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Madeira Craven

Postby Madeira Craven on October 29th, 2016, 8:04 pm


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Spring 14, 498 AV
Age: 19
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 104lb

Profession: Spiritist
Birthplace: Alvadas

Fluent: Common
Madeira Craven

Physical Appearance:

Madeira has always seemed to be a nap and a sandwich short of a functioning human. Her eyes are ringed in the broken red of sleeplessness, and her bones stand is sharp relief across her milky skin. But through either training or willpower, her posture is impecable no matter how much stress her body shows. She inherited her fathers blonde hair and blue eyes, but not the charm that he wears so well. People inevitably note that her big, pale eyes don't seem to blink half as often as they should. A smile does wonders to soften her apperance, but her neutral face is a rather sad sort of frown  
Injuries :
-The undersides of her arms from wrist to elbow are thatched with short, thin scars and puncture marks from years of making soulmist with her own blood.

90th of Fall, 516- A puckered white scar cuts through from her palm to the back of her left hand. The wound has healed as of Spring 30th, but stiffness remains in the last three fingers.

Fall, 517- Lasting effects of the summer plague: From the 1st - 60th, you will have one limb completely paralysed. However, the paralysis will start to fade in the last ten day window (50th-60th), with some feelings and movement regained.

You will suffer from insomnia due to a shivering fever that continues in patches throughout the season until the 60th and see spots at the corner of your vision from the 47th-60th, and your nerves will be more fragile.


Madeira is affable but not charismatic, talented but not gifted, and she is loyal to her family, but she does not love them. To the outside world she is nothing but a dutiful young woman who does as she is told. Her manner towards others is courteous and social, her demeanour somewhat tense. Her family has deemed her acceptable, and to them she is just another cog in the machine that keeps their matriarch afloat.

But there are things that can wake the long dormant spark in her eye. Things that can sharpen her courteous tongue and rile her into action. Unfortunately, there are very few people in the world who share her fascination with death and magic. But anyone who wakes her interest can see a different side to the woman, one that has a fearsome appetite for knowledge, and the bravery to pursue it.


Madeira was born to the prestigious line of Craven through her father, Phillip Craven’s, blood.Unfortunately, his blood was weak, and his hold on the Craven name tenuous. He was twice removed from the main branch of the family, and the responsibilities of head of the house rested with his skilled and intimidating cousin, Madara. And though a trained Spiritualist himself, Phillips lacklustre skill did little to earn him the respect of the family.

With the birth of his daughter, however, the ambitious man saw an opportunity for the girl that he felt was denied him. He named his only child Madeira, as an ode to her namesake Madara, in some wild and pathetic hope that it would endear her to the girl. From birth Madeira was raised in a way Phillip thought ever good Craven should: He bleated notions of Family and Loyalty to his child before she even understood the words, and she was given the tools to raise her as a Spiritualist; along with rigorous schooling from a father that expected nothing less than perfection.

When the Madeira was fourteen, Phillip finally made the push to have the girl boarded in the Craven Manor and continue her studies under the tutelage of the main branch. Weeks later, Madeira was given a formal summons to supper with the head of house. It read like a courtesy, but both father and daughter knew it was a test. And so, armoured in silk and pearls, the girl supped with Madara, Minerva, and Leto Craven. Afterwards the child came home shaken and hard-eyed, though not a hair was displaced from it’s pearl net. To this day she’s never shared what happened at that dinner, much to her fathers ire.

Never the less, Madeira was deemed acceptable and invited to live and study in the Craven Manor. Phillip was fiercely proud, watching all his time, money and hard work finally pay off as he shipped his only child away. But as the two of them stood on the steps of the great house, suitcase in hand, Phillip suddenly began to worry. What if Madeira didn't measure up? What if this creature he crafted in his own, idealized image, somehow fell apart when he wasn’t there to watch her? Would she shame him in that way?

His last words to her, whispered in her ear as he kissed her tenderly on the cheek was: “Do not fail me.”


