To the Market We Go (Closed)

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To the Market We Go (Closed)

Postby Descant Shepard on April 10th, 2011, 2:53 am

Descant held his hands out to Kavala as she moved to pour the golden pieces into his hands. He stared down at them, not really knowing how to measure them, not knowing their worth, but knowing that this was the amount she'd payed for him to that slaver. He closed them in his palm and as they continued walking. He smiled as the joy that shone on her face brightened and brightened more. He saw her happiness increase. He tried everysingle bit of food that she gave him to taste. He enjoyed it ans much as he could, even though, as a cat, he wasnt too much in love with sweet, but he tried them anyway and smiled throught it, not wanting to upset Kavala.

As the time went on, he simply enjoyed his conversation with Kavala, he even found the hunting knife he planned to buy, and even a very special sword that caught his eye, a Flyssa. He didnt know who he could find to teach him, or who in their right mind would want to try and train an ex-pitfighter, but he bought it anyway..he liked it. He'd thanked Kavala for the money to help buy them and moved to hand her the change from the transaction.

"Kavala..." He yawned audibly, " I think Im ready to go home..Im tired now. I think we've covered my expenses fully. I dont need much else?" When he spoke now, his voice reflected that he was in fact a bit tired, he needed to lie down and sleep for a while. "Im sorry, Kavala, I didnt think I'd be so tired, but...I am. Its strange. I guess since I have the choice of sleeping, my wants to indulge in it.
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To the Market We Go (Closed)

Postby Kavala on April 10th, 2011, 3:09 am

ImageHe brought her joy. She couldn't understand how else to put it. In her mind, she knew his life was a misery and a trial and as dangerous as any could have been - his life forfeit on a daily basis. And meeting his golden gaze, his gaze reading a quiet predatory resourcefulness, she shivered with the joy she felt at his slowly unfurrowing soul. He'd been closed for so long, guarded, unable to run truly free. Here and now there was a passion to him and an endless bunch of choices. He could be who he wanted to be and he was free to decide who that was going to be.

Descant made Kavala feel like she was flinging a caged bird to the sky for the first time in its life and watching it spread its wings as it discovered that it could indeed fly. The coins and clothing were just small steps, multiple choices, she was letting him make and letting him taste the beauty in.

The konti never flinched when he purchased the knife nor the flyssa and thought long and hard about how she could help him find a teacher. She could feel his concern about it and also the weariness creeping up on him. That he said anything though - that he told her at all - was a huge step. He had a need. He felt he had the right to express that need and have it fufilled. It was more victory with him that she deserved.

Buying two more meat pies for the road (her appetite was unending these days), she handed one to Descant and took the other to nibble as they walked back to where she'd left the pony cart and headed home.

She hoped, beyond hope, that he'd move his things into the chest she'd given him and curl up with her that night, keeping her warm since Hatot wasn't around any longer. Kavala too was tired, more than she had a right to be, but it was a good sort of tired.

"Alright. Home it is for both of us. And rest. If you'll help me with the evening chores, I'll suggest we both go to bed early. I need some sleep myself. All I need to do is throw hay and milk the cow and we're home free for the evening." She said, between the last bites of the meat pie. By now they'd climbed on the cart and were on their way back to Sanctuary, purchases safe in hand.

"I don't know about you, but its been a long day for me too."
She added.

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Please Note:
  • This pc is maxed out in Animal Husbandry, Medicine, Observation, Rhetoric, and Socialization.
  • Kavala a Master Teacher. Students she is teaching in thread can earn more than the maxium 5 XP per thread.
  • This pc has a Konti Gift of Animal Empathy. She has a superpower from a Riverfall city event that allows animals of all sorts and Kelvics (in kelvic form) to speak clear understandable Common around her.
  • Kavala is a Konti but was raised in the Drykas culture so her accent is entirely Pavi though she can speak Common, Pavi, and Tukant well. She's only conversational in Kontinese.
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To the Market We Go (Closed)

Postby Baku on August 11th, 2011, 3:26 am


Thou has written, and thou has completed, so I award thee the following....

Descant: +5 Observation, +5 Rhetoric

Lore: The Effects of Climate Change, Unsure of his Position, Unfamiliar Emotion, The Pits, Shopping, The Steps of Healing, Feeling Debt, Finding a Need to be Around, The Rules of the Market, Discomfort with Generosity, Cat Naps, The Long Day Ended in Shopping

Kavala: +1 Running,+5 Observation, +5 Rhetoric, +1 Persuasion, +1 Cleaning, +1 Animal Husbandry, +1 Driving(Horse Cart),

Lore: The Discomforts of Pushing To Hard While Pregnant, Morning Sickness, The Pits, Shopping, Friendly Advice, Hitching a Horse and Buggy, Explaining the Market, Descant’s Favorite Colors, Trying to Find Dscant’s Joys, The Long Day Ended in Shopping

Additional Items:
Descant - Articles of Clothing Shown in Kavala’s Receipt

Additional Notes: The joys that shopping can bring…….don’t seem to affect Descant. :P
While long overdue, here are the awards. Sorry it took a while.

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