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Penny and Madeira meet at the Tattered Thread to discuss fashion and murder.

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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.

Girl Talk

Postby Madeira Dusk on June 5th, 2018, 1:39 am

Grades Awarded!

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Madeira Craven

  • Rhetoric: 1xp
  • Socialization: 3xp
  • Persuasion: 1xp
  • Negotiation: 2xp
  • Subterfuge: 1xp
  • Hypnotism: 1xp

  • Location: the Tattered Thread
  • Penny: fashionable woman
  • Penny: boundless charisma
  • Negotiation: incentive for service
  • Penny Noor: a friend
  • Subterfuge: a convincing lie
  • Negotiation: compensation for making a scene

Awards & Retribution


Penny Noor

  • Teaching: 3xp
  • Observation: 4xp
  • Socialization: 4xp
  • Persuasion: 1xp
  • Leadership: 1xp
  • Planning: 1xp

  • Teaching: the rules of fashion
  • Location: the Tattered Thread
  • Madeira: terrible taste in clothing
  • Socialization: introducing yourself
  • Emma: Madeira’s ghost

Awards & Retribution



  • Observation: 2xp
  • Tracking: 1xp
  • Projection: 2xp
  • Planning: 1xp
  • Rhetoric: 1xp

  • Lore of the difference between reality and dreams
  • Tracking: following a smell
  • Projection: detaching the tounge

Awards & Retribution

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