Now eighteen, Madeira has moved out of the manor, though she still takes instruction from her mentors. And as her skills improve paid work has started trickling down to her through the hierarchy of her family. The work that is beneath the skills of the top Spiritualists are passed to the three favoured, and if it is deemed uninteresting by the favoured, it is thrown to the wards like herself to sort out. The work is messy and earns her no repute, but Madeira relishes the chance to test her skills in the real world.


Image Spiritism 15SP+15RB 4XP 2XP 4XP 1XP 3XP 5XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 60 Expert
Image Observation 2XP 5XP 4XP 1XP 1XP4XP 2XP 2XP 5XP 3XP 3XP 2XP2XP4XP3XP 3XP 46 Competent
Image Socialization 2XP 5XP 1XP 4XP 5XP 2XP 2XP 4XP 2XP 1XP 2XP 5XP 4XP 39 Competent
Image Crossbow 20SP 1XP 1XP 4XP 1XP 1XP 28 Competent
Image Investigation 10SP 1XP 4XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 1XP 24 Novice
Image Persuasion 5SP 2XP 5XP 4XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP2XP 24 Novice
Image Rhetoric 1XP 3XP 2XP 3XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 15 Novice
Image Logic 3XP 1XP 1XP 2XP 2XP 1XP 10 Novice
Image Endurance 2XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 2XP 10 Novice
Image Negotiation 1XP 1XP 2XP 1XP 1XP 6 Novice
Image Intimidation 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 6 Novice
Image Meditation 1XP 2XP 2XP 5 Novice
Image Acting 1XP 1XP 3XP 5 Novice
Image Planning 1XP 3XP 4 Novice
Image Interrogation 1XP 1XP 1XP 1XP 4 Novice
Image Singing 2XP 1XP 3 Novice
Image Running 1XP 1XP 1XP 3 Novice
Image Hypnotism 2XP 2 Novice
# Medicine 1XP 1XP 2 Novice
# Tactics 1XP 1XP 2 Novice
# Tailoring 2XP 2 Novice
# Leadership 1XP 1XP 2 Novice
# Drawing 1XP 1 Novice
# Dancing 1XP 1 Novice
# Writing 1XP 1 Novice
# Teaching 1XP 1 Novice
# Weapon: Rapier 1XP 1 Novice
# Flirting 1XP 1 Novice
# Storytelling 1XP 1 Novice
# Wilderness Survival 1XP 1 Novice
# Brawling 1XP 1 Novice
# Land Navigation 1XP 1 Novice
# Tracking 1XP 1 Novice
# Deduction 1XP 1 Novice
# Acrobatics 1XP 1 Novice
# Weapon: Cane Sword 1XP 1 Novice
# # # # #


