The entirety of her right hand from fingers to a few centimetres past her wrist sports a severe chemical burn that has left the flesh molted and discoloured.
Left Hand Scar A puckered white puncture scar cuts through from the palm to the back of her hand. Every finger but her thumb and pointer are immovable.
Arm Scars Short, thin scars run from elbow to wrist from years of malediction and soulmist production.


498 - 517 :
Madeira is affable but not charismatic, talented but not gifted, and she is loyal to her family, but she does not love them. To the outside world she is nothing but a dutiful young woman who does as she is told. Her manner towards others is courteous and social, her demeanour somewhat tense. Her family has deemed her acceptable, and to them she is just another cog in the machine that keeps their matriarch afloat.

But there are things that can wake the long dormant spark in her eye. Things that can sharpen her courteous tongue and rile her into action. Unfortunately, there are very few people in the world who share her fascination with death and magic. But anyone who wakes her interest can see a different side to the woman, one that has a fearsome appetite for knowledge, and the bravery to pursue it.

518 - Present

Outwardly Madeira is a charismatic and somewhat eccentric socialite of good breeding. She genuinely enjoys people and will go out of her way to make friends from all walks of life. She is intensely dedicated to her calling as a Spiritist, which fuels her curiosity, and is extremely loyal to her identity as a Craven, which fuels her goals. Her somewhat creepy area of study consisting of death, undeath and bodily remains can turn some heads, but it's nothing that can't be chalked up to the particularities of wizards. Her upbringing in Alvadas has left her with a love of the illogical and theatrical, as well as a stunted sense of spacial awareness.

It's only as you look deeper that the cracks in her personality start to show. A deeply rooted inferiority complex has ruled her life since she was small, steering her to crave power and control above all things. Her biggest fear is being disposable, and this has awakened a manipulative streak a mile wide as she maneuvers herself to be in an advantageous position over every person and in every situation. Being physically weak and generally defenceless she relies heavily on the strengths and abilities of others, and will go to great lengths to keep her web of friends and allies close and happy- as long as they are useful.


Madeira was born to the prestigious line of Craven through her father, Phillip Craven’s, blood.Unfortunately, his blood was weak, and his hold on the Craven name tenuous. He was twice removed from the main branch of the family, and the responsibilities of head of the house rested with his skilled and intimidating cousin, Madara. And though a trained Spiritist himself, Phillip's lacklustre skill did little to earn him the respect of the family.

With the birth of his daughter, however, the ambitious man saw an opportunity for the girl that he felt was denied him. He named his only child Madeira, as an ode to her namesake Madara, in some wild and pathetic hope that it would endear her to the girl. From birth Madeira was raised in a way Phillip thought ever good Craven should; he bleated notions of family and loyalty to his child before she even understood the words, and she was given the tools to raise her as a Spiritist along with rigorous schooling from a father that expected nothing less than perfection.

When the Madeira was fourteen, Phillip finally made the push to have the girl boarded in the Craven Manor and continue her studies under the tutelage of the main branch. Weeks later, Madeira was given a formal summons to supper with the head of house. It read like a courtesy, but both father and daughter knew it was a test. And so, armoured in silk and pearls, the girl supped with Madara, Minerva, and Leto Craven. Afterwards the child came home shaken and hard-eyed, though not a hair was displaced from it’s pearl net. To this day she’s never shared what happened at that dinner, much to her fathers ire.

Never the less, Madeira was deemed acceptable and invited to live and study in the Craven Manor. Phillip was fiercely proud, watching all his time, money and hard work finally pay off as he shipped his only child away. But as the two of them stood on the steps of the great house, suitcase in hand, Phillip suddenly began to worry. What if Madeira didn't measure up? What if this creature he crafted in his own, idealized image, somehow fell apart when he wasn’t there to watch her? Would she shame him in that way?

His last words to her, whispered in her ear as he kissed her tenderly on the cheek was: “Do not fail me.”

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Madeira Craven

Postby Madeira Dusk on June 10th, 2017, 5:30 am


ImageParty Dress This amazing magical garment morphs itself into a new version each time the dress is worn. It alters its own cut, colour, and decorative aspects to accommodate Madeira's changing style, shape and taste as well as providing a matching pair of shoes.
Image Yellow Silk Dress A textured dress with puffy sleeves and a long skirt
Image Blue Velvet Dress A blue dress with long sleeves, a thin plunging neckline and dark beaded designs around the edges.
Image Elegant Black Dress A long, high collar black velvet dress with a daringly open back. The whole thing is embroidered with stars in silver thread that sparkles demurely in the light.
Image Blue Cotton Dress A light, airy dress of thin cotton that reaches the floor.
Image White Lace Dress A pure and demure confection of lace, often belted.
ImageGreen linen dress A simple ankle length dress with a tight bodice and high collar
Image Fur Cloak A long warm cloak lined in white lynx fur
ImageFeather Cloak A magic garment purchased during the Alvadas Illusion Festival. It appears to be a cloak made of golden feathers, though in certain lights every colour of the rainbow can been seen. When in movement the garment floats beautifully as if lighter than air.
ImageMouse Cloak A very simple black cloak of luxurious mohair wool with a deep hood. It is imbued with a mysterious magic that prompts it to change in color and pattern to match the environment upon the verbal command "hide". * As of Fall 518 a brooch made of a mouse skull with alexanderite eyes has replaced the clasp.The maledicted fetish makes one intrinsically aware of all escape routs in a given space. It can not be deactivated and prolonged use can lead to paranoia.
Image Nightdress A long pink silk nightdress
Image Corset Tightly laced bone undergarment
ImageBlue linen dress Destroyed Fall 516. Has since been cut into scraps
ImageLeather slippers soft soled and simple.
Starting Package
ImageSimple undergarments
ImageCloak Red wool cloak with hood
Image White linen blouse and brown trousers
ImageHigh leather boots
Image Gold Choker A delicate, tightly fitted gold collar with four large teardrops of green diamond
Image Diamond Pendant A rope of diamonds with an single enormous blue emerald
Image Diamond Necklace A rope of faceted diamonds
Image Cameo Choker A choker made of black velvet that once belonged to Edith, Jomi's bondmate. It is currently their only clue in finding her.
Image Alexanderite Pendent A delicate gold chain holds a huge faceted gem that changes from purple to green in certain light.
Image Silver Comb An ornate hair ornament set with a faceted blue emerald
Image Gold Headband A gold headband lined with velvet and thickly studded with fire agate.
Image Spiritist Bracelets Two bracelets made from lengths of spiritist beads carved from jet, interspersed by silver cast in the shape of skulls. A precious gift from Allister.
Image Silver Belt A decorative silver belt inlaid with many slices of blue akalite.
Image Gold Earrings Gold earrings fashioned to look like flames, each holding a drop of fire agate.
Image Black Diamond Mask A masquerade mask made of faceted black diamonds
Image Invocation Ring Silver, 20kt black agate. Hollow ring used to store soulmist to invoke Jomi
Image Invocation Ring Silver, pink diamond. Hollow ring used to store soulmist to invoke Emma Chamelle.
ImageIntimidation Ring A maledicted bone ring with a bizarre catch. The ring bestows a threatening aura, but only while the one wearing it is possessed. Madeira wears it for Jomi's sake. +10 Intimidation
ImageAffiliation Ring This ring allows the wearer to learn, through a series of images that flash in the wearers mind, of another person’s affiliation to various organizations (gangs, businesses, religion, and families of importance) if they touch the target while wearing the ring.
ImageRiot Ring Made of the maledicted tooth of an unknown charismatic rebel leader, this ring, once per season, can be used to immediately disperse a mob no matter what their number or attitude is. Conversely, this ring can be used to immediately attract a mob which in no way shape or form is able to be controlled by the user. It can be only used once per season for disperse and once per season to attract.
Image Tanora's Ring of SafetyA simple golden ring with an hourglass carved into it. When the wearer find themselves in a life-threatening situation, the ring will automatically activate; everything and everyone within a 20-foot radius from the wearer will freeze in time for exactly a single minute, potentially buying the wearer enough time to get out of the situation. Onlookers will not notice anything strange. The ring only has a single charge per season.
Image Cursed Ring This fetish is a severely flawed attempt at Malediction. Made of the rib of a bitch in heat, what was meant to inspire loyalty instead curses the wearer with insatiable lust. As of Fall of 519 a master jeweller has gilded the ring with gold leaf. Lost Winter 519
4oz Toothpowder
Toothbrush (Bone)
4oz Lemon scented skin cream

