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Request a job for your PC, your wages & seasonal XP here.

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Occupation & Finance Thread

Postby Prophet on May 11th, 2016, 1:55 am

Occupation And Finance Thread


Job Application


Job Application

Character Name: Jimbob
Character Sheet: Link your CS.
Requested Job / Title: Choose a career.
Place of Employment: Use the Linkmap to find an employer.
Wage (If known): Use the link to determine your salary.
Main Job Skill(s) and Experience Level: List any relevant skills your PC has that would make them a good fit for the choice of career.

Why have you chosen this job? Please explain in less than 150 words: Convince me why you should be allowed to work as a _______ in Avanthal.

Code: Select all
[b]Job Application[/b]

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Sheet:[/b]
[b]Requested Job Title:[/b]
[b]Place of Employment:[/b]
[b]Wage ([url=http://www.mizahar.com/lore/Price_list#Living_Expense]If known[/url]):[/b]
[b]Main Job Skill(s) and experience level:[/b]

[b]Why have you chosen this job? Please explain in less than 150 words:[/b]

When considering what line of work you wish to pursue, keep in mind that job threads can be difficult to write. Most of us write for fun and the aspect of a Job Thread can feel forced thus stripping the joy from this beautiful hobby. If you have any real life experience with a field, that can make job threads easier. For some, picking a job you know nothing about provides the chance to do research and learn about something new which can also alleviate some of the stress. If you are struggling with a choice or feel like your character isn't telling you where he/she belongs in the professional world, PM me. I will gladly serve as your career guidance counselor.

Important note: If you join the game halfway through the season and don’t start your first job thread until the 40th of Summer (for example), you will only be paid for that day onwards in your initial starting season. All following seasons will earn you full wage as long as you submit at least two job threads of 2500 words each (5000 in total), and have the relevant skills to meet that job's requirements.

Jimbob’s first joined Mizahar on the 28th of Spring 515 AV. There are 91 days in spring. 91 - 28 = 63. If Jimbob makes 10 GM/day, he will get paid 630 GM rather than the full 910 GM as long as his job threads are completed and relevant to his line of work!

Current Jobs held in Avanthal

  • Epifanio - Bard
  • Junco - Hunter
  • Argos - Ice Reaver
  • Micah - Veterinarian
  • Lucy - Performer
  • Alekxandra - Cook
  • Isaac - Icewatch Apprentice
  • Aliana - Weaponsmith
  • Nemori - Groomer
  • Infilia - Performer

Wages and Seasonal Experience Form

Use the code below to submit threads for Seasonal Wages and Seasonal Experience.

Code: Select all
[b]Name[/b]: (full name on your account)
    [b]Link to Character Sheet[/b]:
[b]Season (aka Fall 515)[/b]:
    [b]Job Title[/b]:
[b]Wage[/b]:  How much do you make?
    [b]Seasonal Skill & Job Skill[/b]: (What skill are you paid based on?)
    [b]Experience Level[/b]: (your experience level in your Job Skill)
    [b]2 Threads Eligible for Seasonal Wages[/b] (where employment is the focus of the thread, Job Skill [i]must[/i] be used, threads must be >2500 words)
    [b]Threads Eligible for Seasonal Experience[/b] (where a PC's job is referenced either in conversation or usage of skill; must include [u]at least[/u] 2 threads)

I would like to add a note about Seasonal Experience because I have noticed some confusion in the past. Seasonal XP is different than wages. A PC can earn additional XP for his/her craft outside of Job Threads. It will be easiest if I give an example.

+ Jimbob is a weaver. He makes baskets and rugs.

+ Jimbob's player completes both necessary job threads with at least 2500 words each to earn his Seasonal Wages.

+ Jimbob talks about being a weaver with his friends. Jimbob also spent a day gathering reeds and special grasses to use for weaving. Finally, he took great pains to construct a loom. Jimbob did not weave in any of these threads but he did things related to weaving. These are not Job Threads but they show Jimbob making reference to his career in another fashion.

+ Jimbob's player can turn these threads in for Seasonal XP. Jimbob can earn up to 4 XP (1 for each month RP'd and a potential 4th for a lot of threads) towards weaving.

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As always, please contact me if you need any help, clarification or have questions.
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Occupation & Finance Thread

Postby Reverrsoi on February 18th, 2021, 4:21 pm

Job Application

Character Name: Reverrsoi
Character Sheet: http://www.mizahar.com/forums/post557035.html#p557035
Requested Job Title: Sailor
Place of Employment: Ice Treader
Wage (If known): 3 GM?
Main Job Skill(s) and experience level:
Sailing (Competent)
Wilderness Survival, Sea (Novice)

Why have you chosen this job? Please explain in less than 150 words:
I'd like for Reverrsoi to be able to contribute to the community, and I think this is best done with his current skills by helping sailing on fishing boats. I can write up a couple NPCs to populate a specific ship if you'd prefer, but otherwise I'll have him roam.

I also PM'd you, Bluster. Not sure if you're watching this thread :paranoid:
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