The Inverted: Ionu's theatre troupe
"Foxface": An atrocious player
Aenisa: Red-headed foreigner
Lady Renee Kelling: A ghost
Medicine: Checking for breathing and pulse
Towers Idol Slanderer: Can speak
Towers Idol Slanderer: Hearing everyone's insecurities
Alvadas Location: The Underground
Acting: Hiding your shame
Tracking: Following a trail of footprints
Lore: Playhouse Etiquette
Fabel: Famous Actor of the Crooked Playhouse, but Not a Boss
Socialisation: Offering Smalltalk
Craven: A Famous Name in Alvadas
Ssanya’s accent: Annoying
Ssanya: Maledictor
Ssanya: Offered to teach Madeira malediction
Ssanya: Wants bones
Allassanachassanya: Called herself Chassa and Ssanya
Catharine: A ghost
Lester: Lied to Madeira
Hurik: New to being a ghost
Hurik: Discrespects Ionu
Hurik: Died brutally
Hurik: Potential servant
Religion: Dira (SP)
Spiritualism: How To Make Soulmist (SP)
Lore: Symptoms of the Haunting at the Crooked Playhouse
Spiritism: Making Soulmist Internally
Spiritism: Properties of Own Soulmist
Spiritism: Imbuing Soulbeads with Soulmist
Spiritism: Reading Basic Memories
Spiritism: Using Mantras to Regain Control
Spiritism: Creating Souldarts
‡ Ghosts: Frequently thought mindless
‡ Matilda: Proprietor of Matilda's Jewels
‡ Small haunted items are easier to deal with
‡ Jomi: Angry male ghost
‡ Spiritism: Treating possession as a siege
‡ Ghosts: Dangerous when possessing dogs
‡ Intimidation: Threatening a valuable
‡ Negotiation: Soulmist bribery
‡ Negotiation: Enticing a servant
Lore: Working Under Pressure
Ghosts Can Possess Creatures, Too
Ghosts: Not many committed suicide
Investigation: Examining a dead body
Investigation: Searching through letters
Lester: Claims Catharine killed herself
Soulmist: A lure for ghosts
Spriritism: Giving a Lie
Spiritism: Using soulmist on arrows
Spiritism: Resisting possession
The Crooked Playhouse Ghost: Incredibly Strong
Spiritism: Sensing a ghost
Ghosts: Soulmist displays emotions
Spiritism: Ingredients for soulmist also work when cooked
-Paris Craven: Easily-embarrassed, stuttering cousin
-Paris Craven: Master tailor
-Having a cloak made from a Kelvic pelt
-Rhetoric: Attempting to lie to avoid questions
-Sewing: Measurements can't be vague
-Measure twice (or six times), cut once
-Paris' stutter disappears when he's in his element
-Tailoring: Drilling a hole in a claw for a fastener
-Tailoring: Be careful with soft, brittle materials
-Spiritism: High quality mist can be permanently imbued into objects
-Raj: A ghost-warding, tiger-fur cloak ready for malediction
Possession: Using music to overcome it
Renee: Frode Varlet-Craven's servant
Possession: Different ghosts feel different
Possession: Falling unconscious after fighting back
Possession: Using feelings to overcome it
Possession: Knowing why it's your body
Spiritism: Preparing for a possession
Maro: A spiritist
Djamila: The Eypharian tailor's ghost
Maro: An Eiyon
Eiyon: Can view a death
Maro: A Kelvic jackal
Spiritism: Smearing teeth with soulmist
Jackals: Have 42 teeth
Maro's bell calms spirits
Djamila's death
Wilderness Survival: Building a fire
Captain Barsala: Captain of the Golden Hand
Madeira: Used as the Craven lackey
Riverfall to Alvadas: Less than a season of travel
Raj: The tiger skin
Lore of overgiving
Local Legend: Verlyna the Hypnotist
Location: Emerald Pond
Emma: The ghost haunting the Golden Hand
Raj: A skinned Kelvic
Raj: Emma's bondmate
Skinning a Kelvic for its pelt
Maro: Good and kind and empathic
Alvadas Location: The Crooked Playhouse
The Crooked Playhouse: Backstage
Magic: A taboo in Alvadas
Malediction: A good soul gives a positive talisman
Using a bracer crossbow
‡ Negotiation: Overdoing it can backfire
‡ Cabochon: An oddly shaped Pycon
‡ Pycons: Clay Eaters
‡ Giving a Pycon a crisis
‡ Negotiation: Losing tactics
‡ Alvadas: Eye searing fashion
‡ Rhetoric: Reassuring a Pycon
‡ Cabochon: A native alvad
‡ Cabochon: Currently unemployed
Singing: ‘Little Bunny Floo’
Lore: Singing on Stage is an Odd Experience
Rings: Sign of loyalty after Cheva mark
What a dead body looks like
Flirting: Smiling and batting one's lashes
Location: Craven Manor basement
People: Godric Craven
Spiritism: the process of dusting
Godric Craven: a strange expression?
■Coren Snowsong: Vantha ghost child
■Spiritism: Pain of a ghost-touched soul
■Observation: Detecting individual sounds
■Alvadas: The neglected ghost town
■Useless/Allister: Striped hair, tattoos, and metal teeth
■Useless/Allister: A terrified, unhealthy individual
■Acrobatics: Extending hands for balance
■Slavery in Alvadas: Not common, but still likely
■The thrill and amazement of power
■Crossbow: Swift draw
■Madeira & Allister: A new bond & the telling of a secret
■Useless/Allister: Kelvic and full of emotion
■Observation: Noticing the small things
■Useless’ arrival in Alvadas
■Useless: A cruel name to replace Allister
■Allister: Has a certain kind of magic
Severus the Serpent: Possessed by a Vantha
Madara's Presence: A Big Deal
Tactics: Baiting a ghost out of a body
Spiritism: Using a Vantha lie
Home: Where the deity is
Finding gods through Ukalas and rebirth
Madeira: Surrounded by bees
■ Ambrosia: Barmaid at the Stallion’s Rear
■ Velindor: A Symenestra
■ Stallion’s Rear: Illusion of constellations in the wine
■ Stallion’s Rear: Exiting to enter again
■ Azuridae: An Ethaefal
■ Ambrosia: Know about Spiritism
■ Velindor: Knows little about Ionu
■ Emma: Useful help
Roger: House is warded from ghosts
■ Roger: Sneaking around despite warnings
■ Olivia: The ghostly wife of Roger
■ Spiritism: Using soul darts
■ Penny: An unlucky bystander
■ Penny: An artist who sketches plants
■ Land Navigation: Using plants to find the way through the Garden of No Return
■ Foraging: Peaches from the Garden of No Return are tasty
■ Observation: The smell of civilisation