Starting Package
Comb (Bone)
Brush (Bone)
Image Bird Acquired here. A seemingly normal pigeon with an uninspired name, except that it is a shocking shade of cerulean blue. If released it will fly straight towards the largest group of the Inverted, wherever they may be located. Bird is a quiet, inquisitive, and unnervingly clever creature who enjoys treats and strokes. Madeira keeps it in a gilded birdcage in her home.
ImageRaj Acquired here. The mounted taxidermy head of a Kelvic tiger. The head is haunted by Emma Chamelle, the ghost of it's young deceased bondmate. Emma insists that Raj speaks to her, and is very protective of him. Madeira keeps him in her home.
Image Rosie Acquired here. A pretty red hen with a sweet disposition, normal in every way, besides her habit of laying an egg-sized rare gemstone a couple times a season. Though she truly belongs to Jomi, who himself has a bizarre attachment to the creature, Madeira looks after the chicken on the ghost's behalf. (rare gems are from listed lore and determined by random dice roll) Current Possession: 3 fire agate, 2 obsidian snowflake, 3 black diamond, 7 diamond, 1 green diamond, 2 akalite, 4 alexandrite, 4 landscape agate, 2 blue emerald, 1 blue diamond, 2 pink diamond
Image Big Red and the girls An old rooster and his five hens. They're kept in a hutch on the property of the Infinity manor, where they roam as they please. The house protects them from hawks and foxes, so the chickens have become bold and lack the skittish quality of their brethren.
Magic Items
Ghostnails A set of ten long and heavy ghostnails, nine made of iron and one of jet. The tools were custom crafted by an reimancer Isur and imbued by Madeira. When set in an unbroken circle they are impassable by all ethereal undead.
Gloves of the Spider Maiden These silvery silk gloves are patterned after a spider’s web. When worn, they appear to glisten like a spider’s web after a soft drizzle of rain. When the wearer brushes their face with their fingers while speaking to someone, that person will experience a hypnotic suggestion of “Trust me.” This effect works as if it were cast by a Competent Hypnotist with 40 skill points. It only enacts that particular suggestion and only works against a single target who is engaged in conversation with the wearer; once per encounter. The gloves possess the relatively minor secondary ability of allowing the never have to worry about being touched by spiderwebs as long as they are worn. It is as if the wearer is surrounded by an invisible aura that simply pushes the webs away from them. Click the link for item history and much more detail!
Starfire Key A gift from Leth. The surface of this small, silver key is crackled with lines of starfire, and in the bow is a tiny pearl shaped like a human skull. From sundown to sunrise the key’s power can be activated. Holding the key and turning it in an imaginary lock opens a silver doorway in the fabric of reality. It leads to a small, profoundly ancient looking cemetery that Madeira finds deeply soothing. While the cemetery itself is roughly 30-foot by 40-foot in size, only a small portion of it is accessible due to an invisible boundary that prevents travel beyond a 10-foot by 10-foot space. Thee link gives a profoundly more detailed description!
Djed Stone A gift from Aldgare Dusk. The smooth black stone is the size of an orange and contains an ancient magic that grants a significant boost to Madeira’s ability in Auristics, and delays the effects of overgiving. When the stone is held it melds into the palm, and the texture of the stone spreads over the entire inside of her hand. The stones can be used for up to one continuous day before they revert to their original form and requires a full day to recharge. She wears it on odd days of the season, typically under her lace gloves. The wielder receives a +25 bonus to Auristics.
The Spy's Sphere This amber tinted crystalline sphere will allow someone who is holding it to look into its depths and view for five chimes a target no matter what the distance is so long as the owner knows the target by having met them in person before. They will see the target as if viewing the scene like they are a bystander to the target and their activity. This item can be used once per day simply by thinking of the person in question and looking through the sphere. The person in question must be on Mizahar in the actual mortal plane.
Serpent’s Lenses A pair of simple, black spectacles with clear lenses. When worn, these spectacles strangely enhance how others perceive the wearer. The wearers voice sounds more seductive, their face is seen as more appealing and their movements seem more alluring. While worn, the spectacles grant a bonus of 10 to seduction
Remains of the Desolate One In a tiny metal chest, guarded by the most indestructible lock and key money can buy, is a handful of fine powdered dust that all that remains of one of Uldr's priests. The creature is still very much alive and can be revived by anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of spiritism. Unable to trust the authorities to keep it, Madeira now has one of the most dangerous monsters known to man under the watchful eyes of her Architectrix house, knowing full well that Uldr might one day come looking for his missing priest.
Charm Bracelet of Spirit Confinement A glimmering, sparkling charm bracelet with a sinister purpose. There is a single gemstone charm on the bracelet, and to simply touch a living sentient creature with the bracelet has a chance of briefly capturing the spirit of the creature in the charm. Ghosts, on the other hand, can be captured and stored indefinitely by a touch. The still-living creature, if captured, will go immobile and their bodies become catatonic. All creatures will remember the confinement clearly after release and will completely and utterly be aware of the experience while they were held. Must roll 75 or higher on 1d100 for living capture, plus a resolve roll. 1d20 for bells captured.
Glowing Ink A small jar of ink that is seemingly infinite in supply; in the jar, the ink appears to be normal black ink with a faint sparkle to it. When used to write with, the ink will generate a soft glow. Anything written with this ink is perfectly visible in pitch blackness, slightly difficult to see in low light, and seemingly invisible in bright light.
Marking Pebbles A small jar filled with 20 smooth, seemingly normal pebbles. However, upon picking the jar up, the owner will realize that the pebbles actually each emit a blue-green glow. It is faint but visible during the day, and vibrantly visible at night or in the dark. What is particularly notable about these pebbles is that only the person who owns the jar can see the glow; to everyone else, they simply resemble normal pebbles.
ImageDead Hand Crossbow A small ebony crossbow mounted on a black leather bracer embroidered with silver thread and imbedded with a strange magic. The weapon morphs the arm it's mounted on from fingertips to shoulder into a blackened skeletal one surrounded by a sickly green fire whenever the weapon is wielded. Hand returns to normal when weapon is not in use.
Image Sword Cane Kickass hidden blade
ImageLight Crossbow A standard small punchy crossbow of polished wood

Book: Architectrix- a Compendium of Knowledge*
Black Marble *
Wooden Duck Toy *
Preserved Snake Skin *
Winger, 2 dose
Funkus, 2 dose
Love Dust, 1 dose*
Azura, 3 dose
Overture, 3 dose
Blinder, 1 dose
Dew, 5 dose

Holy Flask
Ornate Birdcage
1lb of rye flour
1lb of cheese
12 chicken eggs
2 8oz glass jars
10 crossbow bolts
Blank book
10 ink sticks
black glazed clay bowl

