NaNo April (Unofficial)

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NaNo April (Unofficial)

Postby Gossamer on April 15th, 2019, 4:09 pm

I'll sweeten the pot as a mod to get this going...

If you track your daily word count here which you can easily do if you haven't yet using the "view your posts" function and just counting by cutting and pasting in word day by day....and you hit 50,000....I'll let you pick one item from my last regional item prize list of showcases.

I know people coveted things on that list.

Crystalline Spikes – This set of four spikes can set up a perimeter alarm system that attunes to the user’s person. First, to activate these items and ‘tune’ them, a user must drop a single drop of blood on each ‘head’ of each of the crystalline spikes to attune themselves to this item. Then these spikes are driven into the ground just to the point of being below the surface in a square or rectangular formation no further apart than the square footage that equates to an acre of land (the spikes driven at each four corners). These chimes, when properly set, form an invisible wall ten foot tall that when crossed by a humanoid creature on foot or mounted will ring a chime in the attuned individual’s head. The chime will sound each time a line between these spikes is crossed. More than one person can attune to these spikes at a single time. Extra individuals may be added to these spikes by uncovering the spike heads and adding an additional person’s drop of blood to the spikes. Once attuned, a second drop of that same individual’s blood can be re-added to the spikes to remove their attunement. For example, if a family of four live in a dwelling, each of the members of the family can donate a drop of blood to each of the spikes and set them, then the spikes will not sound an alarm when these individuals break the perimeter line. However, when someone other than these donors have broken the line, each member of the family of four will hear the chime inside their head. There is no limit to the number of individuals that can be attuned to the spikes at one time. The Crystalline Spikes do not react to ghosts, wildlife, pets, and other non-sentient creatures.
The Ring of Mob Dispersing or Attraction – This ring, once per season, can be used to immediately disperse a mob no matter what their number or attitude is. Conversely, this ring can be used to immediately attract a mob which in no way shape or form is able to be controlled by the user. This ring simply disperses or attracts with an almost instant reaction time. It can be only used once per season for disperse and once per season to attract.
Miner’s Grace – This pendant, when worn underground, opens a momentary void portal to the safety of the surface once per season. The portal is large enough to transfer only the wearer to safety. Companions, pets (unless small enough to be held in someone’s arms), and pursuers would be left behind.
Slag Heap Bucket – This bucket looks like a battered relic from ages past. Though smaller than normal buckets – holding no more than a gallon in volume – it has a strange indescribable attachment to the Slag Heap. When swung like a slop bucket with one hand on the handle and one hand on the bottom in a hurling motion, the bucket will produce raw slag (still burning) from the actual slag heap in a massive amount equal to the volume of a wheelbarrow load. The amount the bucket will produce depends on the speed of the swing. A long slow slop swing will produce enormous quantities. A fast-rapid slop swing will produce considerably less. The slag has all the beauty and grace of normal slag, including the stench, filth, and decay associated with it. There might be smoldering body parts or the partial carcasses of brats mixed in with the slag as per the normal slag heap. This bucket can be used once per day with one slop swing. A successful hit causes an automatic moderate wound from smoldering slag.
Blood Beetles – This jar of special beetles, when inactive, appears to be a mason quart-sized thick glass jar filled with dozens of crimson colored metal beetle charms. However, in the presence of blood, this jar can be uncorked and suddenly the beetles will transform into truly living beetles. If they jar is upturned, the beetles will scurry around and devour all the blood present on surface areas in a twenty-foot range leaving no trace of its existence. This includes blood pools, puddles, splatters, splashes, and they will even almost magically launder blood stained and saturated clothing until it appears free of blood. The Blood Beetle only eats spilled/splattered/shed blood. They will not attack perfectly healthy people, though they have been known to hang out around the edges of wounds consuming blood as it is oozed.
Golden Retriever – This golden tanned glove looks like a falconer’s glove. To use, this glove is slipped over one’s hand and the word ‘retrieve’ is spoken. The glove will magically transfer all thrown or fired weapons (such as daggers, crossbow bolts, arrows, throwing stars) back into the gloved hand (without damaging the hand) so long as the item was fired/thrown by that individual wearing the glove. This action will happen even if the item retrieved is lodged into something deeply.
Leave No Trace Boots – These thigh-high boots, when slipped on, will automatically be the correct size and fit for the wearer. They will leave no trace of their passage through any sort of substrate including mud and snow so long as the substrate isn’t over the top of the boots. They will remain clean and dry and not ever show signs of wear. Their coloring is the owner’s choice and will change based on the owner’s outfit. The tops can be rolled down or up depending upon the owner’s activity.
