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For working opportunities in the city.

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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Kentsa on May 27th, 2015, 11:46 pm

Character Name: Kentsa Knights
Race/Age/Gender: Human, Mixed, 23, Male
Time in Sunberth: It depends a year at least

Desired Job: Blacksmith
Start of Employment: 20 days before now.
Suggested Wage: 6 GM
Relevant Skills: Blacksmithing is at 20

Employer: Karos Fistreaver Coglias (The owner of The Knights Armoury)

Location of Employment: The Knights Armory
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Melisande on June 1st, 2015, 7:08 pm

Character Name: Melisande Daire
Race/Age/Gender: 24, Female, Mixed Blood Human/Eypharian
Time in Sunberth: About a couple years.

Desired Job: A burlesque dancer at Ruby's Scarlet Sanctum.
Start of Employment: I'd say a year ago.
Suggested Wage: 4gm for Dancer (Is there a competency bonus?)
Relevant Skills: Dancing 30, Seduction 10, Acting 5

Employer: Ruby Demoya (Proprietor of Ruby's Scarlet Sanctum)
Location of Employment: The Gated Community
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Framed on December 8th, 2015, 9:18 pm

Character Name: Grix
Race/Age/Gender: Human/23/Male
Time in Sunberth: Grix has been in Sunberth for 6 years. He might go to Zeltiva in the future, but his heart is set on making it work here.

Desired Job: What job do you want for the specified character? You can find a good list of examples in the Price List.
Start of Employment: Spring, 510
Suggested Wage: Base 3 GM/Day
Relevant Skills: Competent Dagger, Novice Stealth, Novice Subterfuge, Novice Impersonation, Novice Hypnotism

Employer: Freelance
Location of Employment: Grix gets work wherever he can get it, so there's no single employer. Most of the work he does get comes from The Establishment. This means he keeps an eye out to wedge his way in if there's someone willing to pay, even if he's already on a job.
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Erik Murphy on December 12th, 2015, 4:33 pm

[Sunberth] Job Applications

Character Name: Erik Murphy
Race/Age/Gender: Human/49/Male
Time in Sunberth: He was born here and has spent all his live here, minus a couple of excursions; and he is likely to stay in Sunberth for the foreseeable future.

Desired Job: Basic mercenary.
Start of Employment: He would have started when he was fifteen or sixteen, perhaps even younger. So, around 484-486 AV if I had to guess.
Suggested Wage: Well, on the job list this job pays between 1-3 GM a day. There's obviously a rather large supply of basic thugs in Sunberth then again he's been around a while, probably built up a bit of a bedrock of potential employers so around 2-3 GM/day would be fine.
Relevant Skills: Weapon: Kopis (30), Brawling (20), Acrobatics (15)

Employer: He's a freelance mercenary, so he tends to mind himself working for merchants and avoids any job that has the hallmarks of gang warfare in it. To avoid never being out of work he scours The Establishment for employeers though the season he is working for Tall Johnny and his casino as a guard in the casino as well as the shipments of alcohol from the Whiteflame's Cider Mill.
Location of Employment: Throughout the city those this season he is centered around Tall Johnny's Casino
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Nahaali on August 19th, 2018, 6:38 am

Character Name: Nahaali
Race/Age/Gender: Human/19/Female
Time in Sunberth: Born and indefinitely living

Desired Job: Fortune Telling
Start of Employment: Years ago, uhhh I'll say 515 AV
Suggested Wage: 4gm x L2 = 6gm
Relevant Skills: Fortune Telling, Larceny,

Employer: Self-Employed
Location of Employment: Her "workplace" is a rug. She decides a place in the city, and sets her rug up on the side of walkways and does her work there.
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Regime on August 21st, 2018, 12:54 am


This thread will now be locked. See the following link to find the correct location to place Job and Wage applications

[Sunberth] Job & Wage Requests
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