Starting Package
Leather rucksack
Food for a week
Eating knife
Flint & Steel

Gifted to Madeira by her aunt Madara Craven when she first moved into the family Manor. Five feet of pebble sized jade beads are made into a closed circle, each bead containing a core of iron ore to add weight. Though not magical in itself, the beads can be imbued with soul mist to make a barrier inaccessible to ghosts. It's an invaluable tool for a spiritualist and Madeira's most treasured possession. Destroyed on the 63rd of Summer, 518. Madeira has kept the pieces.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting funds +100 GM 100 GM
Rye Flour, 1lb - 15sm 98gm, 5sm
Cheese, 1lb -2sm 98gm, 3sm
Chicken Eggs, 12 -1sm 98gm, 2sm
8oz Glass Jar, 2 -10sm 97gm, 2sm
Light Crossbow -35gm 62gm, 2sm
Crossbow Bolts, 10 -1gm 61gm, 2sm
Leather Slippers -2sm 61gm
Linen Dress -8sm 60gm, 2sm
Toothpowder, 4oz -3sm 59gm, 9sm
Toothbrush -3gm 56gm, 9sm
Skin Cream, 4oz -2gm 54gm, 9sm
Book, Blank -3gm 51gm, 9sm
Ink Sticks, 10 -3gm 48gm, 9sm
Fall 516 wage +910gm 958gm, 9sm
Seasonal expenses, Fall 516 -135gm 823gm, 9sm
Winter 516 wage +920 1743gm, 9sm
Seasonal expenses, Winter 516 -135gm 1608gm, 9sm
Festival Cloak -30gm 1578gm, 9sm
Flowers -1cm 1578gm, 8sm, 9cm
Treat -1cm 1578gm, 8sm, 8cm
Treat -2cm 1578gm, 8sm, 6cm
Linen Dress -8sm 1578gm, 6cm
Spring 517 wage +910gm 2488gm, 6cm
Seasonal expenses, Spring 517 -135gm 2353gm, 6cm
Bird Cage -10gm 2343gm, 6cm
Bracer Crossbow -95gm 2248gm, 6cm
Clay Bowl -9sm 2247gm, 1sm, 6cm
Poison Ring (silver/20kt moonstone) -34gm 2213gm, 1sm, 6cm
Poison Ring (silver/20kt black agate) -15gm 2198gm, 1sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Summer 517 -135gm 2063gm, 1sm, 6cm
Sword Cane -35gm 2028gm, 1sm, 6cm
Cat -5sm 2027gm, 6sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Fall 517 -135gm 1892gm, 6sm, 6cm
Summer 517 Wage +1820gm 3712gm, 6sm, 6cm
Poison Ring (gold/20kt amber) -42gm 3670gm, 6sm, 6cm
Cashed in House +500gm 4170gm, 6sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Winter 517 -135gm 4035gm, 6sm, 6cm
Travel Costs (Madeira) -22gm, 5sm 4013gm, 1sm, 6cm
Travel Costs (Allister) -22gm, 5sm 3990gm, 1sm, 6cm
Windswept Condo, Riverfall -1000gm 2990gm, 1sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Spring 518 -135gm 2855gm, 1sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses (Allister), Spring 518 -135gm 2720gm, 1sm, 6cm
Fall 517 Wage +1820gm 4653gm, 1sm, 6cm
Winter 517 Wage +3680gm 8333gm, 1sm, 6cm
Sold Windswept Condo +1000gm 9333gm, 1sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Summer 518 -135gm 9198gm, 1sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Summer 518 (Allister) -135gm 9063gm, 1sm, 6cm
Travel Costs (sailing + cargo + 2person) -2720gm 6343gm, 1sm, 6cm
Rations, 136 days (Allister+Madeira) -136gm 6207gm, 1sm, 6cm
Spring 518 Wage +5460gm 11667gm, 1sm, 6cm
Weekend Challenge* +400gm 12067gm, 1sm, 6cm
Corset -3sm 12066gm, 8sm, 6cm
Nightdress (dyed, silk) -3gm 7sm 5cm 12063gm, 1sm, 1cm
Dress (Velvet, Embroidered, Dyed) -120gm 11943gm, 1sm, 1cm
Dress (Silk, Brocade) -100gm 11843gm, 1sm, 1cm
Cloak (fur lined, unusual) -10gm 11833gm, 1sm, 1cm
Gold Necklace + craftsmanship -70gm 11788gm, 1sm, 1cm
Silver Necklace + craftsmanship -25gm 11738gm, 1sm, 1cm
Dress (velvet, beaded, dyed) -160gm 11578gm, 1sm, 1cm
Sold Alexanderite x2 +3600gm 15178gm, 1sm, 1cm
Infinity Manor -14550gm 628gm, 1sm, 1cm
Holy Flask -25gm 603gm, 1sm, 1cm
Wool Cloak, Mohair -7gm 5sm 595gm, 6sm, 1cm
Weekend Challenge* +200gm 795gm, 6sm, 1cm
Weekend Challenge* +900gm 1659gm, 6sm, 1cm
Silver comb, faceted -40gm 1619gm, 6sm, 1cm
Silver necklace, faceted -60gm 1559gm, 6sm, 1cm
Gold necklace -40gm 1459gm, 6sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Fall 518 -135gm 1324gm, 6sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Fall 518 (Allister) -135gm 1189gm, 6sm, 1cm
Seasonal Wages, Fall 518 +1092gm 2281gm, 6sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Winter 518 -135gm 2146gm, 6sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Winter 518 (Allister) -135gm 2011gm, 6sm, 1cm
Hens x5 -1sm 2011gm, 5sm, 1cm
Cock -5cm 2011gm, 4sm, 5cm
Dress (cotton, dyed) -1gm 2010gm, 4sm, 5cm
Dress (dyed, lace) -4gm 2006gm, 4sm, 5cm
Broad silver belt -6sm 2005gm, 8sm, 5cm
Necklace (gold, faceted) -80gm 1925gm, 8sm, 5cm
Earrings (gold) -30gm 1895gm, 8sm, 5cm
Headband (gold) -40gm 1915gm, 8sm, 5cm
Weekend Challenge* -1000gm 915gm, 8sm, 5cm
Small Chest, high quality -1.5gm 914gm, 8sm, 5cm
Lock, amazing -150gm 764gm, 8sm, 5cm
Key, amazing -75gm 689gm, 8sm, 5cm
Seasonal Expenses, Spring 519 -135gm 554gm, 8sm, 5cm
Seasonal Expenses, Alister -135gm 419gm, 8sm, 5cm
Seasonal Wage, Winter 518 +1656 2075gm, 8sm, 5cm
Seasonal Expenses, Summer 519 -450gm 1625gm, 8sm, 5cm
Seasonal Expenses, Allister -135gm 1490gm, 8sm, 5cm
Seasonal Wage, Spring 519 +3276gm 4766gm, 8sm, 5cm
Wine -4cm 4766gm, 8sm, 1cm
Prostitute -10gm 4756gm, 8sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Amelie -135gm 4612, 8sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Moritz -135gm 4486, 8sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Fall 519 -450 4036, 8sm, 1cm
Seasonal Wage, Fall 519 +3,276 7312gm, 8sm, 1cm
Mask, faceted x2 -180gm 7132gm, 8sm, 1cm
Ring, gold -30gm 7102gm, 8sm, 1cm
Drugs -30gm 7072gm, 8sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Amelie -135gm 6937gm, 8sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Moritz -135gm 6802gm, 8sm, 1cm
Seasonal Expenses, Winter 519 -450gm 6352gm, 8sm, 1cm
Amelie's Winter Clothes* -67gm 6sm 5cm 6285gm, 1sm, 6cm
Azura, x3 -30gm 6322gm, 1sm, 6cm
Overture, x3 -1gm, 5sm 6321gm, 6cm
Blinder -8sm 6321gm, 2sm, 6cm
Dew, x5 -5gm 6316gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Spring 520 -450gm 5871gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Moritz -135gm 5736gm, 2sm, 6cm
Wage, Spring 520 + 3,276gm 9012gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Summer 520 -450gm 8,562gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Moritz -135gm 8,427gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Fall 520 -450gm 7,977gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Moritz -135gm 7,842gm, 2sm, 6cm
Maro, slave -5,000gm 2,842gm, 2sm, 6cm
Wage, Summer 520 +1638ki 4,480gm, 2sm, 6cm
Wage, Fall 520 +1638ki 6,118gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Winter 520 -450gm 5668gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Moritz -135gm 5533gm, 2sm, 6cm
Wage, Winter 520 +3,312gm 8845gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Spring 521 -450gm 8395gm, 2sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Moritz -135gm 8260gm, 2sm, 6cm
Bribe -3000gm 5260gm, 2sm, 6cm
Current Funds 5260gm, 2SM, 6CM

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Madeira Craven

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ImageName Status Description
Image Moritz Craven Son A strong willed Kelvic Okomo with a serious disposition and a logical mind. Like his father Moritz sees the world in black and white, and this has developed into a strong sense of right and wrong. Madeira loves him unconditionally but struggles to relate to what she sees as her wayward child.
Image JomiServant Interested in the power afforded by having an spectral servant, Madeira has used blackmail, bribery and threats to get the angry ghost on her side. But the dead Kelvic badger with temper issues and a snarky mouth may be a bit more than she can handle.
Shiress Unknown A healer at the Outpost. Shiress is a former slave with a gentle heart that hides a much deeper darkness. When they first met, through use of magic and provocation, Madeira forced Shiress to do something abhorrent for the sake of her own grand scheme.
Alice Weaver Ally A ghost with a wicked tongue that wants nothing more than to live again, Alice and Madeira have a strong if brittle relationship. The two have agreed to help each other reach their different goals, but neither quite trusts the other.
Asterope Friend Once thought to have been left behind in Alvadas, Madeira has since learned the awful truth of what has happened to Asterope in the years since she's seen her. Madeira desperately wants to reconnect with the once gentle Eth.

