Very Important Pertaining to Grading/Graded Threads

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Considered one of the most mysterious cities in Mizahar, Alvadas is called The City of Illusions. It is the home of Ionu and the notorious Inverted. This city sits on one of the main crossroads through The Region of Kalea.

Very Important Pertaining to Grading/Graded Threads

Postby Puzzle on May 3rd, 2011, 7:42 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you so much for role playing in Alvadas! It's nice to see all the varied topics of discussion going back and forth, the new faces, and the intricate plots springing up in our fair city!

While I understand that some of you are frustrated with the absence of Cadence, I must ask you to be patient with me. After quite a long hiatus, I have returned and am grading threads. If you will please bear in mind that I have several stacked up and can not devote an entire day to strictly grading your threads (as I work). I do try to get several done on a daily basis now, but please bear in mind that for a small time, your threads may be graded in no apparent order.

The absolute best way to get a hold of me is via PM. If your character is desperately needing XP or artifacts, this would be a better way to go about it.

Also, please please PLEASE do not role play NPC's of any major importance without my permission moving forward. I am seeing it on a frequent basis and I must discourage the use of any over-arching plot device without mod intervention.

I'll be adding a signature with specific links and instructions this evening, but please bear in mind that my responses may be slow until I am caught up.

Pending: Fisher of Men That Day in the city of Illusions Reflecting the Illusion of Water A Day in the Life A Lesson in Pain

Graded: Isurian Dreams Kelvic's Discovery A Thing of Beauty Research Behind Schedule What Have We Here Meditating at The Pond Stranger Reality The Wind is Free Too Many Magi <--- Is this in Alvadas? Truthseekers (left the bloody review at work - but it IS graded - will be posted tomorrow morning - 05/04/11) Happenstance

Rules for Submissions:
All Grade Submissions should include:
All PC's involved.
When you would like the thread graded by.
What specific skills you wish to level/item you want.
Must take place in Alvadas only.
A link to the thread.
A link to all relevant character sheets.
A link to your OOC entrance thread.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

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