Explorer’s Globe – This magical lantern looks like an ordinary vented lantern save for its shape. Designed like a geometric globe made of glass the size of a grapefruit, it has a candle inside that when lit activates the device. One of the glass panels lifts up and out of the way, allowing someone holding it to light the globe. The globe will then levitate and act as a steady light source for the owner until such a time as they pluck the floating globe out of the air and snuff out the candle inside. The candle will not burn out or show signs of melting down.
Distractor – This rubbery bouncing ball can provide life saving distractions for someone trying to hide or escape. Kept in a cloth bag, the Distractor is inert until it is retrieved from its cloth bag. Then, when rolled away from the owner, it will vanish. Bouncing off invisibly, it will produce a whole host of noises that can range from animal sounds to footsteps running away to weapons clashing or bowstrings twanging. Distractors tend to produce effects that are appropriate to the situation. Someone hiding in a barn, for example, will release a Distractor that might produce farm animal noises, or perhaps the sound of the barn doors (or a side door) opening and closing. Fifteen chimes after its released, the Distractor will appear in its cloth bag and can be used again.
The Ring of Affiliation – When worn, this ring will allow the wearer to learn of another person’s affiliation to various organizations if they touch the target while wearing the ring. Organizations might include gangs, businesses, religion (gnosis marks or simple faith), and families of importance. The Affiliations will be revealed in a series of images that flash in the wearers mind. The wearer might not be certain of each image, because images can be misleading.
The Dravlak Scale – This magical item looks like a small indestructible scale made into a pendant hung from a chain. When worn, it can once per season absorb a single critical physical wound, thus, saving the life of the wearer.
Self-Propelled Ravosola - This ordinary looking ravosola will operate on its own power, gently but steadily ferrying its owner and their guests or freight around Ravok. This boat has unlimited daily uses, and has a rudder that its owner can steer it with. By pulling the rudder out of the water, the ravosola will automatically halt its forward motion. By placing the rudder in the water and beginning to steer with it, the ravosola will immediately began to move. This particular ravosola can hold six people comfortably.
Legendary Trout Pole – This pole allows its owner to attract a dozen large trout (upwards of 40lb trout) to its line over the course of a few bells when the owner is using it to fish with. It can be used four times a season. While this pole can assist the owner in gaining or increasing the fishing skill, it is not dependent upon its owner HAVING a fishing skill.
Black Sun Lantern – This dark lantern produces a light that only the owner can see by. People walking even directly beside the person will see no effects of the lantern nor see the lantern itself. This allows a person to move around in the dark within a circle of light that no one else can see or see by.
Necklace Of Flotation - This necklace, when its wearer is dunked into water, will expand into a flotation device that resembles a vest. This device, at the command of the wearer (“Save me!”), will immediately propel them gently to the nearest outlet such as a lake shore, beach, or pier. The flotation device will also conceal the wearer from the predators that are present in the water around the wearer.
Grinning Bullfrog Statue – This grinning stone bullfrog statue is a comfortable size that will fit in a person’s palm. When one licks this statue’s back, a drug effect of euphoria and relaxation will occur and all the user’s troubles will fade away. Hallucinations are common and the drug can be quickly addictive. Effects last two to five bells – depending upon the enthusiasm of the lick (slow and sensual longer, fast and furious shorter) – and leaves the user with impaired perception and reaction time. -10 to all rolls when high.
A Librarian Monkey – This taxidermy monkey is a little black and white monkey with huge eyes. Someone has humorously perched tiny pair of spectacles on its nose. Three times per season, the owner can ask the little monkey a question and the monkey will shimmer and become a living monkey once more and answer the question for the owner. The answer must be approved by a Moderator.
Canned Bloodfish – This sardine-like tin contains a dozen bloodfish. Once the can is unscrewed and opened, the bloodfish can be consumed and they will assist in stopping bleeding (80% chance) from non-life-threatening wounds, and can cure bloodborne poisons (50%) chance. In one shot, the bloodfish can be divided and shared among a party. Once the tin is empty, it will magically reseal itself and can be used again for a total of twice a season.
Opaque Spectacles – These small spectacles have opaque lenses that resembles a Druvin’s eyes. When the wearer slips the glasses over their eyes, they become blind to everything around them except for things of a magical nature. For example, the wearer would not see a person who is wearing a magical necklace, but would clearly see the magical necklace as if its floating in thin air. The wearer would not be able to determine the nature of the magic in the item they can view without additional magics (such as studying the item with auristics) but they will know an item is magical. Items, creatures, even structures can be revealed by these spectacles.