Hiatus Accounts :
ImageName Status Description
ImageAmbrosia Alar Friend A charismatic barmaid with depthless curiosity and iron optimism. Her easy charm and astounding ability to get along with Jomi, Madeira’s snarky ghost servant, has earned her a spot on Madeira’s short list of friends. Madeira left her behind in Alvadas in 518.
Image Autumn Rose Ally Once belonging to the Eiyon Maro, Autumn has been untethered and wandering since his death. The bad blood between her and Madeira was sparked almost the moment they met, when Madeira tried and failed to exorcise her. After a rocky start the ghost and spiritist have realized the advantages of working together, and the two hold a tentative alliance.
ImageDev'AniaFriend A sweet and gentle Konti with a talent for fortune telling. After being thrust into a bizarre investigation together and learning more about her Madeira is beginning to realize she's much more complicated than she lets on.
Image Ennisa Apprentice Known only as Miss Sky, Ennisa is a charismatic swindler and talented liar. As a mischievous freespirit with a bent moral compass and an insatiable need to push things a little too far, it was inevitable her and the authoritative, controlling Madeira would be an explosive mix.
Image Amelie Craven Daughter This Misty Fox Kelvic is a cunning trickster that embraces and was shaped by the chaos of her home life. She shares Madeira's great pride in the Craven name and shows signs of following in her mother's footsteps. Madeira loves her dearly.
Image Zach Grasswind Friend The complete antithesis of Madeira, the Drykras hunter is honest, benevolent and fiercely loyal. At first hired to gather her Malediction supplies, Madeira has made an effort to befriend him in order to benefit from his good nature.
Image Lani Stranger Childhood FriendRemembered as a bold and headstrong little girl, the mixed-blood Eypharian/Chaktawe remains Madeira's oldest friend. Now a traveling soul, the woman has grown up self-reliant, reckless, and determined in her quest for knowledge. Their relationship has rekindled in their adulthood, yet the Spiritist cannot seem to shake the childish awe she had always felt towards the older girl.
ImageAllister Bondmate Erratic, deranged, naive, broken and completely hers; Allister is everything Madeira never expected, and she loves him in a way she'd never thought herself capable. The Kelvic hyena is a creature of good intentions and poor judgment she is only just starting to understand.
ImagePluckettAcquaintance A pretty, well-traveled yet still somehow naïve busker with a bright personality. After meeting her in a bar Madeira has begun a hypnotism experiment on her, to see if she can condition the woman into desiring her with repeated exposure. Madeira is particularly fond of her music.
Image Gemma Parker Friend A young Konti with endless energy and a good heart. Madeira sees her as still half a child, though the girl is near her age and has proved herself a capable healer. She's an endearing little thing with a secret pain in her as she struggles to find her place in the world.
ImageSavis Maren Ally A Nuit with a voracious appetite for vanity and a cold, distant and prickly attitude. Yet Madeira found within her a wealth of ambition, magic and madness that neatly mirrors her own. She considers Savis a kindred spirit, and coupled with her fascinating undead condition and bizarre magics she makes for a valuable friend.
Image Allassanachassanya Lover Missing A Dhani with a deep, strong mind and a reverence towards death and forbidden magic. After a chance meeting over a murdered corpse, Madeira became fascinated with the small woman. The two have developed a close bond over the seasons and she has earned Madeira's trust and respect.
Image Avela Acquaintance The young Konti candlemaker is a gentle soul in way over her head. Madeira is torn between protective maternal instincts and a desire to eject her from her comfort zone.
Image Hurik Servant Madeira was the first person to speak to Hurik in the ghost's new un-life. She has an affection towards the man that rides on her sense of responsibility towards him and a strange sense of ownership. He is unpredictable and snarky and a bit of a lout, and has an unfailing ability to leave Madeira wrong-footed.
Maro Ally DeceasedAfter a rocky start, where a possessed Madeira tried to kill him, the two became unwitting allies in a haunting investigation. Madeira finds the Kelvic Eiyon to be frustrating and flawed in his motivations, yet she holds a grudging respect towards him. He is a good man with a good heart unlike she has ever seen before.
Image DexAlly Madeira's knight in shining armour, the Symenestra Mercenary was her last hope in exorcising a murderer from the Crooked Playhouse. The experience cost them dearly, and the two find themselves helping each other one last time to pick up the pieces. Madeira sees Dex as a brave, broken and complicated creature.
ImageCabochonAcquaintance The first Pycon Madeira has ever met. Though she doesn't know him well, she sees him as a polite, awkward overthinker with a good heart. She is interested in getting to know the clay man further.
Image Roland Eir Enemy A world traveller, a magic user and a liar, Roland slipped into Madeira's enmity from almost the moment they met. The feeling is mutual, as his hard-bitten and secretive personality clashes hard with Madeira's controlling nature. The two would be perfectly content if they never saw each other again, but the universe has different plans.
Image Penny Noor Acquaintance A bright, cheery girl with a charming sense of humour, passion for art and an eye for the details seems an odd choice of companionship for Madeira, but somehow it works. She is interested in knowing more about the woman.
Image Terag Ally The craftsman responsible for Madeira's unique set of ghostnails, the Isur has proved himself to be kind, principled and dedicated to his arts. His secret interest in Reimancy and Magecrafting is of great interest to the ambitious young Spiritist.


ImageName: Spooks
Species: Cat
Birthdate: 517 AV
Birthplace: Alvadas

Acquired here
Remade here
Given sentience here

Born a normal cat in an abnormal city, the several years and several magical mishaps since has changed the yellow-eyed black tom beyond recognition. Roughly lynx sized, Spooks sports monstrous razor sharp teeth and dagger claws coated in master level soulmist. Natural bone armour sits across his back, back legs, and brow. Like a ghost the creature can 'blink' short distances, disappearing and reappearing almost instantly. He seems most comfortable in graveyards and holy sites, and in such places has an almost supernatural ability to cross without leaving a trace. His presence is noticeable by the bizarre smell of black liquorice he constantly exudes.

Gifted with human-level intelligence and complete sentience, Spooks is capable of speech but doesn't often exercise this ability, preferring instead to demonstrate the innate distain natural to all cats by way of pointed stares. When he does speak his voice is growly and low, though his scream is a rather embarrassingly high yowl. He has taken to following Madeira around no matter how many locked doors she puts in his way.
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Madeira Craven

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Image Investigation 100
Image Observation 100
Image Persuasion 100
Image Rhetoric 100
Image Socialization 100
Image Spiritism 100

Image Acting 80
Image Hypnotism 87
Image Leadership 96
Image Logic 78
Image Negotiation 82

Image Architectrix 55
Image Endurance 69
Image Intimidation 66
ImagePlanning 65
Image Subterfuge 51
Image Teaching 65

Image Crossbow 40
ImageMalediction 29
ImageMeditation 27
Image Politics 46
Image Seduction 30
Image Singing 26

# Acrobatics 6
# Animal Husbandry 2
# Animation 4
# Auristics 21
# Brawling 5
# Butchery 1
# Candlemaking 1
# Caretaking 25
# Carving 17
# Cleaning 4
# Climbing 1
# Construction 2
# Cooking 3
# Cosmetology 10
# Cryptography 3
# Dancing 13
# Deduction 8
# Disguise 1
# Drawing 9
# Embalming 13
# Fortune Telling 1
# Gambling 7
# History 4
# Intelligence 9
# Interrogation 25
# Land Navigation 5
# Law 1
# Mathematics 1
# Medicine 4
# Organization 2
# Philosophy 8
# Psychology 1
# Riding: Okomo 2
# Running 16
# Sewing 2
# Stealth 12
# Storytelling 9
# Tactics 12
# Tracking 4
# Unarmed Combat 6
# Weapon: Cane Sword 5
# Weapon: Rapier 1
# Wilderness Survival 8
# Wrestling 1
# Writing 5
# # #

Resolve 38 :
26 (Base PC Resolve)
+ 4 (Persuasion Master)
+ 1 (Interrogation Novice)
+ 3 (Endurance Expert)
+ 2 (Meditation Competent)
+ 3 (Intimidation Expert) = 39


