[Calendar] Winter 517 A.V.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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[Calendar] Winter 517 A.V.

Postby Regime on December 1st, 2017, 10:50 pm

Calendar: WINTER 517 A.V.



All of the major gangs are on equal footing after spending the past year focused on building their infrastructure. And to those who live in Sunberth, a powerful gang infrastructure means a strong economy. Merchants who are supported by gangs keeps the supply lines alive which trickle down to the highest bidder. Its never known if the poor ever see those supplies. Ultimately, the gangs are like a maggot festering on a wound, the more it eats, the more corruption they taken into themselves, the clearer the wound for everyone else. But a wound is still a wound.

The main wound this season is the absence of Winter.

With no winter means that the poor aren't dying off in their tents due to hypothermia. The cities rampant overpopulation is on the rise and only the richest have the means of hording food. Breaking and entering are a staple of life this season as thieves mainly steal food over gold miza.

The signs of the previous Autumn are still ever present as dead leaves and plant vegetation litter the streets. Floating cinders from The Slag Heap Fire threaten to set the city ablaze at any moment. This along with the fact that the river have all dropped in level has left many citizens on edge, making it one notch harder to fight such random blazes.

  • Winter 1st: In hope of starting the season off with a bang, many of the gangs throw celebrations of brotherhood in their territories, citizen revelry ensues in many taverns.

    -Early in the morning, a new minor gangappears ... only the Night Eyes seem to have noticed.

  • Winter 5th: A priest of Dira named Calidus Mortem is found wandering around the city. He is often found speaking to Jebediah at The Dust Bed.

  • Winter 10th: Past winter's in Sunberth were typically brutal. Calidus's arrival is seen as an Ill omen of death by the superstious poor in the Tent City. Many of the homeless start building wooden shanties, while other more construction minded poor lead group efforts in building log cabins in precaution of a surprise snow storm.

  • Winter 20th: Calidus has been seen looking out towards Lodestar Isle. When asked about the his intentions, he simply tells those who are interested to meet him there on the 30th day of the season at the 1st bell. This new spreads throughout the city.

  • 29th-30th In the night, Skull Crows swarmed the city en mass, Skull Crow skulls can be found littering the streets

  • Winter 30th: Rumors of horrors and treasures ran rampant throughout the city. Out of respect for Priest of Dira, the Daggerhands offer Calidus the use of Robern's Sea Tarrif Keep as a meeting place for his endeavors. The Daggerhand's also ferry any interested individuals to the isle to meet him.
    (Moderated Event: Riven, Sundered, and Lost. )

  • Winter 50th: Mass rioting near the Seaside Market. A young girl is murdered under suspicion of being a mage. Many believe it was just murder. A divided community turns into a large riot, the main reason why the riot started quickly became irrelevant.

  • Winter 60th: The Tent City catches fire in the night. Surprisingly, only the shanties and cabins in the process of being built catch fire. Many who tried to retrieve water from the river find bones and forgotten remnants of drowned bodies stuck in the freshly exposed embankments.

  • Winter 70th: Beast(s) of unknown origin are seen running rampant throughout the city. Citizens rise up to stop it. (Event)


  • Celebrate! Have a drink with another PC.
  • Help homeless NPC's of the Tent City make a shanty shack.
  • Escape/fight in the riots.
  • Visit The Slag Heap.
  • Take a swim in the river.
  • Steal food or have yours stolen.
  • Help stop "The Beast"* (Event to be made)

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