Icewatch bears: Morwen's children
Spiritism: Using ghost beads


Blue linen dress -destroyed Fall 516. Has since been cut into scraps.

Green linen dress- A simple ankle length dress with a tight bodice and high collar.

Leather slippers- soft soled and simple.

Feather Cloak- purchased during the Alvadas Illusion Festival. A floor length cloak made of golden feathers, though in certain lights every colour of the rainbow can been seen. When in movement the garment tends to float as if lighter than air.

Tiger Fur Cloak- A floor length cloak made exclusively of the leather, fur and claws of a Kelvic tiger. Made by Paris Craven.

Starting Package
Simple undergarments
Grey wool cloak with hood
White linen blouse
Brown trousers
High leather boots
4oz Toothpowder
Toothbrush (Bone)
4oz Lemon scented skin cream

Starting Package
Comb (Bone)
Brush (Bone)
1lb of rye flour
1lb of cheese
12 chicken eggs
2 8oz glass jars
Light crossbow
10 crossbow bolts
Blank book
10 ink sticks
bracer crossbow
black glazed clay bowl
Image- Hollow silver ring with 20kt black agate. Used to store soulmist to invoke Jomi.
Image- Hollow silver ring with 20kt moonstone. Used to store soulmist to invoke Emma Chamelle.
Single room cottage (400 sq feet)
small table
ornate birdcage
Leather rucksack
Food for a week
Eating knife
Flint & Steel
Image- Sword Cane

Cameo Choker- A choker made of black velvet. Property of the ghost of Jomi.
Image Bird Acquired here. A seemingly normal pigeon with an uninspired name, except that it is a shocking shade of cerulean blue. If released it will fly straight towards the largest group of the Inverted, wherever they may be located. Bird is a quiet, inquisitive, and unnervingly clever creature who enjoys treats and strokes. Madeira keeps it in a gilded birdcage in her home.
ImageRaj Acquired here. The mounted taxidermy head of a Kelvic tiger. The head is haunted by Emma Chamelle, the ghost of it's young deceased bondmate. Emma insists that Raj speaks to her, and is very protective of him. Madeira keeps him in her home.
Image Spooks Acquired here. A small black tom with large yellow eyes. Madeira bought the creature in an effort to give the ghosts living in her house a playmate so they'd stop messing with her and her things. Unfortunately the spiritual fibre of Spooks seemed to have been greatly exaggerated, and multiple daily possessions have driven the cat slightly mad.

