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Farm or get off their land.

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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

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Agremmon Fields

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Agremmon Fields


Reap & Sow

ImageThere are those in Sunberth who choose to work the soil, ignoring the abandoned mines boarding the Wildlands to the north above the Slag Heap and the farm lands above the Riverside and the edge of the river to the west of the Daggerhand Park.

The residents of Aggrammon Fields as a whole tend to be of the more relaxed minded denizens, though that is a relative term as those farmers tend to hold fast to the anarchistic views of wanting no authority keeping them down. They rarely bother to interact in the town proper unless selling or trading goods.

When they do, this is mostly to those with the money to buy them, like the Gang or Merchants. In truth, all places need agriculture. A city can't sustain itself without food, hay for horses, and something for the poor to starve to death wishing they had. This fact is why many of the gangs simply leave theses rugged farmers be to deal with the issues that the Wildlands may spawn.

The Moriander's Homestead

Image The most well known of these settlement is The Moriander's Homestead which became the largest farmstead in Sunberth after expanded their landholdings by annexing the properties previously known as 'Downe Acres' which belonged to their now slain rivals, The Downe family, into their personal homestead.

The Moriander's Homestead continues to serve to grow food and other assorted 'goods' for sale in Sunberth's climate of chaos.

At first glance this farm may look like a rundown, beat up pile of boards, dirt and manure, but through the right eyes it was no less than paradise. Nestled at the base of a small hill range to the west of the city and a forested area to the south, the farm also has a small pond that runs north of the homestead used for irrigation that seems to come from an underground stream leading from the Sunberth River.

In the other two directions is farmland as far as one can see, and farther. Eston Moriander is the current owner of this particular homestead, and kept by his rather larger family.

Eston's wife is Lthgri of the Slitted Throat from who was born their six children. From eldest to youngest sons by a year: Esdon (23yrs), Aathan, Emrick, and Ansai. His two youngest twin daughters Zulana and Estrana round out the group.

There are a number of buildings on this farm from small cottages, to a central farmhouse, to a barn with silo and chicken coop. Each building is simple in design and decor save for one stone building. Its a two story family home belonging to Eston Moriander. On the outside of the buildings is where most damage can be found, the inside being much better cared for.

The buildings are all centralized on the farm, the rest of the land divided into four quadrants of trapezoids. Each quad would be named according to direction (north, south, east towards the city, and west.) Many things are done on this farm, things both legitimate and things no so legitimate.

Farming Quadrants :

  • The southern quadrant is permanent pasture land and connects to the barn. This area in divided into three sections that connect to a central corral that joins to the south side of the barn. The first section is for cattle, the second is for swine, and the third has horses, sheep, and a dog run.

  • The north quad of this farm is used for the cultivation of hemp during the summer months. In the winter months it is used as pasture and fertilized by the animals, the soil of which is often used to aid in growing other crop.

  • The western quad in the summer is used to grow wheat, hay, and other grains, in the winter it is used for seasonal crops, along with the safe focused storage and drying of previously harvested hay.

  • The eastern quad is split in two from east to west. The northern of the two sections are potato farms. The southern half of the eastern quadrant has the chicken coop, an herb garden, and pens for the male animals.

Besides these developed lands, the Moriander lay claim to about five square miles of the south woods that they care for. This makes them neighbors of Natlana, and Max Aquillar who run the Aquillar hot springs a good five miles distance away. Although, now most of that land lays burnt and ruined after a fire that spilled over from the Pulp Drug fields above them.

The Moriander Homestead's products tend to help supply the Aquillar; though they do seek other sources of commerce in a neutral manner with other businesses of Sunberth.

NPC's & Services

Name: Eston Moriander
Race: Human
DoB: Fall 3rd, 460 AV (58 yrs.)
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Homestead proprietor
Skills: Farming: 88, Agriculture: 81, Animal Husbandry: 51, Organization: 48, Brawling: 44, Weapon (Pitchfork): 52, Weapon (Crossbow, Hand): 51, Wilderness Survival: 77.
Gnosis: 3rd mark of Cultivation.
Additional Info: Born and raised in Sunberth. Eston is a farmer, its all he's ever known. Its what his father, his grandfather, his great grand father, and its what the past generations have preformed as well. Moriander is a rather insensitive, rude, and unbearable man to anyone who cares little for the effort in bring forth a good harvest. It takes time for people to see that he is a humble man who just won't stop working the land no matter the situation.

Name: Lthgri of the Slitted Throat
Race: Myrian.
DoB: Summer 55th, 458 A.V. (60 yrs.)
PoB: Sunberth
Title: Homestead Matron & protector.
Skills: Weapon: Spear (88), Unarmed combat (60), Weapon: Wooden Shield (55), Herbalism( 52), Wilderness Survival ( 51), Acrobatics ( 52), Animal Husbandry (48),

Gnosis: 2nd mark of Prowess.

Additional Info:
Lthgri of the Slitted Throat was once a soldier of Taloba. She was raised and lived her life as a member of the Taloban army who became a member of the Bahadur. That was until she had to leave the jungle to chase down slavers who dared to capture Myrians off the coast as if they were some sort of prized pets. The hunt led her on quite the adventure all the way to Sunberth where she met Eston in their younger days. They together rescued the lost members of her clan and sent them back home to Taloba. The epic tale is a story their kids are all now tired of hearing. She's remained in Sunberth ever since, feeling some manner of pride in her mate to stick around with him for a little longer.

Name: Damir Unter
Race: Human
DoB: Spring 30th, 490 A.V. (32 yrs.)
PoB: Sunberth
Title: None
Skills: Botany (31), Foraging ( 55), Herbalism (25), Hunting (76), Salvaging (29), Scavenging (39), Unarmed combat (35), Tracking (55), Trapping (53), Weapon: Bow (71), Wilderness Survival (Temperate forest, subterranean) ( 78), ect.

Gnosis: 2nd mark of Phylonura (Temperate, subterranean, urban)

Additional Info:
Abandoned by his parents at a young age, Damir practically grew in the wilds around Sunberth, and only thanks to Caiyha taking notice of him was he able to survive on his own for as long as he did. In his younger years he mostly kept to the forest, helping to keep it in order until eventually he felt a calling from Caiyha to come to the city to help undo some of the damage, an almost overwhelming task, but one Damir took on without much complaint. Eventually, he also took stewardship over the tunnels and caves that run beneath the city, but it is a constant battle in a city so large and Damir often disappears back into the woods he came from for long stretches of time to get away from it all.

Employment Opportunities

  • Farmers/Farm hands.
  • Animal Handlers.
  • Laborers.
  • Guards.

Gang Ties
None, neutral.

Goods and Services
All prices can be found on the price list.

  • Cattle.
  • Chickens.
  • Flour/wheat products.

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