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For working opportunities in the city.

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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Berend on February 23rd, 2015, 4:14 pm

Character Name: Berend
Race/Age/Gender: Human, 18, Male
Time in Sunberth: Indefinitely

Desired Job: Thief
Start of Employment: Present Season
Suggested Wage: It mentions to be determined by storyteller
Relevant Skills: Larceny, and Stealth (Novice right now in both)

Employer: Would be Self-employed?
Location of Employment: Anywhere?

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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Ssafirsotibones on February 28th, 2015, 3:10 am

Character Name: Bones for humans, but his actual name is Ssafirsotibones. He tends to just tell people his name is Bones.

Race/Age/Gender: Dhani(Constrictor)/ 133 yrs/ Male

Time in Sunberth: Arrived first of winter, and plans to stay for awhile.

Desired Job: Teacher/Combat Instructor

Start of Employment: 1st of Winter.

Suggested Wage: Agreed upon base wage of 10 gm. Expert pay, so final daily wage of 30 gm/day.

Relevant Skills: Unarmed Combat (L3), Weapon(Gladius) (L3), Wrestling (L2), Teaching (L1)

Employer: Tall Johnny

Location of Employment: Tall Johnny's Casino & Cage Fights
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Roderick on February 28th, 2015, 6:25 pm

Character Name: Roderick Vandenberg
Race/Age/Gender: Human, 21, Male
Time in Sunberth: Arrived around the beginning of winter.

Desired Job: I was thinking maybe Bouncer (basic mercenary) at the Pig's Foot Tavern.
Start of Employment: Present season.
Suggested Wage: 1-3
Relevant Skills: Unarmed combat (novice though :I)

Employer: Merv, owner of the Pig's Foot Tavern.
Location of Employment: Pig's Foot Tavern, in the heart of the market district.
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Ita on March 1st, 2015, 5:56 pm

Character Name: Ita
Race/Age/Gender: Myrian/17/Male
Time in Sunberth: Arrived Spring 515, staying indefinitely

Desired Job: Spy
Start of Employment: Spring 515
Suggested Wage: For spy it says 3 GM or 6 GM. I'm praying for 6 GM, but whatever you believe fits best.
Relevant Skills: Novice in Intelligence, Investigation, Stealth, Tracking, Hunting, and Weapon: Kris

Employer: Business owners and gang affiliates throughout the city and outskirts
Location of Employment: Various businesses (Marketplaces, Taverns, & Restauraunts) and public places (Parks, Plazas, and Housing Districts)
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Logan Storm on March 2nd, 2015, 4:34 am

Character Name: Logan Storm
Race/Age/Gender: Human, 20, Male
Time in Sunberth: Logan has been here since he was fifteen years of age, it is undetermined how long he will be staying.

Desired Job: Body Guard
Start of Employment: He started it four years ago.
Suggested Wage: 4 GM per day, 6 GM if he protects someone from the big three gangs.
Relevant Skills: 30 in Unarmed Combat (Competent)
Employer: Anyone who needs protection.

Location of Employment: Logan follows his Employer daily, making sure that they are not mugged, killed, or conned. Wherever his Employer goes is where he goes until their contract time limit has passed. This can range from one day to an entire season, maybe even more.
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Andar on March 8th, 2015, 9:36 pm


Character Name: Andar
Race/Age/Gender: Kelvic, 2, Male
Time in Sunberth: His entire life, and for the foreseeable future
Desired Job: He's a thief and varies in the types of jobs he'll commit to. Anything is open game, if it makes him richer.
Start of Employment: This employment application is for Spring, 515 AV.
Suggested Wage: 7 gm/day. Because what he lacks in skill he makes up for with an unseemly amount of determination!
Relevant Skills: Stealth, Larceny, Intelligence, Impersonation, Disguise, Acrobatics, Unarmed Combat.
Employer: He's his own boss at the time being.
Location of Employment: Where the gold mizas clink loudest.

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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby William Thornwood on March 16th, 2015, 9:38 pm

Character Name: William Thornwood
Race/Age/Gender: Human, 21, Male
[b]Time in Sunberth:
William arrived in Sunberth about two months ago.

Desired Job: Bowyer/Woodcarver
Start of Employment: Spring, 515 AV
Suggested Wage: 4gm (Competent Bowyer)
Relevant Skills: Bowyer/Fletcher, Carpenter, Business (Maybe?)

Employer: Self-employed. He takes commissions and sells his other works to merchants and local stores.
Location of Employment: William does nearly all his work inside his own home. He desperately wants to be able to afford to get a small workshop added on, but for now he works where he sleeps. He is considering building the addition himself, but only if he can get more training as a carpenter first.
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby William Schutz on March 19th, 2015, 5:25 pm

Character Name: WIlliam schutz
Race/Age/Gender:Human(chained one type II) 23, male
Time in Sunberth: Life-long

Desired Job: Laborer
Start of Employment: He started his job as a laborer when he was 18
Suggested Wage: 1-2 GM
Relevant Skills: Laborer doesn't have any relevant skills mentioned in the lore.

Employer: The person who employs him changes very often. Not only because William doesn't want to stay long enough for his employer to figure out that he's an undead abomination. But also because all he does is moving crates, loading and unloading ships and other such things.
Location of Employment: At the docks as a person who helps loading and unloading ships. Though other simple odd jobs are also possible.
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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Cosmo Crocus on March 19th, 2015, 11:03 pm

[O O C]


Character Name: Cosmo Crocus
Race/Age/Gender: Symenestra, 19, Male
Time in Sunberth: Life-Long. He doesn't plan on moving.

Desired Job: Spy/Intellignencer (Basic)
Start of Employment: He's been doing this since he's been 15.
Suggested Wage: Although it states around 6 GM, I feel as though since he's not too good, a wage of 3-5 GM would be more appropriate.
Relevant Skills: Acrobatics, Stealth, Wepaon: Wrist Blade, Disguise, Scavenge/Salvage

Employer: Although he's a freelance person, subjected to no contracts, he's ysually approached by the Night's Eyes. A few times, he'll be asked by the Sun's Berth.
Location of Employment: He works, quite literally, all over the city.


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[Sunberth] Job Applications

Postby Amalia Ire on March 27th, 2015, 6:31 pm

Character Name:Amalia Ire
Time in Sunberth: All her life that she can remember, no plans on leaving soon

Desired Job: Cage Fighter for Tall Johnny
Start of Employment: Present Season
Suggested Wage: 4 GM due to her being a beginner fighter
Relevant Skills: Wrestling, Blind Fighting, Edurance, Acrobatics, Body Building, Unarmed Combat, Weapon Gauntlets.

Employer: Tall Johnny
Location of Employment: See above link, at Johnny's Casino
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