The Inverted: Ionu's theatre troupe
"Foxface": An atrocious player
Aenisa: Red-headed foreigner
Lady Renee Kelling: A ghost
Medicine: Checking for breathing and pulse
Towers Idol Slanderer: Can speak
Towers Idol Slanderer: Hearing everyone's insecurities
Alvadas Location: The Underground
Acting: Hiding your shame
Tracking: Following a trail of footprints
Lore: Playhouse Etiquette
■Location: Ionu's Wager
Fabel: Famous Actor of the Crooked Playhouse, but Not a Boss
Socialisation: Offering Smalltalk
Craven: A Famous Name in Alvadas
Ssanya’s accent: Annoying
Ssanya: Maledictor
Ssanya: Offered to teach Madeira malediction
Ssanya: Wants bones
Allassanachassanya: Called herself Chassa and Ssanya
Catharine: A ghost
Lester: Lied to Madeira
Hurik: New to being a ghost
◾Sea Shanty: Lowlands Low
◾Lore of the monotony of life on a ship
◾Spiritism: Jomi's unwieldy possession
◾Spiritism: keeping motor functions away from a possessing ghost
◾Rhetoric: challenging an insult
◾Lore of the relative ease of dancing with a ghost
◾Spiritism: reading a ghost's body language
◾Jomi: easily manipulated
◾Lore of soothing an agitated ghost
◾Allister: recognizing his presence
Hurik: Discrespects Ionu
Hurik: Died brutally
Hurik: Potential servant
Religion: Dira (SP)
Spiritualism: How To Make Soulmist (SP)
Lore: Symptoms of the Haunting at the Crooked Playhouse
Spiritism: Making Soulmist Internally
Spiritism: Properties of Own Soulmist
Spiritism: Imbuing Soulbeads with Soulmist
Spiritism: Reading Basic Memories
Spiritism: Using Mantras to Regain Control
Spiritism: Creating Souldarts
‡ Ghosts: Frequently thought mindless
‡ Matilda: Proprietor of Matilda's Jewels
‡ Small haunted items are easier to deal with
◾ People: Micha Netven
◾Location: the Wolf's Cave
◾Ssanya: can make soulmist
◾Spiritism: reaping memories
◾Spiritism: overriding possession
◾Lore of recognizing the signs of a Dhani shift
◾Lore of Ssanya's Dhani form
◾Lore of how to scare a ghost
◾Ssanya: broke the curse
Lore of the mysterious black spear
Lore of the mysterious shipwreck
Scavenging: ‘law of the ocean’
Persuasion: fear is a potent motivator
Lore of the Gloves of the Spider Maiden
Rosie: mysterious chicken
Negotiation: convincing opponent they have the better deal
Intimidation: threatening violence
Lore of the Death Hand Crossbow
Jomi: loves the chicken
Jomi: gave the chicken a cutesy name
Rosie: a gem-laying chicken
Subterfuge: spinning a tale
Architectrix: initiation
Book: Architectrix- a Compendium of Knowledge
◾Intimidation: using threats and demands
Cultural Event: Festival of Illusions
Caretaking: nursing cuts
Intelligence: information of political value
Vacielli: secret mission
Lore of bravery
Ambrosia: finding her missing sister
Jomi and Hurik: not happy to be summoned
Politics: have people on your side
Jomi: can’t trust him
Malediction: considering the intention
Malediction: how to construct a malediction circle
Lore of the difference between ivory and bone
Malediction: the importance of the raw material
Investigation: the use of deduction and reasoning
Malediction: how the source material can change the meaning of a circle
Spiritism: Jomi’s graceful possession
Intimidation: threatening Hurik
Acting: pretending to be Jomi
Acrobatics: leap of faith
Spiritism: using a possessing ghost’s skill
Uncle Frode: mad trickster
Leadership: giving orders
Allister: doesn't know how the Craven's work
Allister: hope for the future
Lore of Kelvic Mirroring
Cosmetology: making oneself presentable
Madara Craven: Madeira and Allister are beneath her notice
Everard and Einar: Untrustworthy
Minerva Vigliacco-Craven: useful ally
Acting: faking sincerity
Lore of trusting Allister
Caretaking: soothing Allister's temper
Politics: underhand dealings
Allister: Smells of blood and leather
Allister: Feels like home
Allister: Often injured in some way
Allister: Careless with his body in many ways
Allister: Reacts to Madeira on many levels
Allister: A true performer
Allister: Worships his bondmate with respect
Allister: A willing distraction
Emma: A first, graceful possession
Endurance: Getting a tattoo
Intimidation: A way to speak
Leadership: Lecturing
Logic: Using immediate and past experiences to make connections
Madeira: Maddened by normalities
Madeira: Hates Riverfall
Madeira: Healthier away from Alvadas
Madeira: Comforted by the presence of another who doesn’t belong
Madeira: Wanted a tattoo to remind her that Home was never far
Madeira: Can absorb Emma in a blink without issue
Madeira: Proper enough to be embarrassed by exposing herself in public
Madeira: Wants her tattoo to reflect Allister’s strange humor
Madeira: Took a pill to numb the pain of a tattoo
Madeira: Takes charge
Madeira: Master of social interchanges
Rhetoric: Describing a hyena to someone who had never seen one
Rhetoric: Directing a conversation to fill a space of time with useful information
Riverfall: Perfect in Spring
Spiritism: The slow, patient work to bend a ghost to her will
Storytelling: The story of kelvic bonding
Taurina: Diamond clan, Stormblood pavilion
Taurina: Has a very unique tattoo called a Windmark
Taurina: Skilled artist
Taurina: Has a bondmade
Taurina: Misses her home
Teaching: Indifference as a lesson
Allister: prefers dramatic problem solving
Politics: gaining the upper hand
Negotiation: making a better offer
lore of table manners
Madison: the woman Allister loved
Lore of recognizing a Nuit
Anthere: a Nuit
People: Arisia
‡ Jomi: Angry male ghost
Frode Varlet-Craven: Insane and a hard bargainer
Meditation: Using mantras to concentrate
Frode’s mantra: Repress, refocus, reveal!
Spiritism: Using your body as a prison
Spiritism: How to manage several ghosts in one’s body
Spiritism: Recognising Yaxley Snowsong’s soul
Spiritism: Recognising Alexander Craven’s soul
Acting: faking enthusiasm
Investigation: following a lead
Lore of homesickness
Lore of grief
Intimidation: reigning in a temper
Lore of family obligation
Lore of Everard's betrayal
Kelvic Bond: the dangers of mirroring
Allister: violent urges
Allister: possessiveness
Allister: first disobedience
Lore of learning to trust Allister
Lore of the Magic Muffin Tin
Emma: cockblocker
Lore of giving “the talk”
Allister: killed Daniel
Location: Avela's cottage
Persuasion: being the voice of reason
The properties of Wraithmint
Negotiation: bribing with money
Avela: uncomfortable with magic
Persuasion: creative use of belittlement
Acting: pretending to be uninterested
Persuasion: using body language
Negotiation: Offering a better deal, but at what cost?
‡ Spiritism: Treating possession as a siege
‡ Ghosts: Dangerous when possessing dogs
‡ Intimidation: Threatening a valuable
■Location: Kitrean Krafts
■Vacielli Vizerian: master smith
■Vacielli Vizerian: owner of Kitrean Krafts
■People: Terag
■Lore of dijed to res
■Terag: reimancer
■Lore of Reimancy
■Lore of Magecraft
‡ Negotiation: Soulmist bribery
‡ Negotiation: Enticing a servant
Lore: Working Under Pressure
Ghosts Can Possess Creatures, Too
Ghosts: Not many committed suicide
Investigation: Examining a dead body
◾Jomi: more malevolent than Hurik
◾Hurik: back from the dead
◾Lore of recognizing Hurik's possession
◾Jomi: a murderer
◾Hurik: a murderer
◾Persuasion: an ultimatum
◾Hurik: Madeira's servant
Investigation: Searching through letters
Lester: Claims Catharine killed herself
Soulmist: A lure for ghosts
Spriritism: Giving a Lie
Spiritism: Using soulmist on arrows
Spiritism: Resisting possession
The Crooked Playhouse Ghost: Incredibly Strong
Spiritism: Sensing a ghost
Ghosts: Soulmist displays emotions
Spiritism: Ingredients for soulmist also work when cooked
-Paris Craven: Easily-embarrassed, stuttering cousin
-Paris Craven: Master tailor
-Having a cloak made from a Kelvic pelt
-Rhetoric: Attempting to lie to avoid questions
-Sewing: Measurements can't be vague
-Measure twice (or six times), cut once
-Paris' stutter disappears when he's in his element
Lore of graceful possession
-Tailoring: Drilling a hole in a claw for a fastener
-Tailoring: Be careful with soft, brittle materials
-Spiritism: High quality mist can be permanently imbued into objects
-Raj: A ghost-warding, tiger-fur cloak ready for malediction
Possession: Using music to overcome it
Malediction Circles: A way to pass the time
Drawing: Malediction Circles
Location: the Tattered Thread
Penny: fashionable woman
Penny: boundless charisma
Negotiation: incentive for service
Penny Noor: a friend
Subterfuge: a convincing lie
Negotiation: compensation for making a scene
Ssanya's Malediction circle: Snake, Scythe, Loyalty, Eternity
Faith and truth: Often at each others throats.
Persuading someone not to become a ghost
Rhetoric: Asking leading questions
Rhetoric: Using examples to help one's argument
Helping someone die with dignity
Renee: Frode Varlet-Craven's servant
Possession: Different ghosts feel different
Possession: Falling unconscious after fighting back
Possession: Using feelings to overcome it
Possession: Knowing why it's your body
Spiritism: Preparing for a possession
Negotiation: a gift in return for a game
Lore of stacking hypnotism and spiritism
Hypnotism: using true emotions
Emma: scared of Everard
Persuasion: wheedling
Spiritism: bolstering the Lie with hypnotism
Maro: A spiritist
Djamila: The Eypharian tailor's ghost
Dex: missing for half a year
Lore of possesion afer effects
Persuasuion: gentle insistance
Investigation: using deduction
■Location: Craven basement
■Persuasion: weedling answers
■Lore of the theory of Shielding
Maro: An Eiyon
Eiyon: Can view a death
Maro: A Kelvic jackal
Spiritism: Smearing teeth with soulmist
Jackals: Have 42 teeth
Maro's bell calms spirits
Djamila's death
Lore of spotting a foreigner in Alvadas
Roland: dislikes strangers
Spiritism: trapping a possessing ghost
People: Daniel the sailor
Hypnotism: using presence
Intimidation: using hypnotism
Lore of repairing friendships
Subterfuge: concealment
Roland: from Sunberth
Lore of Kelvic markers
People: Phira
Lore of prayer to Dira
Spiritism: useless against anything corporeal
Phira: a leopard
Phira: world traveler
Lore of prayer to Ionu
Persuasion: the use of flattery
Asterope and Roland: an unusual couple
Roland: an acrobat
Asterope: needs her help
Asterope: embroiled in a muder?!
Intimidation: demanding cooperation
Eth: sensitive creatures
Lore of the effects of dehydration
Emma: “Raj sleeps too”
Emma: won’t acknowledge Raj is dead
Cooking: making Emma’s “special soulmist”
Lore of taking over Einar’s responsibilities
40th of Winter: Raj’s birthday
Lore of signs of an upset ghost
People: Vesta the ghost
Spiritism: removing a ghost from a scene
Acting: pretending to forget
People: Avela Sallis
Land Navigation: how to read a map
Location: burnt clearing in the Unforgiven
Leadership: prioritizing obedience over prowess
Persuasion: reassurance
Negotiation: bartering with Emma
Interrogation: pressing for answers
Cryptography: looking for anagrams
Hypnotism: fostering underhanded trust
Persuasion: convincing others to take a risk
Lore of knights with no chivalry!
Location: cursed cave of the Unforgiven
Politics: being seen at the right places
Penny: fears water
Monster: Yukmen
Crossbow: rearming on the fly
Gambling: playing dice
Negotiation: arranging a bet
Acting: playing naive
Politics: winning support
Acting: bravado
Intimidation: expounding inferiority
Persuasion: convincing someone to work against their interests
Persuasion: pretending to be generous
Subterfuge: concealing motives
Politics: smear campaign
Subterfuge: underhand tactics
Negotiation: offering alternatives
Lore of murder in the Garden of No Return
Leadership: giving orders
Alvadas: has it's own motives
Lore of teaching to use a crossbow
Intimidation: silent threats
Ionu: a prayer for safe travel
Roland: a mage
◾Ssanya: refreshingly rude
Ssanya: Malediction teacher
Malediction: human remains are difficult to handle
Malediction: making your intentions clear
Malediction: giving a circle meaning
Malediction: activate using dijed
Malediction: carving a circle
Lore of learning through observation
Malediction: testing a Fetish
People: "Dandilion
Lore of Voiding
Lore of the basics of Flux
Wilderness Survival: Building a fire
Captain Barsala: Captain of the Golden Hand
Madeira: Used as the Craven lackey
Riverfall to Alvadas: Less than a season of travel
Raj: The tiger skin
Lore of overgiving
Local Legend: Verlyna the Hypnotist
Location: Emerald Pond
Emma: The ghost haunting the Golden Hand
Raj: A skinned Kelvic
Raj: Emma's bondmate
Skinning a Kelvic for its pelt
Maro: Good and kind and empathic
Alvadas Location: The Crooked Playhouse
The Crooked Playhouse: Backstage
Magic: A taboo in Alvadas
Malediction: A good soul gives a positive talisman
Using a bracer crossbow
‡ Negotiation: Overdoing it can backfire
‡ Cabochon: An oddly shaped Pycon
People: Blossom the wine clerk
Blossom: shameless gossip
Rumour: Godric Craven is seen with a married woman
Dhani hate the cold!
Ssanya: unearthy beauty
Ssanya: first kiss
Ssanys: love confession
Ssanys's Promise: "I'm yours"
‡ Pycons: Clay Eaters
‡ Giving a Pycon a crisis
‡ Negotiation: Losing tactics
Socialization: pleasantries
People: Abagail the maid
People: master painter Bottiroli
Spiritism: signs of a possession
Investigation: using leading question
People: Daniel the young sailor
Daniel: has a crush on Madeira
Socialization: the use of flattery
Acting: faking sadness
Embalming: preserving hair
Malediction: considering intent
Malediction: carving circles into bone
Malediction: activating a fetish
Investigation: finding clues
Leadership: delegation
Persuasion: appealing to vanity
‡ Alvadas: Eye searing fashion
◾Allister - Being useful brings him joy
◾Allister - Member of the Cult of Madeira
◾Allister & Madeira - Two are stronger then one.
◾Kelvic - The strength of bonds
‡ Rhetoric: Reassuring a Pycon
‡ Cabochon: A native alvad
‡ Cabochon: Currently unemployed
Singing: ‘Little Bunny Floo’
Lore: Singing on Stage is an Odd Experience
Rings: Sign of loyalty after Cheva mark
What a dead body looks like
Flirting: Smiling and batting one's lashes
Location: Craven Manor basement
People: Godric Craven
Spiritism: the process of dusting
Godric Craven: a strange expression?
■Coren Snowsong: Vantha ghost child
■Spiritism: Pain of a ghost-touched soul
■Observation: Detecting individual sounds
■Alvadas: The neglected ghost town
■Useless/Allister: Striped hair, tattoos, and metal teeth
■Useless/Allister: A terrified, unhealthy individual
■Acrobatics: Extending hands for balance
■Slavery in Alvadas: Not common, but still likely
Craven Family: a measure of worth
Meditation: counting to focus the mind
Minerva Craven: powerful head of house
Lore of the shame of cat exorcism
Acting: faking affability
Persuasion: using force
Leadership: delegation
Peter: the cat in blue pyjamas
Everard: most hated cousin
Jomi: cares about Madeira
Madeira: worthless in Everard’s eyes
Lore of humiliation
■The thrill and amazement of power
■Crossbow: Swift draw
■Madeira & Allister: A new bond & the telling of a secret
■Useless/Allister: Kelvic and full of emotion
■Observation: Noticing the small things
■Useless’ arrival in Alvadas
■Useless: A cruel name to replace Allister
■Allister: Has a certain kind of magic
Impawsable Pets: Alvadas pet store
■ Impawsable Pets: Sell birds, spiders, goats, geese, chickens, dogs and cats
■ Venric "Vinny" Jayovali: Impawsable Pets clerk
■ Vinny: Thinks she looks like Stara Alophenne
■ Stara Alophenne: Performed in The Ascending Of Ivak
■ Spooks: Madeira's new cat

