[The Welcome Home] Sighting the Soul (Malia)

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Re: [The Welcome Home] Sighting the Soul (Malia)

Postby Stitch on February 1st, 2010, 5:05 am

A bit of bustling from deeper within the house could be heard, likely caused by Stitch and the other two children. Trish paused, glancing back at the closed doorway that led to them, clapping her tiny hands over her mouth for the moment. Waiting and listening, no one ever came, and the girl eventually turned back to Malia, speaking in even lower whispers. Now Trish began to play with her hair, one small finger twirling one of her many, many blonde curls. Looking up at Malia still, that adoring look still on her face, she plunged onwards in her eagerness to please the Nuit with her pool of knowledge. "I dunno, really. He just asked Trish once if Trish would like to see Stitch live forever. Trish didn't really answer, and he smiled, and told Trish he had found a way." Trish paused, looking a bit confused. "But wait just a second! If Knew Its can't die, how did Stitch's boss die?" Trish quickly moved on though, only being able to keep one thing in her head for a short moment, and cocked her head at Malia's next question. Eying the Nuit girl, and pausing, she glanced at the floor. She shuffled her feet a bit before answering, then looking up at Malia with a bit of a sad look to her eye. "It would be wonderful to live forever, Trish thinks. But then, all of Trish's friends would die, and leave Trish all alone."

She paused again, and reached forward suddenly, grabbing Malia's hand and holding onto it tightly. "Trish is Malia's friend. And so is Stitch, and Damien, and Fentya. Don't be lonely." Trish paused, her lower lip trembling for a moment. "Trish thinks that if Trish lived forever, she would end up lonely. Don't be lonely."

The sounds of the returning Stitch caused Trish to suddenly yank Malia back to the middle of the room, back where they had began. Wiping a tear that had started to creep up in the corner of her eye, Trish smiled happily up at Malia and answered her earlier question, right as Stitch walked into the room. "Trish doesn't know her mommy's name, no. But Trish dreams about her every so often, and she looks just like you, Malia." A warm smile burst upon Stitch's face, and he came up behind Trish, scooping her up in his strong arms, spurring a frenzy of giggles from the young girl as she flung her hands around Stitch. The blind man paused for a moment as he did, a faint frown crossing over his face as he tilted his head at Trish, as if able to sense the sadness. He had, just a faint bit of it, and he wondered what it could be. Disregarding it quickly though, he hugged the little girl tight, rocking her back and forth. He tilted his head at Malia next, beaming at her. "This one didn't think about it before, but yes, you do look like what Trish has told this one about her mommy. How wonderful!" He did seem a little bit touched, and his voice easily reflected that.

Damien and Fentya soon came trotting to the room, and both quickly headed over to Malia, and just as quickly began to bombard her with their collective knowledge. They did so as if they had been gently prodded to by Stitch, but they would be quite quick to warm up to the Nuit. They both had good manners when pressed to, and were naturally friendly children, and naturally accepting, just as most children were. Stitch let Trish out of his arms and allowed her to run to Malia as well, giving Malia a smile and a wink as he turned, allowing her some private time with the children. As he left the room, he took one more moment to angle his head back to the group, and give them a quick, focused scan.

Two veins bulged in his forehead, one from each blind, covered eye, and he quickly assessed the emotions in the room. Happiness, satisfaction, curiosity, friendliness, acceptance. Everything that the room should be filled with right now. He was completely settled, and happy with the idea of now having Malia as a hopefully permanent member of his family. The smile on his face continuing to glow brightly with warmth, he nodded to himself, turning and leaving the room.
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Re: [The Welcome Home] Sighting the Soul (Malia)

Postby Malia on February 7th, 2010, 5:28 pm

Malia’s eyes briefly wandered to the half-open door, and she wondered if Stitch was somewhere near and eavesdropping. Not that she suspected him to do that. She just considered it a possibility, since his hearing sense had to be better developed than that of others, including her and the children.

However, she quickly turned back to Trish to get her next words. So the Nuit who had lived there before had found a way to live forever. Nobody except himself could know whether he simply meant the Nuit existence or something else that made them not only immortal, but also invincible. Malia’s ‘Master’ had told her countless times that her body was much weaker than a living human’s. Her milky white ichor could spill all too quickly, and then she would be dead within a few chimes if no other dead body was at hand. And the gods knew that dead corpses weren’t lying around at the streets these days. Anyway, the former patron had died. “Perhaps he had a deadly accident”, she whispered absentmindedly. Words that weren’t really suited to calm a child down, but she didn’t care. The riddle about the other Nuit filled her mind, her thirst for knowledge never vanished.

Suddenly the girl grabbed her arm and forced her to fully return to reality. She would have time to research the gathered information later. Touching Trish’s soft cheek with cool fingers, she softly shook her head. Hopefully Trish didn’t really think about becoming an undead. Fortunately she would have little chances to find someone to transform in a child’s body. On the other hand, Malia had seen another undead in her teens … No, that was a whole other story. “I won’t be lonely when I’m with all of you. You know how to avoid loneliness very well. That’s good.” She tried to calm Trish and herself down, although her voice still sounded a bit hollow. Still, she assumed that the girl didn’t notice it.

Then both of them heard an unmistakable noise and Malia was yanked back to the middle of the room. Pressing her lips together, she grudgingly tolerated the forced movement, but then Stitch, Fentya and Damien entered the room and she forgot about the youngest one’s questionable treatment. All of them seemed to be so welcoming and open, so happy that she had joined their little community or at least curious about how their relationship would develop. It was only natural that the older kids were a bit defensive of their home first, but then Malia could already feel the first hint of warmth and familiarity showing up in their actions and speech.

However, she didn’t forget that she shared the looks with another woman who had at least been a significant part of Trish’s life. If she had given the girl away during her first few years, Trish wouldn’t remember anything about her, would she? And Stitch apparently knew that woman as well. Malia would very much like to find out what role she had played in their household before, but she didn’t feel comfortable enough to ask directly. That would be a question for later. She still didn’t understand why one would find such a coincidence ‘wonderful’, but then most coincidences did have a hidden meaning that was to be discovered to fully understand them. Malia really hoped that she would figure it out in the future.

Suddenly surrounded by the kids, she listened to their sometimes proud, sometimes reluctant shows of knowledge. Just like Trish, they knew far more than she would have gotten out of Stitch. He was far too modest … and she was reasonable enough to admit that she would have to think about what was best for them. Not everything she had experienced was good for young ears … but she would have to think about that later.

For the time being, she was content with commenting their speeches, listening to them and slowly getting used to their behavior. Like Stitch, she knew that she had brought a bit of happiness with her and removed a bit of loneliness and isolation. Perhaps that was good, like the others seemed to believe. Only time would tell who was right – and time Malia had more than enough.
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Re: [The Welcome Home] Sighting the Soul (Malia)

Postby Gossamer on February 8th, 2010, 8:59 am



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