Slider Circlet – This metal circlet, when worn around the brow of its owner, will cause anyone trying to view the wearer to simply look somewhere else, thus sliding their vision away. This item will allow the wearer to pass through a crowd virtually unnoticed as long as they don’t make any actions that will draw attention to themselves. If trying to break into someplace, this item will give the wearer +10 to larceny and stealth.
Translator Ring – This ring consists of two interlocking bands that can be broken apart. If one band is given to another person and the owner retains the first band – both parties wearing the bands can understand each other perfectly even if they don’t speak the same language. The effects of this ring last as long as both bands of the ring are broken apart and worn by two different individuals. Knowledge of the new languages do not remain after the bands are brought together and reunited on the owner’s hand.
Bar In A Bag – This large drawstring bag, when rested upon the ground and having the drawstring loosened, will magically expand into a fully stocked bar complete with wines, spirits, and barware needed to mix or contain such things. There is always a fully stocked tray of drink garnishes. To mix tasty drinks, the owner must have the bartending/mixology skill.
Starscape Stone - This deep blue stone will suddenly come to life and projects stars outwards onto the walls and ceiling of a dark room when placed in the center of it. This magical stone will gently rotate the projected stars as time passes. One must pass one’s hand over the stone to activate the starscape. It will last for eight bells before growing dark again. The Starscape Stone will eventually lose its charge and must be left periodically in starlight once a season to recharge.
Cloudscape Stone – This pale blue stone will suddenly come to life and project clouds on the ceiling and partway down the walls of a day bright room as if one is actually outside on a bright happy sunny day. The clouds are always white fluffy things that make unusual shapes and hold no threat of weather at all. This Cloudscape Stone will eventually lose its charge and must be left periodically in sunlight once a season to recharge.
Cloak of Comfort – This fine cloak looks to be made of light spun okomo wool and has embroidery around the edges. It appears as the color its owner wishes it too and perfectly regulates its owners temperature regardless of the harsh or mild conditions of the weather that surrounds it. This cloak will always be sized to completely swath the owner and can be willed to expand to include sheltering a singular friend or companion in the event of a survival situation.
Meteorite Compass – This magical compass only points the way to the nearest uncollected meteorite to the person holding the compass. It can successfully lead its owner to fallen unclaimed meteorites in an unlimited capacity. The only restriction on finding these meteorites is that the one nearest to the person must be collected or claimed before the compass will point to a different yet next nearest meteorite.
The Ultimate Party Dress – This magical garment will alter itself to accommodate its owners changing size or shape or taste. Each time the owner wears the dress, it will morph itself into a new version – one that is current on style and perhaps a bit fashion forward. Each time the dress is used, it alters its own cut, color, and decorative aspects. When the wearer slips it on, it also automatically provides the wearer with a matching pair of shoes. This can be acquired as a suit as well.
Stone Mount - This small pocket sized stone figurine can be rested upon the ground and its forehead tapped with the word ‘awake’. It will grow into a magical ridding animal of the owner’s choice that is always calm and steady. The mount must match the terrain (Okomo’s in Lhavit, Ixam in the jungles, Horses on the Sea of Grass) the statue is in. The owner can then tap the forehead again when done riding the stone mount and say the words ‘sleep’ and it will shrink down and transform into a pocket-sized carving once more. These creatures will only transport their owners. These creatures have no mentality of their own and must be guided by a riding skill. They cannot do battle nor defend their riders. They cannot even flee. They can simply only transport their owners at a walking pace without tiring.
Indiscriminate Picnic Basket – This lovely picnic basket can be taken on an excursion any day of the season multiple times (up to a dozen). It will pack itself full of well-cooked goodies usually all of a standard type for a singular race. It will contain enough food to feed four. That race, however, might not be the same race of people as those packing the picnic basket. One trip might have svefra faire, while the next trip might have Symenestra liquid food.
The Lullaby Flute – This delicate little instrument needs no musical skill to be played effectively. However, it can only affect a singular individual at a time if one has no Play Musical Instrument Flute skill. If its owner gains the skill and levels up in it, the flute can affect more and more people. Novices can affect only one person while competent flutists can affect six. Expert flutists can affect a dozen people, while Master Flutists can affect anyone within hearing of the beautiful melody this flute produces. When affected, an individual will grow sleepy and fall into a deep restful slumber and wake fully refreshed a few bells later depending upon their level of health and exhaustion.