Severus the Serpent: Possessed by a Vantha
Madara's Presence: A Big Deal
Tactics: Baiting a ghost out of a body
Spiritism: Using a Vantha lie
Home: Where the deity is
Finding gods through Ukalas and rebirth
Madeira: Surrounded by bees
■ Ambrosia: Barmaid at the Stallion’s Rear
Spiritism: possession fatigue
Location: The Unnayme
Drug: Overture
Drug: Sirencestine
People: Khayal
■ Velindor: A Symenestra
■ Stallion’s Rear: Illusion of constellations in the wine
■ Stallion’s Rear: Exiting to enter again
■ Azuridae: An Ethaefal
■ Ambrosia: Know about Spiritism
■ Velindor: Knows little about Ionu
■ Emma: Useful help
Roger: House is warded from ghosts
■ Roger: Sneaking around despite warnings
■ Olivia: The ghostly wife of Roger
■ Spiritism: Using soul darts
■ Penny: An unlucky bystander
■ Penny: An artist who sketches plants
■ Land Navigation: Using plants to find the way through the Garden of No Return
■ Foraging: Peaches from the Garden of No Return are tasty
■ Observation: The smell of civilisation
◾Allister: the seed of hope
◾Allister: making Madeira a more complete person
◾Lore of possessiveness
◾Lore of the haunting of the Crooked Playhouse
◾Endurance: fending off exhaustion
◾Leadership: demanding cooperation
◾Asterope: herbalist from the Ionu's Mercy
◾Subterfuge: using flattery to open people up
◾Persuasion: pleading with body language
Ambrosia: regular of Unnayme
Subterfuge: half truths
Lore of Ambrosia’s missing sister
Drug: Blinders
Persuasion: plaintive pleading
Ambrosia: once a daring child
Eli: regular at the Stallion’s Rear
Subterfuge: gaining entry
Acting: using flattering language
Politics: sabotage
Acting: using body language
People: Tessa Alar
Ambrosia Alar: manipulative
Lore of carving with inferior tools
Carving: slipping against the grain
Lore of preserving Emma’s delusion
Hypnotism: emotional suggestion
Hypnotism: combing hypnotism and singing
Caretaking: soothing
Lore of overgiving
Lore of the mysterious old man
The Old Man: loves his daughter
Lore of the Old Man’s betrayal
Lydia: sadistic ghosts
Caretaking: soothing an anxious child
Lore of Allister’s mental breakdown
Leadership: getting a chaotic situation under control
Allister: protected Madeira
Ssanya: protected Madeira
Persuasion: the effective use of Hypnotism
Allister: attempted suicide
Ssanya: knows of Madeira’s kelvic bond
Madeira: needs Ssanya
Caretaking: making a wounded person comfortable
Medicine: recognizing head wounds
Endurance: suffering through a choke holdIcewatch bears: Morwen's children
Spiritism: Using ghost beads
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Madeira Craven

Postby Madeira Dusk on December 7th, 2020, 8:46 pm


DateName Participants Description Status
64th of Fall, 518 What can be lost but never found again? Lani Stranger Childhood friends meet again in a dream Abandoned
1st of Winter, 519 Stir of the Cauldron Ennisa Prize acquisition Complete
DateName Participants Description Status
34th of Spring, 512 Cousin, Who Art Thou? Gomer Caitiff Madeira moves into the family manor and meets her cousin. Graded
Fall 516
DateName Participants Description Status
21st of FallThe Darkest Corners AllassanachassanyaUpon exploring an abandoned house, Ssanya discovered a skeleton corpse and something else besides.Graded
59th of Fall A Crisis of Dreams Aislyn Leavold Two women meet in a drug den with unpredictable results. Graded
90th of Fall Stage Fright Solo Madeira is tasked with an exorcism in the Crooked Playhouse. Things don't go as planned. Graded
90th of Fall We Have Ghosts But Where Are The Gouls? Dexius Maddy hires a mercenary to kill a man who is already dead.Graded
Winter 516
DateName Participants Description Status
5th of Winter A Sight To See Phira A Kelvic and a Spiritist run into trouble on the streets of Miza-AlvadasGraded
8th of WinterHaunting of the Golden HandSoloA spirit protects a disturbing secret aboard a merchant ship.Graded
20th of Winter The Crawling Sickness MaroMaddy enlists the help of a reluctant Eiyon to exorcize a mad ghost.Graded
21st of Winter Where Crowns RestAllassanachassanyaMadeira and Ssanya meet to practice what some might consider dark magic.Graded
30th of WinterAbject Inferno KaleidoscopeThe ten houses that make up Sunvadas wake up one morning to find the charred, mangled remains of body parts left on each of their doorsteps. Secrets lurk beneath any pleasant face, and a terrible secret is blossoming in Sunvadas.Abandoned
74th of WinterGathering MistHurikHurik materializes in the City of Illusion... He's dead, but he can't quite remember why.Graded
Spring 517
DateName Participants Description Status
2nd of Spring Charnel Vapors Hurik Hurik begins hunting for the past with a pretty "girl". Graded
3rd of Spring All the World's a Stage Quest The Inverted hold their first performance... but forget to put a place Graded
15th of SpringFestival of IllusionsOpen A day of celebration and a city wide event! Graded
20th of Spring Think and Feel Solo Madeira practices possession control with Frode Craven Graded
40th of Spring Something in the Water Nephti Nephti and Madeira meet at the Emerald Pond Abandoned
50th of SpringA Change In Perception Dexius Madeira meets with Dex a second time, and finds that things have changed. Graded
61st of Spring Bitter History Jomi There's an unwelcome guest at Matilda's Jewels. Graded
85th of Spring Exorcism of a Lifetime Chameleon Severus the Serpent gets possessed and the Cravens are called to help. Graded