Gifted to Madeira by her aunt Madara Craven when she first moved into the family Manor. Five feet of pebble sized jade beads are made into a closed circle, each bead containing a core of iron ore to add weight. Though not magical in itself, the beads can be imbued with soul mist to make a barrier inaccessible to ghosts. It's an invaluable tool for a spiritualist and Madeira's most treasured possession.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting funds +100 GM 100 GM
Rye Flour, 1lb - 15sm 98gm, 5sm
Cheese, 1lb -2sm 98gm, 3sm
Chicken Eggs, 12 -1sm 98gm, 2sm
8oz Glass Jar, 2 -10sm 97gm, 2sm
Light Crossbow -35gm 62gm, 2sm
Crossbow Bolts, 10 -1gm 61gm, 2sm
Leather Slippers -2sm 61gm
Linen Dress -8sm 60gm, 2sm
Toothpowder, 4oz -3sm 59gm, 9sm
Toothbrush -3gm 56gm, 9sm
Skin Cream, 4oz -2gm 54gm, 9sm
Book, Blank -3gm 51gm, 9sm
Ink Sticks, 10 -3gm 48gm, 9sm
Fall 516 wage +910gm 958gm, 9sm
Seasonal expenses, Fall 516 -135gm 823gm, 9sm
Winter 516 wage +920 1743gm, 9sm
Seasonal expenses, Winter 516 -135gm 1608gm, 9sm
Festival Cloak -30gm 1578gm, 9sm
Flowers -1cm 1578gm, 8sm, 9cm
Treat -1cm 1578gm, 8sm, 8cm
Treat -2cm 1578gm, 8sm, 6cm
Linen Dress -8sm 1578gm, 6cm
Spring 517 wage +910gm 2488gm, 6cm
Seasonal expenses, Spring 517 -135gm 2353gm, 6cm
Bird Cage -10gm 2343gm, 6cm
Bracer Crossbow -95gm 2248gm, 6cm
Clay Bowl -9sm 2247gm, 1sm, 6cm
Poison Ring (silver/20kt moonstone) -34gm 2213gm, 1sm, 6cm
Poison Ring (silver/20kt black agate) -15gm 2198gm, 1sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Summer 517 -135gm 2063gm, 1sm, 6cm
Sword Cane -35gm 2028gm, 1sm, 6cm
Cat -5sm 2027gm, 6sm, 6cm
Seasonal Expenses, Fall 517 -135gm 1892gm, 6sm, 6cm
Summer 517 Wage 1820gm 3712gm, 6sm, 6cm
Poison Ring (gold/20kt amber) -42gm 3670gm, 6sm, 6cm
Current Funds 3670GM, 6SM, 6CM


DateName Participants Description Status
34th of Spring, 512 Cousin, Who Art Thou? Gomer Caitiff Madeira moves into the family manor and meets her cousin. Ongoing
Fall 516
DateName Participants Description Status
21st of FallThe Darkest Corners AllassanachassanyaUpon exploring an abandoned house, Ssanya discovered a skeleton corpse and something else besides.Graded
59th of Fall A Crisis of Dreams Aislyn Leavold Two women meet in a drug den with unpredictable results. Abandoned
90th of Fall Stage Fright Solo Madeira is tasked with an exorcism in the Crooked Playhouse. Things don't go as planned. Graded
90th of Fall We Have Ghosts But Where Are The Gouls? Dexius Maddy hires a mercenary to kill a man who is already dead.Graded
Winter 517
DateName Participants Description Status
5th of Winter A Sight To See Phira A Kelvic and a Spiritist run into trouble on the streets of Miza-AlvadasAbandoned
8th of WinterHaunting of the Golden HandSoloA spirit protects a disturbing secret aboard a merchant ship.Graded
20th of Winter The Crawling Sickness MaroMaddy enlists the help of a reluctant Eiyon to exorcize a mad ghost.Graded
21st of Winter Where Crowns RestAllassanachassanyaMadeira and Ssanya meet to practice what some might consider dark magic.Ongoing
30th of WinterAbject Inferno KaleidoscopeThe ten houses that make up Sunvadas wake up one morning to find the charred, mangled remains of body parts left on each of their doorsteps. Secrets lurk beneath any pleasant face, and a terrible secret is blossoming in Sunvadas.Abandoned
74th of WinterGathering MistHurikHurik materializes in the City of Illusion... He's dead, but he can't quite remember why.Graded
Spring 517
DateName Participants Description Status
2nd of Spring Charnel Vapors Hurik Hurik begins hunting for the past with a pretty "girl". Awaiting Grade
3rd of Spring All the World's a Stage Quest The Inverted hold their first performance... but forget to put a place Graded
15th of SpringFestival of IllusionsOpen A day of celebration and a city wide event! Abandoned
20th of Spring Think and Feel Solo Madeira practices possession control with Frode Craven Graded
40th of Spring Something in the Water Nephti Nephti and Madeira meet at the Emerald Pond Abandoned
50th of SpringA Change In Perception Dexius Madeira meets with Dex a second time, and finds that things have changed. Awaiting Grade
61st of Spring Bitter History Jomi There's an unwelcome guest at Matilda's Jewels. Graded
85th of Spring Exorcism of a Lifetime Chameleon Severus the Serpent gets possessed and the Cravens are called to help. Graded

