Ina - Vala's Journal

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Ina - Vala's Journal

Postby Vala on February 19th, 2011, 5:29 am

1st Day of Winter, 510 AV

Bought a new journal today. And a new set of pens and ink.
Burned 60 Pinions, but I think its worth it.


The quality of this book is amazing. The paper feels like silk; it makes my fingertips feel spoiled. And the ink just flows onto the page, I haven't a blotch... never mind. The ink I bought is great quality as well. (note to self: never forget to cap the ink bottle) Wow, I really need to work on my calligraphy/handwriting. Its like chicken scratch; I feel ashamed of myself.

I'm not sure what to write; this is my first journal. I hope I don't slack and stop writing... (note to self: if I miss writing in my journal, for whatever reason, I have to run 1, no 2 miles) I think thats a proper punishment.

So... oh yeah, I got ice for an Avora man today; he was a mason; and he was nice enough to give me 2 pinions for my trouble. I also met up with Val Imsun. He looked bored today; which makes sense because he probably doesn't have much to do now with the gates closed and all that.

Once I get assigned a steady job with a proper schedule I'll try to visit him again; I really should, since I did promise him and all.

I feel like after all my talks with him, I'm finally at a conversational level with my Common; he even taught me some Lhavitian phrases last week.

Well its getting late; I should get some sleep so I'm well rested when I visit the Valtarian for my assignment tomorrow.

One more thing, I've named this journal Ina.

One, one more thing, I wrote a little poem for Priskil: I wrote it after thinking that the Gods, especially Priskil, would appreciate hearing something other than a plea for help or a standard "You are amazing, and the best god ever, blah blah blah..." Prayer. Anyway, here it is, I'll try to write a longer/better one when I have more time.

Of hope and radiance, you fill in me,
Priskil; And of the warmth and love,
you bestow, my heart is filled; And we,
your followers, do seek your guidance from above.



I wrote this with my left hand, (I am right handed) so that I can show a progression of Vala's handwriting.

(I hope Priskil doesn't get offended from my horrible script, I do mean well. From now on I promise to practice until I can make pretty scrolls for her.)
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