Scrying Orb – This glass orb is the size of a human skull seems to be illuminated from within. When a person gazes into its depths, concentrates, and speaks the name of a person, place or thing, the scrying orb will give them a glance of the named person place or thing in a singular non-moving view. This item can be used once per day and is not limited to the person, place or thing to be existing in the present. It can look forward or backwards in time, though the viewer has no control over what the orb shows nor when the orb shows it.
Cloak Of Blending - The color of this cloak shifts in order to blend in better with the wearer's surroundings. As a result, the wearer of the cloak gains a stealth bonus of +15. If detected, the wearers of this cloak of blending will still be hard to hit because its easy to mistake their form for that of what they are blending into. -10 penalty for those trying to hit them.
Magic Eye Bracelet – This slim metal bracelet looks like a very stylized eye with a gem for a pupil. It has a habit of growing incredibly and uncomfortably warm against the user’s skin (without burning the wearer) when someone is using magic directly around or upon them. This item is particularly useful on folks that are worried they will be hypnotized or scanned with auristics, though it will also reveal the fact someone is using other sort of magics of all kinds. It will not heat up if the user themselves is a mage and using their own magic.
The Weather Witch’s Skyglass – This lovely piece of skyglass glimmers with power. In its depths are carved stylized pictures of various types of weather… a shining sun for good weather, raindrops for bad weather, snowflakes, and even some more ominous pictures like a hurricane or water funnel. It has subtle lines etched for wind as well. There is a light in its depth that glows. The light moves around and will glow under the sort of weather that is supposed to occur. If the light glows brightly under the sunshine, that means the day will be extremely hot. If it glows brightly under storm clouds or hail, that means the storm will be particularly dangerous. The skystone is always active. It will not turn off.
The Godmother Necklace – This lovely pearl necklace can be placed over the wearer’s neck. And just like the magical godmother in children’s tales, any set of clothing will be suddenly and magnificently transformed into party wear appropriate for the occasion. The necklace will remain hidden to all eyes save for the person who is wearing/owning it.
The Perfection Chalice – This drinking vessel – a perfectly polished silver chalice - is particularly potent in that anything placed within it will magically transform into the most perfect form of its original liquid state. Cheap wines will be transformed into the most magnificent expensive wines, plain dirty water will be transformed into the loveliest fresh pure clean water. It doesn’t matter if its juice, wine, ale, beer, etc. This works with any liquid specifically designed to be drank.
A Mini Lava Tube – This perfectly ordinary stone straw is deep dark black in color and has a rather ominous glow to it. If one holds it up to one’s mouth and blows hard, it will fire a spitball of lava that is guaranteed to start fires and cause small but very serious burns on anything it touches. Beware! Inhaling through the tube will result in serious personal injury and potentially death.
Trinket of Falling – Heights are often an issue, and falling from them in certain places in the world are common. These falls often result in death. So, to counteract this, an item has been developed via magecrafting and harnessing the power of feathers to float gently to the ground. This metal feather is about the size of one’s thumb pad and is punched with a hole through its calamus. When threaded with twine or string of some sort and affixed among the owner’s hair, it will prevent the owner from falling to their death in any situation. Instead, the owner will fall, then hesitate just before the ‘splat’ and finish floating gently to the ground surrounded by a protective (yet bright) glow.
Eye Of The Eagle – This glass marble looks exactly like a standard eagle’s eye captured in blown glass. If held up to one’s eye, it will transform the user’s vision to that of an eagle’s standard vision and give them once per day the option to look around for five chimes as if they were indeed a raptor or a Kelvic Raptor in nature. The eye is fragile, however, and can be easily dropped and broken.
The Restorer’s Wand – This elegant wand looks like it has been made of woven spiderweb, though the feel of it is metallic. When grasped and passed over ripped, faded, worn, or deliberately destroyed organic material (such as wood, cloth, paint, ceramic etc) it will magically restore the damaged item to its former ‘new’ state. Thus, paintings can be brightened to the day they were painted, old worn clothing can be restored into their ‘new’ state, and even things like rope or leather can be fixed. It will not work on inorganic items such as metal.

There might be extra prizes for every 10K you go over too.


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NaNo April (Unofficial)

Postby Lani Stranger on April 16th, 2019, 4:49 am

Thanks for adding the prize option, Goss! I know that will motivate people if nothing else. :P

We can do it ya'll! We are only halfway through, but don't be discouraged by how far "behind" you are. Focus on your stories and what you are trying to accomplish this season, and the word count will come. Best of luck everyone!

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