Location The Song's Rest

A place of rest for those who wish to sing a song.

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The Song's Rest

Postby Regime on August 20th, 2018, 10:01 am

The Song's Rest


Sing a song!

The Song's Rest is a small haven of relaxation in an otherwise hedonistic, bloody, and dangerous world. Within its walls beer flows, bards mingle among citizens, and stories and legends of Sunberth are sung as a way to remember brave deeds and daring adventurers. It is used by gang members of any side to pass stories on into song and get word of their victories to the general public through catchy and memorable tunes. Although it isn't common knowledge, it is also a hangout of Rhaus' favoured, and opens its doors to allow those bards passing through Sunberth to stay awhile and share their stories. As such, the Song's Rest is somewhat of a cultural melting pot, with a collection of songs and tunes from various places across Mizahar.

The Song's Rest can be found tucked just within the Gated Community [C5], overlooking a narrow alleyway. Compared to the rest of Sunberth, the Rest is a tall building. It is comprised of three storeys, and its walls are constructed with a rag-tag jumble of stone, crumbling brick, and timber, dotted with an assortment of different windows. Nevertheless, the building has a welcoming façade, helped by the strains of good-hearted song that occasionally stray from within.

There have been many different owners over the years it has existed, but they have all shared the same title and the same responsibilities: The Songson of Sunberth. This individual is the lifeblood of Sunberth's music, tasked with a momentous job- to fully memorise all of the notable ballads of Sunberth, from since the city emerged after the Valterrian, to the present day. The training takes years to master, and can only be passed down person to person. The songs are never written down, but they are practised and recited every day to keep them fresh in the mind. Unfortunately, due to the volatile nature of the city, there are some breaks in the Songson's mental history book, but otherwise each successive Songson has learnt Sunberth's music through the oral tradition, and can recount any at leisure.

Floor Descriptions :
First Floor (or Ground Floor): A wooden double door opens outwards to reveal the main hub of the building. A bar runs along one wall, with barrels and bottles kept stacked behind, ready to serve. Tables and chairs are dotted throughout the building, and a large fireplace keeps the building warm in Winter. The ceiling is soot black from smoke of years gone by, and the floor is paved in cracked and broken stones, but it is swept clean and the flagons are washed. Several wooden pallets are stacked in the corner, ready to be dragged out and turned into a moveable stage whenever requested. As any type of person can frequent the Rest, the owner hires a couple of bouncers to keep the peace, but usually the atmosphere is relaxed and the people mellow.

Second floor: A narrow flight of stairs leads up to the rented rooms, which are available for musicians and occasionally visitors to the city if there is space. The rooms are drab but comfy enough, with the standard bed, chest, desk, and chair crammed in.

Third Floor: Another narrow staircase leads up to Maurice's own quarters, and then up onto the roof. The roof area is off-limits to anyone except those who have gained Maurice's favour, as it is where he teaches the next Songson the songs of Sunberth's past. A perilous balcony is shaded by a wooden lean-to shelter, but it allows excellent views out across the rooftops of Sunberth, and down at the people milling in the streets. A small family of thrushes nest in the eaves, and it is said that these birds can sing almost as sweetly as Maurice himself.

NPC's & Services

The food and drink served in the tavern is not the finest, but Maurice never willingly provides the usual pigswill that other establishments try to get away with.

Those seeking accommodation merely enquirer at the bar, where Maurice will sort you out with a room. Musicians who wish to perform in the tavern are only required to organize with the other performers in the room as to what order they go in, and otherwise they have free reign over the entertainment in the tavern.

Food and Drink
  • Ale, Gallon | 2 sm
  • Ale, Mug | 4 cm
  • Bread, per loaf | 2 cm
  • Wine, Common (pitcher) | 2 sm
  • Room (Common) | 5 sm

**All prices taken from the price list**

Name: Maurice Wultz
Race: Human
DoB: 60th Autumn 470 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Songson of Sunberth
Skills: Singing: 80xp, Musical Instrument (Lute): 75xp, Storytelling: 75xp, Weapon (Shortsword): 51xp, Teaching: 70xp, Negotiation: 65xp, Acting: 60xp, Music Composition: 60xp.
Gnosis: Rhaus lvl 2
About: Maurice Wultz is a cheerful man on the surface. He is often found within the tavern attached to the Song's Rest, humming a myriad of tunes, helping his staff to serve their customers with a grin and a wink. However, he is a man of many talents and many subtleties. He is prone to wistfulness for a life he never had, a life of freedom from the burden of Sunberth's history recorded in song. At the same time he is rambunctious and boyish, and regards beautiful women with an artist's admiration.

He fiercely defends the musicians and singers under his roof, and yet he has good relations with several different gang members, those that could pose a threat at any moment. Maurice loves stories, and storytelling especially. Late at night, once the doors have shut but before the last stragglers have left, he dims the lights and puts on a one-man show telling tales from Sunberth's lost past. Tales of the everyday hero are often revered more than the stereotypical bravery of Sunberth's 'finest'.


Name: Franco Poulter
Race: Human
DoB: 45th Spring 498 AV
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Bartender
Skills: Musical Instrument (Drum): 65xp, Weapon (Dagger): 44 xp, Negotiation: 60xp, Socialisation: 60xp, Brawling: 55xp, Leadership: 50xp.
Gnosis: N/A
About: Franco is disarmingly nice. He is willing to entertain even the most annoying of louts, but once anyone starts threatening his patrons, his no nonsense attitude kicks in and they are promptly uninvited from the Song's Rest tavern. He is dedicated to keeping the music flowing, and even joins in on his drum from time to time, weaving complex patterns through even the most dull music. Franco lives above the bar and has done since Maurice found him with his ear pressed to the door, roughly eighteen years ago. He is always interested in your stories, and has a wealth of dirty jokes squirrelled away to amuse his guests.
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