Summer 517
DateName Participants Description Status
28th of Summer Useless and Slightly Insane Allister Because sometimes ghosts aren't dead and dogs are people too. Graded
29th of Summer Don't Panic Ssanya Madeira's been cursed. Thankfully she knows someone who can help. Graded
38th of Summer Currency, Currently Cabochon Shopping time! Graded
50th of Summer Getting Lost While Standing Still Ambrosia Alar, Jomi, VelindorAlvadas sets a trap for a group of strangers in the Stallions Rear tavern. Graded
67th of Summer A Nail for your Coffin Terag A Isurian blacksmith makes a Spiritist a set of ghost nails. Graded
68th of Summer Party of a Lifetime Azuridae Opening of the Floridian Festi Society! Graded
79th of Summer Ash and Dust Solo Madeira dusts a ghost for the first time Graded
90th of Summer In Sickness and in Health Allister Two newly minted bondmates battle the summer plague Graded
Fall 517
DateName Participants Description Status
4th of Fall Leaving Sanity Roland Eir, Jomi Roland's first steps into the City of Illusions leave him lost, panicked, and at the mercy of a stranger. Graded
9th of Fall Forgive Me, Father Yisanareysin It's not kidnapping if they come willingly, it's not torture if nobody gets hurt. Abandoned
13th of Fall As If Nobody's Watching Penny Noor Penny sneaks out after midnight to find some drawing inspiration only to find herself in more trouble than she was counting on Graded
15th of Fall Second Skin Solo Paris the tailor makes a cloak with unusual qualities. Graded
20th of Fall A Curtains Call Refusal Allister, Asterope A tale of never giving up...ever. Graded
30th of Fall The Gentle Art of Exorcism Jomi A story of Kelvics, cats and angry men. Graded
35th of Fall Of Love and Murder Asterope, Roland Eir A jilted lover can be dangerous; even from beyond the grave. Graded
40th of Fall Liar. Solo Madeira discovers Hypnotism at the Emerald Pond. Graded
71st of Fall But Does It Come In Black? Solo Maddy buys a cat. Graded
74th of Fall Girl Talk Penny Noor, Allister Penny and Madeira meet at the Tattered Thread to discuss fashion and murder. Graded
84th of Fall Reusing Old Graves Ambrosia Alar Ambrosia goes on the hunt for her missing sister and meets trouble on the way. Graded
89th of Fall The Spiritual Art Solo A painter and his muse/a host and his possessor Graded
90th of Fall Family of Unsavory Craven Allister Madeira, Allister and the menagerie move back into the Craven manor Graded
Winter 517
DateName Participants Description Status
4th of Winter, 517 Its Crowded in her Head Solo Skill building with Frode Varlet-Craven Graded
10th of Winter, 517 Winter's Fist Hurik, Jomi Hurik wanders the paths of Alvadas, newly dug, in search of company. Graded
15th of Winter, 517 Roses For Eyes Penny Noor The fruits of fall and winter work finally pay off in the form of a big exhibition. Come one come all to see Penny’s art and eat some good food. Graded
18th of Winter, 517 Dancing On My Own Solo Madeira learns graceful possession Graded
25th of Winter, 517 Plot Your Revenge Solo Madeira is used to dealing with the dead. It's the dying she has trouble with. Graded
28th of Winter, 517 Warmth and Wine Allassanachassanya Ssanya and Madeira enjoy the Winter Fair Graded
39th of Winter, 517 The Flames Below Quest A Listener desperately needs help... Graded
40th of Winter, 517 What They Left Behind Solo A story of loss. Graded
86th of Winter, 517 Parched Throats Quest A group set out into the Unforgiving to search for water Graded
89th of Winter, 517 Witches Wick Avela Experiments with death and scented candles Graded
Spring 518
DateName Participants Description Status
5th of Spring, 518 We're Going on an Adventure Allister, Ssanya The Alvads area heading to Riverfall. Nothing ever goes as planned. Graded
21st of Spring, 518 Attic Salt Jomi Madeira loses it. Now it's up to Jomi to play the part. Abandoned
38th of Spring, 518 Binding Ink Taurina, Allister Madeira commissions Taurina for an impulsive tattoo Graded
42nd of Spring, 518 Dead Man's Accolade Grim Ravenwood Grim and Madeira exorcise a restless spirit in the Kendoka Sasaran. Graded
45th of Spring, 518 Die Quietly Solo Job thread Abandoned
47th of Spring, 518 Light in Dark Places Hurik Jomi Hurik and Madeira encounter shadows in Lapis park. Graded
50th of Spring, 518 Hey Heartbreaker Solo Graded
60th of Spring, 518 Day of Long Shadows Quest Happy Sweetday! Let the festivities begin! Graded