Summer 517
DateName Participants Description Status
28th of Summer Useless and Slightly Insane Allister Because sometimes ghosts aren't dead and dogs are people too. Graded
38th of Summer Currency, Currently Cabochon Shopping time! Graded
50th of Summer Getting Lost While Standing Still Ambrosia Alar, Jomi, VelindorAlvadas sets a trap for a group of strangers in the Stallions Rear tavern. Graded
67th of Summer A Nail for your Coffin Terag A Isurian blacksmith makes a Spiritist a set of ghost nails. Awaiting Grade
68th of Summer Party of a Lifetime Azuridae Opening of the Floridian Festi Society! Abandoned
79th of Summer Ash and Dust Solo Madeira dusts a ghost for the first time Graded
90th of Summer In Sickness and in Health Allister Two newly minted bondmates battle the summer plague Ongoing
Fall 517
DateName Participants Description Status
4th of Fall Leaving Sanity Roland Eir, Jomi Roland's first steps into the City of Illusions leave him lost, panicked, and at the mercy of a stranger. Awaiting Grade
9th of Fall Forgive Me, Father Yisanareysin It's not kidnapping if they come willingly, it's not torture if nobody gets hurt. Abandoned
13th of Fall As If Nobody's Watching Penny Noor Penny sneaks out after midnight to find some drawing inspiration only to find herself in more trouble than she was counting on Awaiting Grade
15th of Fall Second Skin Solo Paris the tailor makes a cloak with unusual qualities. Graded
20th of Fall A Curtains Call Refusal Allister, Asterope A tale of never giving up...ever. Ongoing
30th of Fall The Gentle Art of Exorcism Jomi A story of Kelvics, cats and angry men. Ongoing
35th of Fall Of Love and Murder Asterope, Roland Eir A jilted lover can be dangerous; even from beyond the grave. Ongoing
40th of Fall Liar. Solo Madeira discovers Hypnotism at the Emerald Pond. Graded
71st of Fall But Does It Come In Black? Solo Maddy buys a cat. Awaiting Grade
74th of Fall Girl Talk Penny Noor, Allister Penny and Madeira meet at the Tattered Thread to discuss fashion and murder. Ongoing
84th of Fall Reusing Old Graves Ambrosia Alar Ambrosia goes on the hunt for her missing sister and meets trouble on the way. Ongoing
89th of Fall The Spiritual Art Solo A painter and his muse/a host and his possessor Ongoing
Winter 517
DateName Participants Description Status
4th of Winter, 518 Its Crowded in her Head Solo Skill building with Frode Varlet-Craven Awaiting Grade
10th of Winter, 518 Winter's Fist Hurik, Jomi Hurik wanders the paths of Alvadas, newly dug, in search of company. Ongoing
15th of Winter, 518 Roses For Eyes Penny Noor The fruits of fall and winter work finally pay off in the form of a big exhibition. Come one come all to see Penny’s art and eat some good food. Ongoing
25th of Winter, 518 Plot Your Revenge Solo Madeira is used to dealing with the dead. It's the dying she has trouble with. Ongoing
28th of Winter, 518 Warmth and Wine Allassanachassanya Ssanya and Madeira enjoy the Winter Fair Ongoing
40th of Winter, 518 What They Left Behind Solo A story of loss. Ongoing
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Madeira Craven

