[Flashback] Shaping the Gems [Topaz]

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An inland sea created by Ivak's cataclismic fury during the Valterrian, the Suvan Sea is a major trade route and the foremost hub for piracy in Mizahar. [lore]

[Flashback] Shaping the Gems [Topaz]

Postby Moonstone Maelstrom on July 10th, 2011, 10:24 pm

Summer 10, 499 AV

The sun was high in the sky, making the crystalline waters of the Suvan sparkle like sapphires. It was a beautiful day - there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the water was warm, the breeze was friendly, and the Maelstroms were out in full force. Who wasted a beautiful day like this? "Topaz! Moonstone!" Amethyst called from the deck of the family Palivar, the Sharkchaser, her voice carrying out over the splashing of the water to reach her twin daughters, as far away as they were. "Come in, both of you!"

Moon groaned good-naturedly as the twin sisters raced in the water, Moana and Crystal at their sides, both girls clutching the dorsal fin of their respective Tavans as they swam. It was a great way to practice swimming - they could hang on to their dolphins for so long, let go, and while they circled back, the girls could 'cheat', following the flow of the water, arms and legs in motion and letting the current carry them. And to Moonstone, it was one of her favourite things ever to do. She glanced over at Topaz. "I hope it's not cooking," she crossed her eyes at her sister, trying to make her laugh as Moana started to dive, heading back towards the Sharkchaser. "Race you!"

Moonstone let go of the dolphin's dorsal fin then, stretching herself out and the water and starting the swim back, falling into the even strokes that came from practice and experience. Arm over arm, as wiry legs propelled her along, occasionally bringing her head to the side to take in a mouthful of air before submerging her face again, watching the seabed below. She had a different way of swimming entirely when she was completely submerged, a technique that came from watching the Tavans swim. But since she was essentially on the surface of the sea now, it was hand over hand, in the front crawl. This way, her body was kept streamlined, her shoulders at the surface to minimize water resistance, her scrawny hips rolling with the stroke technique, her legs in line with the rest of her body.

But she would head back to the Sharkchaser, though, even if it, ah, took them a little while. Mama had promised a fun afternoon for the twins, and when Mama promised fun, there was always lots of it. Moon wasn't missing it. Therefore, by extension, neither was Topaz. She wouldn't have to use Moana to drag her twin, but she would have considered doing it! But where one sister went, the other was nearby, and always within calling distance. Moon enjoyed hauling her sister around, though. That was part of the fun of being a twin.

Through wide blue eyes, she looked at the colourful fish beneath them, some of them shining like silver and gold and copper in the water, and her vision of the shallows was obscured by Moana's sleek, blue-grey body. She had a look for Topaz, then, as her fingers found Moana's dorsal fin and the dolphin powered her the rest of the way towards the Sharkchaser. "Mamaaaaa," Moon complained when Amethyst lifted her bronzed daughter from the water by her upper arms and set her on the sun-warmed deck. She demanded a hug from her mother, then, and was squeezed to her until the long-haired child squeaked for mercy. Once released, she waved at Moana as she leaned over the hull, and glanced at her twin and at their mother. What sort of fun did Amethyst have in mind today?
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