Summer 518
DateName Participants Description Status
5th of Summer, 518 Strange Treasures Jomi A mysterious shipwreck holds some strange cargo, indeed Graded
15th of Summer, 518 Good Intentions Solo Hypnotism skill building Graded
15th of Summer, 518 To the Music Jomi, Allister A heart to heart Graded
20th of Summer, 518 Salted Pork Solo Malediction and Hypnotism skill building Graded
30th of Summer, 518 Arts and Crafts Solo Malediction skill building Graded
30th of Summer, 518 Burning Bridges Solo More hypnotism skill building Graded
50th of Summer, 518 Broken Without You Allister Graded
65th of Summer, 518 Keeping Secrets Solo Nobody can know what Allister has done Graded
70th of Summer, 518 The Lying Game Solo Card sharks and high stakes Graded
83rd of Summer, 518 The Red in the White Quest Do what you're told and no one gets hurt, savvy? Ongoing
Fall 518
DateName Participants Description Status
53rd of Fall, 518 Welcome Home Allister Allister and Madeira set up their new life in Lhavit Ongoing
54th of Fall, 518 Truth and a Liar Solo A woman with secrets meets a master aurist favoured by Akajia Graded
54th of Fall, 518 The Next Generation is Full of Assholes Solo Madeira's first day of class. Graded
55th of Fall, 518 By the Light of the Moon Quest Chiona is discovered after having killed an Eth. Abandoned
61st of Fall, 518 Letters from a Stranger Solo Madeira receives an unexpected letter Graded
62nd of Fall, 518 The Musings of Madwomen Savis A Nuit and a Spiritist meet in a most unlikely of places. Graded
64th of Fall, 518 This You Protect Jomi It pays to have big friends. Graded
70th of Fall, 518 Uninvited Guest Jomi Possession control for beginners Graded
74th of Fall, 518 A Macabre Walz Savis Maren Savis Maren and Madeira Craven engage in the Rituals of Transference in the Twuele Graded
75th of Fall, 518 Inadvisable Raeyn Reayn and Madeira and a hunt for Malediction supplies Ongoing
77th of Fall, 518 Less Dead Than Before Solo Weekend challenge Graded
79th of Fall, 518 To Have Outlived the Night Teeryian Madeira in injured in the wake of Leth's fallen star blessing. Thankfully Teeryian is there to help. Ongoing
80th of Fall, 518 Help Wanted Lua Petri Madeira needs help. Maybe Lua is the one for the job. Abandoned
81st of Fall, 518 Gone Solo Madeira learns how to let go Graded
82nd of Fall, 518 The Dijed Stone Solo Aldgare has a gift for Madeira. Graded
84th of Fall, 518 A Hunt for Hunters Savis Maren Savis and Madeira search the Hunters Guild for something new Awaiting Grade
85th of Fall, 518 Best Laid Plans Solo Malediction practise Graded
86th of Fall, 518 Best Laid Plans pt2 Solo Malediction practise Graded
Winter 518
DateName Participants Description Status
4th of Winter, 518 Meetings and MachinationsRodel IntaercisRodel may not be as alone in the park as he thinks he is. Abandoned
5th of Winter, 518 Musings no Longer Savin Maren Savis and Madeira delve into the fruits of their previous labours. Graded
10th of Winter, 518 Moving Up in the World Solo Madeira receives more challenging students Graded
20th of Winter, 518 Lie to Me Jomi Jomi and Mads teach a stubborn class how to Lie Ongoing
32nd of Winter, 518 Eggshell and Snakeskin Solo Graded
35th of Winter, 518 The Encounter Martini Elwood Madeira sees and artist to commission tattoo concepts Ongoing
40th of Winter, 518 The Hoarders Purse Solo Ongoing
42nd of Winter, 518 The Catalyst Quest A known student of Elena is seen stumbling throughout the city displaying effects of severe over giving. Awaiting Grade
42nd of Winter, 518 Visiting Hours Gemma Parker Gemma visits Maddy at The Catholicon Ongoing
50th of Winter, 518 Letters to a Stranger pt3 Solo Correspondence between Lani and Madeira Abandoned
48th of Winter, 518 Battle! Savis Maren Opposing sides of the Tower debate face off in the Basilika Graded
88th of Winter, 518 The Azure Festival Open The winter masquerade is here and everyones invited! Ongoing
91st of Winter, 518 Death and The Desolate Priest Jomi Eiyon DATS thread Ongoing
Spring 519
DateName Participants Description Status
1st of Spring, 519 Make it Double Gemma Parker Gemma helps deliver Madeira's babies Graded
1st of Spring, 519 Life in Pieces Allister Madeira and Allister come to grips with parenthood and each other. Ongoing
14th of Spring, 519 The Illusion Festival Modded Theres a celebration to be had, and an unusual guest to see Ongoing
16th of Spring, 519 Easily Broken Solo Madeira struggles with herself as she tries to repair her house Graded
20th of Spring, 519 Whole New World JomiJomi and Madeira introduce the twins to the city Graded
25th of Spring, 519 The Chase Begins Solo Madeira gets a private pupil, and its not who she expects Graded
36th of Spring, 519 Birds of a Feather Lani Stranger Lani and Madeira are finally reunited. Graded
42nd of Spring, 519 Marked Gemma Parker, Dev'ania The girls investigate the strange symbol that appeared on many doors in Lhavit Ongoing
45th of Spring, 519 Easy Mark Jomi Madeira is targeted by a thief who doesn't know what he's in for Ongoing
47th of Spring, 519 Adventures in Childcare Gemma Parker, Lani StrangerLani is left to babysit. Thankfully Gemma is there to help. Ongoing
51st of Spring, 519 Dusk to Dawn Mod Madeira's help is requested at the Dawn Tower Ongoing
75th of Spring, 519 Lets Be Friends Zach GrasswindAfter falling out with her usual hunter, Madeira recrutis Zach for the roll Graded
80th of Spring, 519 The Prostitutes Apprentice Solo Madeira learns seduction from a woman who makes a living with it. Ongoing
89th of Spring, 519 Dance For Me Solo
Madeira takes her class to a haunting, Rothsam gets in the way Ongoing
Summer 519
DateName Participants Description Status
5th of Summer, 519 The Okomo Festival Amelie Craven, Moritz CravenMadeira and the twins attend their first festival Ongoing
15th of Summer, 519 Cutting the Silence PluckettA performance at The Scholar's Demise Ongoing
21st of Summer, 519 Two Truths and a Lie SoloMadeira and Chiona spice up their private lessons with a game Ongoing
60th of Summer, 519 Better Homes and HauntingsZach Grasswind, Lani Stranger, Moritz Craven, Amelie Craven, Jomi, AllisterFamily meal at Infinity Manor Ongoing
68th of Summer, 519 Life LessonsAmelie Craven Madeira and Amelie spend time together Ongoing
89th of Summer, 519 Everything is Falling Apart According to Plan Jomi Madeira and Jomi learn how frail loyalty is Ongoing
Fall 519
DateName Participants Description Status
1st of Fall This is your Resurrection Jomi Jomi returns from the Insideous Realm Complete
8th of Fall Starry Eyes and Hunter magic Zach Grasswind Zach seeks out Madeira's help. Ongoing
10th of Fall Twisted Different Ennisa An evening at the Scholar's Demise Graded
12th of Fall, 519 Finding the Woman in Blue Ennisa in which Ennisa asks Madeira to relieve her of lovely Emma Ongoing
14th of Fall A Kingdom of Lights Yvaleth Yvaleth spends time listening to the people of Lhavit. Abandoned
19th of Fall Bits and Pieces Octanus Complete
21st of Fall A Few Things Solo A completely normal errand day Ongoing
28th of Fall Midnight Meetings Quest Clandestine affairs in the dead of night... Complete
31st of Fall Best Served Cold Autumn Rose Autumn stumbles on someone she has held a long grudge against Ongoing
41st of Fall The Hunger of Mama Jook Solo Do you want a candy? Graded
47th of Fall Death in the Park Quest The Alheas Crone is found dead near her shack. Ongoing
49th of Fall Farthest on the Estate Dev'ania Dev'ania and Madeira's search for Penrose Ongoing
55th of Fall All I Want Solo In the wake of the latest murder Madeira fights to keep her job. Graded
60th of Fall Lavender Blue, Rosemary Green Solo When I am king, you shall be queen Graded
71st of Fall Desperate Times Autumn Rose Autumn has to depend on someone she'd rather not Complete
90th of Fall, 519 Strings Solo Cordas DATS thread Ongoing
Winter 519
DateName Participants Description Status
1st of Winter, 519 This is Your Ressurection pt2 Jomi Jomi returns from the Insideous Realm Ongoing
2nd of Winter, 519 Lone Survivor Solo Madeira questions Rotsam about the Magekiller Ongoing
8th of Winter, 519 The Art of Raising Cravens Moritz Craven Madeira takes Moritz to the Aluvion Academy Ongoing
10th of Winter, 519 The Family Business Amelie Craven Madeira teaches Amelie all about being a Craven Ongoing
17th of Winter, 519 My Name is Spooks Jomi Jomi hits Madeira's cat with a magical stick, chaos ensues. Complete
? Old Friend Autumn Rose A soulless creature enters the Lantern wearing a familiar face. Autumn seeks help from the most powerful person she knows. Ongoing
30th of Winter, 519 What Makes a Monster? Solo Job thread #1 Ongoing
42nd of Winter, 519 A Lesson in Vulnerability Solo Madeira learns a powerful new technique from Belladonna Ongoing
88th of Winter, 519 Face It Martini Elwood You'll have to eventually. Ongoing
90th of Winter, 519 I'm a Real Girl Autumn Rose Autumn tries her first taste of Borrowed Life and tries to make sure she hasn't wounded others by doing so Ongoing
Spring, 520
DateName Participants Description Status
4th of Spring Written in the Cards Dev'ania Madeira has a favour to ask Dev'ania Ongoing
14th of Spring A Gift from God Open Madeira discovers the Outpost Ongoing
15th of Spring A Walk to War Moritz Moritz and Madeira head to meet a possible combat instructor for the twins... Onging
16th of Spring Fateful Encounter Baelin Holt Two Eiyons meet for the first time. Ongoing
18th of Spring Unfamiliar Faces AsteropeAster and Madeira finally meet again, but things are slightly different. Ongoing
20th of Spring Anything for You Solo Chiona is haunted. Luckily Madeira is there to help Ongoing
22nd of Spring Love Me Not Autumn Rose, Dev'ania Autumn goes dancing with strangers. Ongoing
22nd of Spring Love Me Solo Madeira confesses to Chiona Ongoing
89th of Spring Cleaning Up SoloChallenge thread Complete
90th of Spring The First Move Solo Complete

Summer 520
DateName Participants Description Status
7th of Summer Ladybird and the BeeCithius WintersunBusking in the Surya Plaza Abbandoned
15th of Summer Summer Wine Solo Lhavit weekend challenge Graded
33rd of Summer Beginnings Yvar Yvar and Madeira meet Abbandoned
35th of Summer Nighterrors Lily Mayer Madeira and Lily meet under pretty unfortunate circumstances. Abbandoned
40th of Summer Cutting Class Autumn Rose Autumn attends a spiritism lesson Ongoing
54th of Summer Spiritism 101 Moritz Madeira teaches Moritz the basics of spiritism Awaiting Grade
78th of Summer Lets Regret it Tomorrow Saule Saule and Madeira partake in drugs and bad coping mechanisms Abbandoned
78th of Summer Dream Killer Solo A nightmare comes for Madeira Awaiting grade
88th of Summer A Memories Requium Quest Searching while lost in the familiar. Ongoing
Fall 520
DateName Participants Description Status
15th of Fall Just Pretending Solo Madeira gives Chiona acting lessons Awaiting grade
22nd of Fall Washed AshoreAri'Ellin Sometimes the sea brings the greatest gifts Ongoing
30th of Fall I'm Walkin' Here! Alice Weaver Alice realizes crowds are no fun. Ongoing
82nd of Fall We cant sleep. Jomi, Autumn Rose City ghost event Ongoing
Winter 520
DateName Participants Description
1st of Winter Problem Child Solo Madeira sees her family for the first time in years.
10th of Winter Obstacles in the Way Solo Madeira ruminates on what she wants
21st of Winter Haunted pt1 Solo A boy comes to the Dusk Tower suffering from possession
21st of Winter Haunted pt2 Solo Madeira comes to an alarming realization during an exorcism
21st of Winter Haunted pt3 Solo Madeira begins to understand that things are not as they seem
29th of Winter I think we should get married Solo
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