Postby Madeira Craven on June 10th, 2017, 5:30 am

People of Note

*Entries following completed threads

ImageName Status Description
Image Allassanachassanya Trusted Friend A Dhani with a deep, strong mind and a reverence towards death and forbidden magic. After a chance meeting over a murdered corpse, Madeira became fascinated with the small woman. The two have developed a close bond over the seasons and she has earned Madeira's trust and respect.
Image JomiServant Interested in the power afforded by having an spectral servant, Madeira has used blackmail, bribery and threats to get the angry ghost on her side. But the dead Kelvic badger with temper issues and a snarky mouth may be a bit more than she can handle.
ImageAllister Bondmate Erratic, deranged, naive, broken and completely hers; Allister is everything Madeira never expected, and she loves him in a way she'd never thought herself capable. The Kelvic hyena is a creature of good intentions and poor judgment she is only just starting to understand.
Image Ambrosia Alar Friend A charismatic barmaid with depthless curiosity and iron optimism. Her easy charm and astounding ability to get along with Jomi, Madeira’s snarky ghost servant, as earned her a spot on Madeira’s short list of friends. She enjoys her company, though the woman’s mysterious ties to Spiritism continue to confuse her.
Image Roland Eir Enemy A world traveller, a magic user and a liar, Roland slipped into Madeira's enmity from almost the moment they met. The feeling is mutual, as his hard-bitten and secretive personality clashes hard with Madeira's controlling nature. The two would be perfectly content if they never saw each other again, but the universe has different plans.
Image Penny Noor Acquaintance A bright, cheery girl with a charming sense of humour, passion for art and an eye for the details seems an odd choice of companionship for Madeira, but somehow it works. She is interested in knowing more about the woman.
Image Hurik Servant Madeira was the first person to speak to Hurik in the ghost's new un-life. She has an affection towards the man that rides on her sense of responsibility towards him and a strange sense of ownership. He is unpredictable and snarky and a bit of a lout, and has an unfailing ability to leave Madeira wrong-footed.
Image Terag Ally The craftsman responsible for Madeira's unique set of ghostnails, the Isur has proved himself to be kind, principled and dedicated to his arts. His secret interest in Reimancy and Magecrafting is of great interest to the ambitious young Spiritist.

Hiatus Accounts :
ImageName Status Description
Maro Ally DeceasedAfter a rocky start, where a possessed Madeira tried to kill him, the two became unwitting allies in a haunting investigation. Madeira finds the Kelvic Eiyon to be frustrating and flawed in his motivations, yet she holds a grudging respect towards him. He is a good man with a good heart unlike she has ever seen before.
Image DexAlly Madeira's knight in shining armour, the Symenestra Mercenary was her last hope in exorcising a murderer from the Crooked Playhouse. The experience cost them dearly, and the two find themselves helping each other one last time to pick up the pieces. Madeira sees Dex as a brave, broken and complicated creature.
ImageCabochonAcquaintance The first Pycon Madeira has ever met. Though she doesn't know him well, she sees him as a polite, awkward overthinker with a good heart. She is interested in getting to know the clay man further.


Name: Emma Chamelle
Race: Ghost
+10 Possession
+10 Projection
+10 Materialization

Thread Acquired:
Haunting of the Golden Hand

Concept: A relatively young spirit, Emma is the ghost of a nine year old who died of a wasting illness in Riverfall. She's kept her physical appearance as she was when she died; a plump, smiling girl with chestnut curls, big brown eyes, and scabs across her face and hands from the disease that killed her. She is under the delusion that a snarling taxadermied tiger head (called Raj) speaks to her. 

History: Madeira found Emma on the merchant ship The Golden Hand in the Winter of 516, after being summoned to deal with a vicious ghost in the cargo hold. As it turned out, Emma was haunting and protecting a fur that was once her Bengal tiger bondmate, Raj, who was skinned and sold to the merchant captain after her death. At Madeira's insistence Emma now lives in her house, accompanied by the stuffed tiger, until the Spiritist can exorcise her properly. The girl spends most of her time talking to Raj and playing with Bird, Madeira’s pet pigeon.
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