Location [Location] The Ravokian Shipyard

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

[Location] The Ravokian Shipyard

Postby Gillar on August 2nd, 2009, 2:37 am



Adjacent to the Nitrozian Plaza, built around a private and heavily fortified canal, lies the Ravokian Shipyard. The heavily fortified, main canal entrance leading into the shipyard from Lake Ravok looks more like part of a castle with twin towers looming over each side of canal. Past the canal entrance is an expansive area surrounded by fortified walls, warehouses, docks and shipbuilding apparatus'. It is here that construction and maintenance of the Ebonstryfe's comparatively modest-sized yet brutally efficient patrol vessels are located.

Lake Ravok is quite possibly the largest inland body of water in all of Mizahar, spanning many miles from one shore to another in any direction. Because of its size and the city's tendency to exercise great control over all within its holdings, a good number of ships are required to patrol and maintain control across the entirety of the lake. To this end, the Ebonstryfe operates a number of ships which it uses to secure the surrounding waters. Consisting of dozens of varying-sized ships spanning functions from cargo carrying to troop transporting all the way to speedy patrol, the Ebonstryfe shows no mercy to those who refuse to acknowledge and cooperate with its dominion. Their ships with their distinctive black sails, can be seen moored at the mouth of the canal leading into the shipyards.

This introduces the Ebonstryfe's Lake Operations Division that makes up a good portion of the shipyards. This group is responsible for overseeing the merchant ship traffic across the lake and regularly stop ships coming from the Southern Trading Post as well as other secondary ports. Inspections are common and cooperation is expected. The head of the Lake Operations Division stationed at the shipyards is a Druvin by the name of Malafax. A brutal individual without mercy for anyone or anything, Malafax makes it a point to inspire conflict between those beneath him in order to weed out the weak and promote the strong.

Those seeking business with the shipyards may enter the main offices located several yards from the left tower that overlooks the canal. Inside, one is greeted from behind a simple wooden desk by a woman with raven-black hair. With a quiet, calm voice she asks what business one has in the offices and fields any questions that are posed. There are sets of stairs leading to the upper levels where shipyard and operational offices are located.

Shipyard Services
Permits to Transport Cargo on Lake Ravok (Two Week Allowance) - 50 gm flat fee per vessel
Permits for Fishing on Lake Ravok (Two Week Allowance) - 25 gm flat fee
Use of Shipyard Repair Facilities (includes repair crew for ships 25 tons or less) - 100 gm / week (materials not included)
Use of Shipyard Repair Facilities (includes repair crew for ships 80 tons or less) - 400 gm / week (materials not included)
Repair Materials (in addition to use of shipyard facilities) - Minor: 25% ship's value, Moderate: 40% ship's value, Heavy: 60% ship's value
{The largest ships allowed on Lake Ravok are 80 tons or less}

Orders may be placed for the construction of ships for private owners however weapons are restricted unless specifically approved by Malafax, himself. Such a thing is rare and only done for those operating under his direct authority.

Ships Commonly Constructed For Private Owners:
Rowboat - 100 gm
Ship's Boat - 300 gm
Barge - 3,000 gm
Fishing Boat - 7,500 gm
Saique - 15,000 gm
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